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  1. 1. OUR ALLAutomotive Aerospace Specialists in custom formed and machined parts since 1850 Commercial J o h n H a s s a ll, I n c .
  2. 2. Since 1850, John Hassall, Inc. has successfully combined advances in cold forming, hot forging, precision machining and other secondary operations to create metal parts and fasteners in lengths up to 9” with shank diameters ranging from 0.018” up to 0.625” Materials utilized . are all the various grades of steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous alloys, as well as high temperature/high strength aircraft alloys, including Inconel 718, Waspaloy, L-605 Cobalt, MP159* and MP35N* . “John Hassall, Inc. is one of a select few family run manufacturing businesses in the United States that has survived and prospered over a century and a half of industry-wide consolidation. We are of a size and temperament that is ideal for providing individualized service. Moreover, I believe that the same organizational approaches that have contributed to the company’s success will serve us well as we go into the twenty-first century. By investing in new technology and in our people, as well as through continuous education, I am confident that we will not only meet, but exceed the needs of customers.” Theodore B. “Ted” Smith III President1 (* “MP159” & “MP35N” are registered trademarks of Standard Pressed Steel.)
  3. 3. John Hassalls team of professionals give their all to ensure total customer satisfaction. Our staff includes many long-term employees who offer decades of experience and know-how in the making of custom formed parts.GIVING EACH CUSTOMERMAXIMUM VALUE MEANSGIVING OUR ALLIn its 100,000 square foot facility in Westbury, New York, John Hassall, Inc.manufactures specialty pins, rivets and threaded fasteners that are foundvirtually everywhere, including aerospace, automotive and commercialapplications. From small runs to high volume production, we deliver a level Dependabilityof quality and service that most other suppliers cannot or will not offer. 2
  4. 4. John Hassall has earned a world-class reputation for superiorquality, achieved in part throughongoing investments in the latesttechnology available.That technology can be found throughoutour plant in nail presses, single die headers,multiple station cold formers, trimmers, autofed Swiss and CNC chuckers, centerlessgrinders, flat and tri-roll threaders,atmospheric andvacuum furnaces, aswell as a completemet lab. Thatequipment in thehands of a world-class group ofoperators combinesto offer you special metal parts andfasteners, made to your most exactingspecifications, all under the aegis ofISO 9001:2000 and AS 9100 certification. Manufacturing Excellence
  5. 5. Parts Formers, JHI Primary Department Typical Workmanship Standards: Cold Headed Parts Diameter tolerance: .0015” total Length tolerance: +/- .0025” Corner radii: +/- .003-.010” Fillet radii: +/- .003-.010” for small parts +/- .005-.015” for large parts Surface finish: 32-63 RMS ORDINARY HASSALL MACHINED PART FORMED PART Raw material: Raw material: Barstock Wire • 80% scrap • No scrap • Interrupted grain flow • Stronger part • High cost • Low costContinuous Improvement
  6. 6. GIVING OUR ALLTO DELIVER TOP QUALITY PARTS AT COST COMPETITIVE PRICES While every customer and their requirements differ, every job shares one impor- tant similarity: the need to reduce costs wherever possible without sacrificing quality. Through product improvement suggestions and a teamwork approach to the entire manufacturing and quality assurance process, John Hassall consistent- ly delivers outstanding value. With the choice of either cold heading, hot forging and multiple secondary operations at our disposal, we create unique value by Delivering value minimizing the use of raw materials while producing parts that are stronger, more reliable and less expensive than screw machine parts. “Our mission at John Hassall Inc. is to supply precision fasteners to the global community while building long lasting partnerships with unyielding attention to our customers’ needs for today and tomorrow.” Al Polidaro Director of Continuous Improvement Lean/Six Sigma Master Black Belt 21-year John Hassall employee5
  7. 7. AUTOMOTIVE Wiper Blades: semi-tubular yoke rivets, solid blade rivets and shoulder arm rivets in low carbon and stainless steel. Air Bag and Safety Restraint Systems: lock-up actuators and pierce pins in aluminum, brass and high carbon steel. Brakes: drum anti-rattle pins, ABS locator pins and heavy-dutytruck brake vibration dampeners in low carbon and alloy steel. Sensors and Engine Components: electronic ignition coil terminals, wheel speed sensors, intake and exhaust valve tips, metering stems for timing chain tensioners in aluminum, alloy steel and stainless steel.
