The Power of Social Media


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A presentation that introduces the online marketing and networking tools. Get a chance to learn ways to get your brand noticed in the online world. Learn to engage your

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  • on AideRSS: “With the number of blogs growing by millions each month and an ever increasing number of posts each day we figure AideRSS can save hours of reading each month. Think of it as a personal aide, an assistant to filter and manage your RSS Streams!” says Kevin Thomason, co-founder and Chief Marketer at AideRSS.On networked insights:
  • Even huge companies do benefit from social media, especially if they do it right!Social media campaigns do not always have to be about obtaining new customers or converting consumers to your product or service, they could also be about building loyalty, reminding existing customers and showing concern towards the environment.Giving to your customers will pay you back in loyalty which translates into sales!
  • Renault, for example, has always been driven by people-based innovation, not just engineering. This was most famously apparent in the Espace and its creation of the people-mover segment, but has also allowed them to take leading roles in the low cost car segment with the no-frills Logan brand and is committed to being a leader in electric cars.
  • for advertising agencies, this means no conversation without point of view on every aspect of your client’s product experience i.e. for a bank, most of the negative conversation will be about high fees long queues poor serviceadvertising won’t fix that
  • The Power of Social Media

    1. 1. Hassan Rizwan VP, Sales & Channel Development HireLabs
    2. 2. Almost 4,000,000 articles in Wikipedia
    3. 3. Over 100,000,000 videos and 65,000 views per day on
    4. 4. 200,000,000 blogs
    5. 5. 1.5 million residents on
    6. 6. 73% of active online users have read a blog
    7. 7. 39% subscribe to an RSS feed
    8. 8. 57% have joined a social network
    9. 9. June 25, 2010 Headline: Twitter Sets New Record: 3,283 Tweets Per
    10. 10. Your customers found you through the yellow pages Your business competed locally with set hours of operation Word of mouth was spread by current customers
    11. 11.  Measuring results meant tracking sales  Yourmarketing budget went to radio, TV, newspapers  Your network was limited to people you met in person
    12. 12. You faxed press releases to media outlets You were in CONTROL of your messaging
    13. 13. The OLD Rules: The NEW Rules: 4 Ps of Marketing 5 Ps of Marketing Price Price The The Product Marketing Place Product Marketing Place Mix Mix Promotion Promotion
    14. 14. Social Media defines the integration of technology and social interaction Its value proposition - Sustained conversations to shape perceptions!
    16. 16. Forging Relationships Photos & Videos Sharing Opinions & Updates Disseminating News & Information
    17. 17.  TinyURL – shortens URLs so they fit into Twitter‟s 140 character limit.  Cligs – Tiny URL with analytics.  TwitPic – Upload photos for easy sharing on Twitter.  or – Share music streams on Twitter  – Share videos on Twitter  TwitterFeed – Stream RSS feeds into your Twitter account
    18. 18. o Smartly tag keywords in each message o Maximize the 140 characters o Use tinyurl to shorten links o Use TweetDeck – it automatically does it for you
    19. 19. o Follow those who follow you o Follow people – they will follow you back o Follow top Tweeps/Twitterer o Follow who thought- leaders are following
    20. 20. o Get personal – send a direct message o RT tweets and send a message o Make a @mention
    21. 21. o Add link to your Twitter profile on your : o Website o Blog o E-mail signature o Youtube, FB, Goggle buzz profile o Everywhere else
    22. 22. o Personalize your Twitter profile
    23. 23.  Follow your / your brand-related conversations  Communicate with people / customers
    24. 24.  Favorite special tweets  Save, publish and promote testimonials  Publish / share useful content  Start / continue / promote discussions
    25. 25.  More than 275 million users online  1.2 billion monthly visits  3.5 billion minutes are spent on Facebook every day  4M users become fans of pages each day
    26. 26.  Create your page  Add content before making it public  Suggestto your friends – ask them to share with theirs
    27. 27.  Advertise  Make the fan page link available on all online delivery channels)  Website – blog – signatures – signatures of your employees etc.
    28. 28.  Shareyour fan page link on other similar FB pages  Write to page admins and request promotion  Share useful content so people  Like it  Comment on  Share it
    29. 29.  Target your status updates  Use Facebook Connect on your site  Integrate Facebook “Like” feature on your site, blog and other channels
    30. 30.  Seek to listen  Ask questions  Run polls
    31. 31.  Start unfinished comments / conversations  If I was a shampoo ….  Put your fans in charge  Startbucks asking the fans to decide the next recipe  Run competitions and give freebies  Promote your loyal fans  Rewards fans  Dell giving coupons on its FB fan page
    32. 32.  Make the landing page EXTRA- ORDINARY
    33. 33.  Understand your network  Don‟t focus on your 1st level network  Focus on your 2nd level connections and the overall network size  The larger the network size, the higher your visibility – the more effective LinkedIn is to you  COMPLETE your profile
    34. 34.  Join groups  Initiate conversations – ask questions  Connect with those who respond  Share your e-mail in your profile name  Ask 1st level connections for introductions  Ask for recommendations  Provide content
    35. 35.  Ask questions  Become part of the conversations  Initiate polls Comment on connections updates  Use apps – share your other web contents
    36. 36. 1 LISTEN  It‟s all about conversations and the best communicators start as listeners
    37. 37. 2 PREPARE Set the guidelines: What‟s your objective?  Define your strategy Find the people: Now PARTICIPATE!!
    38. 38. 3 ENGAGE  The goal is not to control the conversation, but to inspire and engage. Give them something to talk about!
    39. 39. 4 GO OFFLINE  Useother opportunities to build even stronger relationships with the members of your online community
    40. 40. 5 MEASURE SUCCESS  Did we learn something about our customers that we didn‟t know before?  Did our customers learn something about us?  Were we able to engage our customers in new conversations?  Do our employees have an effective new tool for external feedback and reputation management?
    42. 42. • …strategically, with a clear goal and a thought out plan • …to eventually start a dialogue • …to create a community • …to understand honestly • …to be able to create a presence that encourages interaction
    43. 43. Objective: People should connect with Dell in ways they want/meaningful to them Strategy: To provide content subscriptions, deals and offers through Twitter, huge following Result: Dell becomes one of the most popular social media brands; increase in direct sales as well
    44. 44. Dell Unleashes The Power Of Women In Business, Connects Top Global Entrepreneurs At The World Expo, Shanghai 2010 • “an extension of Dell‟s Take Your Own Path campaign, highlighting how entrepreneurs‟ innovative use of technology, results directly in business success” Dell Chairman and CEO Addresses Global Competitiveness Forum in Saudi Arabia • “Mr. Dell shared his perspective on entrepreneurialism… including strategies for nurturing and sustaining a culture of thought leadership.”
    45. 45. Dell and Moodelrooms Collaborate to Provide Education Organizations with Cloud-Based Curriculum • “Dell continues to provide administrators, teachers and students access to technology that enables 21st century learning” Dell‟s Bamboo Packaging Certified Compostable • “Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) is working to make “being green” easy and cost-effective for customers”
    46. 46. “We‟ve surpassed $2 million in revenue in terms of Dell Outlet sales, but we‟re also seeing that it‟s driving interest in new products as well. We‟re seeing people come from @DellOutlet on Twitter into the site, and then ultimately decide to purchase a new system from elsewhere on If we factor those new system purchases that come from @DellOutlet, we‟re actually eclipsed $3 million in overall sales”
    47. 47. • At start of program, 49% of blog posts were negative; today, overall tonality is 22% negative • Direct2Dell currently ranked about 700 on Technorati - among the highest corporate blogs • Direct2Dell gets more than 5 million unique views per month • Over 7000 ideas have been submitted via IdeaStorm • Studio Dell gets more than 200,000 views per month
    48. 48. Starbucks Free Coffee with Every Reusable Tumbler
    49. 49.  Evenlarge companies benefit when the campaign is done right!  It‟s not always about new customers or converts, could build loyalty and lend to CSR  SALES!!!!
    50. 50. nowledgeable • Does the activity demonstrate knowledge on the part of the brand? • Is it knowledge that is unique to your brand, product or service? • Is it something your audience needs or wants to know? • Are you increasing their knowledge or just telling them something they already know or could have gained elsewhere?
    51. 51. Not all social media activity is useful to the brand's audience. seful Not all dissemination of knowledge is actually useful to the brand. The best-case scenario is when an activity is useful to both the brand and the audience.
    52. 52. • Desirable is a step on from useful • By desirable we mean that both the brand and the audience actively want it esirable • Think of eating your greens; useful but not that desirable. • If something is desirable, really tasty-can't- get-enough-of-it-desirable to your audience, you'll know it.
    53. 53. -honest -transparent -the desirable and the undesirable AUDIENCE RESPONDS VERY ACTIVELY AND NEGATIVELY WHEN THEY BELIEVE A BRAND HAS BEEN DISHONEST WITH THEM pen -even lack of intent to be completely open shows!
    54. 54. It is as important as being open that brands actively encourage sharing. Are the materials easily downloadable? Can they be linked to or have you gone and wrapped them up in a big Flash movie that no one can link to? Have you acknowledged standard protocols that enable sharing and added a simple 'Digg this' button or a downloadable Zip file of assets? hareable
    55. 55. KUDOS will make your brand CONTAGIOUS!
    56. 56. You‟re part of the conversation, whether you‟re managing it or not • …and the conversation is getting louder • word of mouth goes out over a global PA system • past: 1 unhappy customer told ten friends • now: 1 unhappy customer tells ten thousand „friends‟ through the internet
    57. 57. Everything you do creates conversation, whether you think it‟s marketing or not, and whether you know it or not your pricing policy how your people answer the phone in the contagious age, the things that create conversation are not just viral ads
    58. 58. CONSUMERS KNOW THAT TALK IS CHEAP - what you do for them is more likely to get them talking than what you say you believe
    59. 59. Change the conversation to YOUR advantage “Brands with the most recommendation in their category grow 4x faster than the category average” (London School of Economics)
    60. 60. Great brands lead the conversation by having a point of view that transcends even the category vision + beliefs  redefining the category
    61. 61. The single greatest driver of positive recommendation is „EXPERIENCE BEYOND EXPECTATION‟
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