HATCH! FAIR 2013 Report

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HATCH! FAIR 2013 Numbers and Figures on: …

HATCH! FAIR 2013 Numbers and Figures on:
- Objectives
- Challenges and Opportunities
- Audiences
- Performance, Value and Quality
- Media Coverage
- Feedback

Appendix: Media Clipping Book

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  • 1. HATCH! FAIR 2013 21-22 December 2013 Indochina Plaza Hanoi Report on the Event Reporting date: Dec 27th, 2013 in association with
  • 2. Contents » Event description » Event objectives » Challenges & opportunities » Target audiences » Event highlights » Mass-media clipping report » Performance and value in association with
  • 3. Event description » HATCH! FAIR 2013 was the first major event organized by HATCH! PROGRAM » The exhibition & conference venue was Level 2, Indochina Plaza Hanoi » The sponsors were: Alpine Creative, Indochina Plaza Hanoi, Mekong Housing Bank, Kingsmen, Highlands Coffee and Pho24 in association with
  • 4. Event objectives » To share knowledge & experience about start-ups in Vietnam » To connect start-ups with business community, customers & potential partners » To raise awareness to the general public about HATCH! PROGRAM » To communicate that well-made start-ups are important to the development of Viet Nam in association with
  • 5. Challenges / Opportunities Challenges • HATCH! PROGRAM aimed to raise $10,000, but only could raise $2,000 from sponsorship (from VTI, MHB). • This is the first annual event ever organized by HATCH! PROGRAM • The event was organized in the time crowded with year-end, holiday, and charity fund-raising events • 3-days before Christmas, participants were unable/unwilling to attend Opportunities • First Start-up exhibition and conference combined in Vietnam • Rough-finish room conveys true feeling of start-ups like events in Silicon Valley • Wide range of media attended • Not only technology start-ups, but also start-ups in other sectors attended • Organized parallel with week-end Christmas holiday exhibition at Indochina Plaza Hanoi in association with
  • 6. Target audiences » Would-be entrepreneurs » Existing entrepreneurs » Students » Businessmen / supporting services » Investors in Start-ups in association with
  • 7. Target audiences 1000 visitors: » » » » » 30% SMEs and supporting entities, 26% founders and entrepreneurs, 22% wannabe-entrepreneurs, 21% coders and programmers, 1% investor 17 speakers 15 startups and 5 DEMOs in association with
  • 8. Event highlights Executive summary: All internal expectations were exceeded, but external expectations were not carefully set, lessons learned are assessed herein. in association with
  • 9. Pre event HATCH! FAIR at Cancham Networking Event HATCH! FAIR Promotional Video in association with
  • 10. Pre event HATCH! FAIR team work HATCH! FAIR Interview with InfoTV in association with
  • 11. THE EXHIBITION HATCH! FAIR 2013 in association with
  • 12. Exhibition in association with
  • 13. Exhibition in association with
  • 14. Exhibition in association with
  • 15. Exhibition in association with
  • 16. Exhibition in association with
  • 17. Expectation in association with
  • 18. Reality in association with
  • 19. THE CONFERENCE HATCH! FAIR 2013 in association with
  • 20. Conference in association with
  • 21. Conference in association with
  • 22. Conference in association with
  • 23. Conference in association with
  • 24. Conference in association with
  • 25. Expectation in association with
  • 26. Reality in association with
  • 27. Mass-media clipping report Key Media Release in association with
  • 28. Media Report 7 television media » HanoiTV, VTC1, VTC10, HCaTV, infoTV,… » 13’ story on Sharing Vietnam » 4.5’ story on infoTV 40 online media » 150+ articles about HATCH! FAIR 2013 1 print media in association with
  • 29. Media Clipping Key Media Release (Television News and Programs) Truyền hình Hà Nội Thời sự 23:00 *Detailed media report to be presented in media clipping book in association with
  • 30. Media Clipping Key Media Release (Television News and Programs) Truyền hình infoTV Phóng sự 18:00 – 21:00 *Detailed media report to be presented in media clipping book in association with
  • 31. Media Clipping Key Media Release (Television News and Programs) Truyền hình VTC1 Thời sự 18:00 *Detailed media report to be presented in media clipping book in association with
  • 32. Media Clipping Key Media Release (Online) *Detailed media report to be presented in media clipping book in association with
  • 33. Key Media Release (Online) in association with
  • 34. Performance and value Judging our stated key performance indicators (KPI) against actual results, we met all targets. in association with
  • 35. Key event metrics* Item Expected Actual Result Speakers 16 speakers 16 speakers Start-ups & DEMOs 15 start-ups 15 start-ups 5 DEMOs 5 DEMOs 3 TV stations 30 online & print media 7 TV stations 40 online media 1 print media >150 news about HATCH! FAIR 1,000 pax expected ~1000 pax arrived Media Attendees * After the execution of the new plan of 1 room. in association with
  • 36. Performance and value (continued) Positive commentary (source: feedbackstr.com pole, taken 21-22 December by roaming pollsters) in association with
  • 37. Positive » » » » » » » » Professional and methodical organizing Practical content from various topics Useful panel discussion sessions Beneficial market overview sessions Start-up reflected venue and atmosphere Enthusiastic and thoughtful organizers Beneficial media coverage for start-ups Inspiring and practical guest speakers in association with
  • 38. Performance and value (continued) Negative commentary, including resolutions / actions taken (source: feedbackstr.com pole, taken 21-22 December by roaming pollsters) in association with
  • 39. Negative » » » » » » » » Inexperienced Audiences Unavailable WIFI Not well prepared venue Some unskillful guest speakers No in-advanced, fixed and delivered content Not enough networking time No break between sessions Lack of direct translation in association with
  • 40. Constructive » Organize better instruction from parking site to the event site » Spread more published information » Raise more booths and startups » Encourage integrative activities from start-up and booth holder » Publish in advanced: slide, timeline, speakers and topic in association with
  • 41. Constructive » Organize more communication method with attendance: SMS, Email, Info Package » Lack of recruitment material » Expand topics » Raise more specific cases » Raise focused audiences: founders and wannabe entrepreneurs in association with
  • 42. Taken Action » Collect feedback between team members » Collect feedback from other parties: FeedbackStr, Attendees, Speakers, … » Record, consolidate and documentize all feedbacks » Ask, answer and follow-up with all people who give negative feedbacks in association with
  • 43. Public Feedback BUSINESS IS OPEN See for yourself, on the web, our unfiltered HATCH! FAIR 2013 feedback. HATCH! FAIR 2013 Conference: https://www.feedbackstr.com/reviews/hfcf HATCH! FAIR 2013 Exhibition: https://www.feedbackstr.com/reviews/hfex in association with
  • 44. See you at HATCH! FAIR 2014 October 11–12, 2014 Thanks for being with us in the beginning,​ and believing in HATCH! in association with