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  • 1. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Civil & Structural Engineering (Semester 1 Session 20112012) KA6414 - SUSTAINABLE URBAN DESIGN Supervisor:- Ir. Dr. Riza Atiq Abdullah O.K. RahmatPrepared by : hassn ahmed h hassnMatric Number: P64139
  • 2. Waddan aljofraWaddan is a Saharan desert oasis town in the northeast Fezzan region of southwest Libya. It is inthe Jufra District. Waddan is the oldest city in JufraDistrict located 230 km (140 mi) south of Sirte, and19 km (12 mi) northeast of Hun. The town is at thecrossroads of the Sirte-Waddan Road andthe Fezzan Road.The natural springs support native date 
  • 3. historical places in waddan
  • 4. History of waddan Italian LibyaDuring the colonial Italian Libya period, waddan was theadministrative capital of the Italian Fezzan region,called Territorio del Sahara Libico. waddan was the Italianmilitary center of southern Italian Libya, and was not part ofthe national Fourth Shore territory of the Kingdom of Italy asItalian Tripolitania and Italian Cyrenaica were.A small Libyan Italian community of 1,156 people lived inwaddan, which was called Homs in the colonial years. Inthe 1939 census they were 3% of the total population of35,316 in the city. They disappeared from waddan afterItalys loss of Libya in World War II. An important LibyanItalian born in waddan was the internationally renownedpainter Mario Schifano(1934–1998).In the 1930s the Italian government made some importantimprovements to the small town, including a connection to
  • 5. Location of Waddan on the Map
  • 6. Accommodations in waddan There are 2 hotel and 3 hostels in waddan The hotels capacity is 45 rooms in waddan hotel, and 33 rooms in algore hotel
  • 7. The palm trees in waddanThe palm tree is very famous in waddan most of thepeople in waddan doing farming work the best datesin libya comes from waddan city
  • 8. Problems in waddan roads, transportations and the reasons of accidents
  • 9. transportation problems in waddanThere are public buses to the cities of Sirte and Sabha. There is also a military airport located between Hun and Waddan, Al Jufra AirBase. Hun is 240 km south of Sirte, 370 kmfrom Misrata and 272 km north of Sabha.
  • 10. Roads problem in waddanThe biggest problem is that most of the road inwaddan needs to be maintane and it is one of thosereasons behinde the cars accident
  • 11. Accident reasons in waddanCamels one the reason of the accident in waddan
  • 12. Infrastructure problems
  • 13. Same problem
  • 14. No good drainage for rain water
  • 15. Some parks and Entertainment areain waddan
  • 16. this project is constructed byMalaysian Company ( AmonaRanhill Company)
  • 17. Thanks for your kind attention