Social Software for Library People: Jeffco Public Library Staff Day, 2008
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Social Software for Library People: Jeffco Public Library Staff Day, 2008



A presentation for the Jefferson County (CO) Public Library 2008 All Staff Day. Links and photo credits are at

A presentation for the Jefferson County (CO) Public Library 2008 All Staff Day. Links and photo credits are at



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Social Software for Library People: Jeffco Public Library Staff Day, 2008 Social Software for Library People: Jeffco Public Library Staff Day, 2008 Presentation Transcript

  • social software for library people Steve Lawson Humanities Librarian, Colorado College
  • what are we talking about? web 2.0 ? library 2.0 ? read / write web ? social software ?
  • the web
  • according to Meredith Farkas:
    • Social software must do at least two of the following:
    • allows people to communicate, collaborate, & build community online
    • can be syndicated, shared, reused, or remixed (or facilitates same)
    • lets people learn easily from & capitalize on the behavior or knowledge of others
  • fearfully anticipated questions
  • fearfully anticipated question number one: “ why should I care about this stuff at all?”
  • as library people “Social software seems like a free and easy way to give your library a human face on the larger Internet.… I feel that it’s all of our responsibility as online community members of various stripes, to provide positive examples of social software online.” — Jessamyn West
  • facebook pages
  • myspace profiles
  • flickr photos
  • share
  • professional & personal networking
  • maybe you don’t need to care I feel as if most of us aren’t understanding this. Social Media is not for everyone for one reason alone: Not everyone wants to socialize online 24/7. - Corvida, “It’s OK to Ignore Social Media” on SheGeeks
  • blogorwiki?
  • blogs for libraries
  • blogs for librarians
  • blogs for…other things
  • wikipedia: article
  • wikipedia: edit
  • wikipedia: history
  • wikipedia: fight talk
  • wikis for library people
  • wikis for sharing
  • pop quiz: blog or wiki?
    • Travel diary
    • Planning a party
    • Library subject guides
    • Local model rocketry club
    • Private site for planning a home rennovation
  • fearfully anticipated question number two:
    • “ how do you find interesting sites?”
  • find new social sites
  • contextual egomania
  • this stuff looks stupid from the outside
  • does she really have 860 “friends?”
  • who cares about his cat?
  • and just what is a “poke?”
  • danah boyd
    • participants on social network sites “write their community into being through the process of Friending. In doing so, they help define themselves and the context in which they are operating.”
  • danah boyd
    • “ While most participants surf the site through the networks themselves, most newcomers and non-participants use the search feature and are absolutely horrified by what they may see.”
  • connecting with the past
  • connecting with people around you
  • concoct games
  • folksonomics
  • Flickr tag clusters
  • LibraryThing tagmash
  • the lesson: “ personal value precedes network value” -Joshua Porter
  • useless?
  • tagging ≠ panacea Ann Arbor District Library LibraryThing
  • tagging
  • fearfully anticipated question number three: when do you find the time for all this?
  • do it at work
    • “ Library administrators and managers need to lead this change in their organizations. One way they can do this is to provide time, equipment, and training in order to successfully implement these new tools into the library’s digital space.”
    • — David Lee King
  • “cognitive surplus”
    • According to Clay Shirky:
    • Creation of Wikipedia to date =
    • 100 million hours
    • Watch TV / year in the USA =
    • 200 billion hours
  • imashination
  • social software make sharing easier
  • Flickr URL: (54 characters)
  • American Memory URL:,gottscho,detr,nfor,wpa,aap,cwar,bbpix,cowellbib,calbkbib,consrvbib,bdsbib,dag,fsaall,gmd,pan,vv,presp,varstg,suffrg,nawbib,horyd,wtc,toddbib,mgw,ncr,ngp,musdibib,hlaw,papr,lhbumbib,rbpebib,lbcoll,alad,hh,aaodyssey,magbell,bbcards,dcm,raelbib,runyon,dukesm,lomaxbib,mtj,gottlieb,aep,qlt,coolbib,fpnas,aasm,scsm,denn,relpet,amss,aaeo,mffbib,afc911bib,mjm,mnwp,rbcmillerbib,molden,ww2map,hawp,omhbib,rbaapcbib,mal,ncpsbib,ncpm,lhbprbib,ftvbib,afcreed,aipn,cwband,flwpabib,wpapos,cmns,psbib,pin,coplandbib,svybib,mmorse,afcwwgbib,mymhiwebib,uncall,mfd,afcwip,mtaft,manz,llstbib,fawbib,berl,fmuever,cdn,upboverbib,mussm,cic,afcpearl,awh,awhbib,sgp,wright,lhbtnbib,afcesnbib,hurstonbib,mreynoldsbib,spaldingbib,sgproto,cola,tccc,curt,mharendt,lhbcbbib,eaa,haybib,mesnbib,fine,cwnyhs (852 characters)
  • embed video
  • embed video
  • blog photos
  • feeds Surround and penetrate social software and bind the World Wide Web together -Jason Griffey / Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • feed for a blog
  • blog feed in Google Reader
  • blog feed in netvibes
  • Flickr feeds
  • YouTube feeds
  • api = application programming interface = magical pixie dust
  • fearfully anticipated question number 4: do you really expect us to do all of this stuff?
  • no
  • but here is your homework, should you choose to accept it:
    • choose three social software sites and sign up for them
    • use them for two weeks
    • choose one to keep using for a month
    • see what happens…
  • thanks! slides, links, photo credits are here: