Ham, Bacn, and Spam


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As e-mail becomes a more ubiquitous part of our lives, users have started to split between those who are drowning in e-mail and those who have become adept at managing it. Part of this battle involves the user identifying e-mail that matters to him or her versus e-mail that doesn't. As commercial e-mail evolves, it becomes more and more important for creators to develop e-mail that successfully gets past this filter so it's read and acted on.

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Ham, Bacn, and Spam

  1. 1. Joe Hass
  2. 2. The future of e-mail marketing lies in its integration with customer relationship management software. CRM systems maintain customer profiles based on a person’s purchase history and previous interactions with the company. The most effective e-mail marketing campaigns will use this info to match customers with sales pitches. ... The ultimate goal: True one-on-one marketing, with promotional e-mails sent to one buyer at a time. When that happens, e-mail marketing might finally send a message that can't be ignored.
  3. 3. Unsolicited Commercial E-mail
  4. 4. Solicited Desired E-mail
  5. 5. “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that.”
  6. 6. Everything that’s not Ham nor Spam
  7. 7. 1995
  8. 8. 1995
  9. 9. 1995
  10. 10. The Bacn War: One Front
  11. 11. 3:30 a.m.
  12. 12. 8:00 a.m.
  13. 13. 12:30 p.m.
  14. 14. One random day
  15. 15. One random day
  16. 16. One random day 40 Spam
  17. 17. One random day 40 10 Spam Ham
  18. 18. One random day 40 58 10 Spam Bacn Ham
  19. 19. One random day
  20. 20. One random day 34 Filtered
  21. 21. One random day 9 Deleted 34 Filtered
  22. 22. One random day 9 Deleted 34 15 Filtered Read
  23. 23. Ham Y Is it Scan the inbox Mark as spam spam? N Read and enjoy
  24. 24. Spam Scan the spam Y Is it not folder Move to Inbox spam? (maybe) N
  25. 25. Bacn Y Is it Scan the inbox Mark as spam spam? N Y Is it Read and enjoy relevant to me? N ?
  26. 26. Never Click Unsubscribe!
  27. 27. Bacn Y False Scan the inbox Mark as spam negative? N Y Is it Read and enjoy relevant to me? N ?
  28. 28. Delete Mark As Spam
  29. 29. Delete Mark As Irrelevant
  30. 30. I don’t care if they’ve triple opted-in and gave you their credit card number
  31. 31. Sometimes people are afraid to report a message because they aren’t sure if it’s really spam or not. Our opinion is that if you didn’t ask for it and you don’t want it, it’s spam to you, and it should be reported.
  32. 32. We need to really think a step beyond opt-in and focus on the consumer’s expectations, relevancy, and frequency.
  33. 33. Operationally, we define spam as whatever consumers don’t want in their inbox.
  34. 34. Spam1 ain’t spam2 no more. 1What users call spam. 2What senders call spam.
  35. 35. Latest version of iTunes for his iPhone. Had to download QuickTime to view a .MOV file. Bought an iTunes gift card for her daughter in Georgia.
  36. 36. Cool...new apps for my iPhone! Hmm...that’s “interesting.” Why am I getting this?
  37. 37. = Mark As Spam
  38. 38. =
  39. 39. Relevancy = Success Relevancy =
  40. 40. Did I really ask for this? Can I read it? Do I want to read it? Is this valuable to me? Are they trying to have a conversation? Does the subject line match the body?
  41. 41. Did I really ask for this?
  42. 42. Can I read it?
  43. 43. Do I want to read it?
  44. 44. Is This Valuable To Me? Exclusive 3 for 2 offer plus beautiful Mexico and New Orleans Cruise and get the best rates and up to 40,000 points 15 nights to Platinum Elite status Your March Priority Club Rewards eStatement Earn TWO Free Nights and a Full year of Airline Companion Tickets Your February Priority Club Rewards Check-In Earn 250 bonus points from Priority Club Rewards Earn Points when you send Flowers for Valentine’s Day
  45. 45. Are they trying to have a conversation? lastminute.com Top Picks | Get spontaneous! Last second deals Buy Points puts $15 back in your pocket. Wanna Get Away? Fares Starting at $49* JOSEPH, your loyalty earns triple points in Chicago $98+ RT from Detroit | No booking fees Florida, Phoenix and Cruise Getaways! Huge New Sale! Summer Fares Starting at $49 one-way* Up to Quadruple Amtrak Guest Rewards points JOSEPH HASS - Sleep better at Radisson Time’s almost up to see the next American Idol-live in Hollywood!
  46. 46. Does the subject line match the body?
  47. 47. The single-best e-mail campaign I’ve seen
  48. 48. Introducing Aviation eBrief An Essential Benefit for AOPA Members and Friends Sign Up for Aviation News from AOPA Sign Up for Aviation eBrief Last Opportunity To Stay Informed
  49. 49. Did I really ask for this? Can I read it? Do I want to read it? Is this valuable to me? Are they trying to have a conversation? Does the subject line match the body?
  50. 50. Joe Hass hassgocubs@gmail.com hassgocubs (AIM, Gtalk, Yahoo,Yammer, Twitter)