  8. 8. JOHN HASSALL OFFERSSECONDARY OPERATIONSTHATARE SECOND TO NONEWhen cold heading cannot, by that process alone, create a unique shape or hold acritical tolerance, John Hassall can provide a part to the most demanding ofspecifications by employing a variety of sophisticated secondary operations:• Threading (flat die and tri-roll) • Trimming • Burnishing• Broaching • Vacuum solution heat • Assembly• Multi-axis CNC machining treatment and aging, induction • Destructive and non-destructive annealing, as well as atmospheric testing, micro and macro• Auto-fed CNC centerless grinding hardening and tempering evaluations of materials and parts• Specialty surface grinding Vertical integration • Milling and Drilling • Electronic Data Interchange• Auto-fed CNC chucking • Electrical discharge • Bar coding• Bar-fed Swiss turning machining (EDM) Equipped to meet ever-increasing manufacturing challenges, John Hassall has developed a fully integrated and broad manufacturing capability. We specialize in converting screw-machined parts into cost effective cold-headed specials, and we have the ability to custom manufacture parts on either a short run or mass production basis. As a result of our fully integrated manufacturing capabilities, our customers benefit from reduced downtime, as well as lower inventory carrying costs. Automated CNC Centerless Grinder
  9. 9. COMMERCIAL Maximum Workmanship Tolerances Parts With Secondary Machining Diameter tolerance: +/- .0001” Length tolerance: +/- .001” Perpendicularity: .001” total Profile: .004” total Concentricity: .001” total True position: .002” total Surface finish: 8-16 RMS Automated CNC ChuckerWindow, and Lock HardwareComponents: adjusting screw & hinge pinsfor window hardware, actuating rods & stop pins forcommercial locks, wood frame fasteners in lowcarbon and alloy steel.ComputerHardware, andElectricalComponents:jackscrews for securingperipheral connectors and heatsinks, circuit breaker self-lockingterminals and calibration screws,plastic insert molded terminals,standoff and push pin fastenersfor circuit boards in low carbon Paint Brush and Handsteel, stainless steel, brass and Tool Fasteners: hinge rivets for pliers and brush ferrule fastenersphosphor bronze. in low carbon steel. 8
  10. 10. A PROVEN ABILITY TO WORK WITH OVER 90 EXOTIC METALS... Not just brass and aluminum, but stainless steel, high temperature alloys and much more. JHI supplies pins, rivets and high strength bolts to the leading aircraft engine OEMs. The materials called for in these applications are extremely difficult to form and machine. Our unique manufacturing capability is complemented by an in-house state-of-the-art heat treating facility (NADCAP approved) and a PWA LCS certified High temperature alloys metallurgical laboratory. Third party certifications include AS 9100, ISO 9001:2000, and we are SQAR source approved by various Pratt & Whitney UTC Groups, Volvo Aero, MTU, Honeywell, Fiat, Rolls Royce and others. “Thanks to the highly automated manufacturing techniques adopted in recent years, John Hassall can offer lead times well below the industry standard. For example, when you consider the cost of an aircraft on the ground (AOG), you realize the importance of meeting your customer’s delivery requirements.” Thomas Matura, VP, Sales 27-year John Hassall employee9
  11. 11. AEROSPACE Assemblies & Weldments: made from forged and machined parts, stampings, springs and castings, utilizing a variety of high temperature/high strength aircraft alloys. Bolts: high strength, close tolerance engine bolts in Inconel 718,Rivets: AN & MS standards, as well as Waspaloy and MP 159*.blade retaining rivets in Monel 400, Inconel600, 625 & X-750, Stainless 305 & 347. Bushings: tight tolerance in Stainless and Cobalt with mill, drill, coat or plate. Pins: locking, rotational, alignment and clamping in A-286, Inconel 718, Rene 41, Hatelloy X and Cobalt L-605.(* “MP159 is a registered trademark of Standard Pressed Steel.)
  12. 12. “John Hassall uses the most sophisticated technology available to ensure the highest conceivable quality for every part we manufacture… part, after part, after part. As a result, we can offer quality, consistency and repeatability over time that is critical to many of our customers in their automated assembly operations.” Akm Chowdhury, Quality Manager 19-year John Hassall employee John Hassall’s Quality Management System is certified to stringent ISO 9001:2000, AS 9100 and NADCAP requirements. WE OFFER STRICT QUALITY CONTROL WITH FULL PRODUCT TRACEABILITY From the incoming inspection and verification of raw materials, through rigorous in-process testing during all phases of manufacturing, to final testing, John Hassall remains 100% focused on quality. Testing conducted in our own metallurgical laboratory includes: X-ray spectrometry, metallography, shear/tensile/yield/creep/stress rupture and hardness testing. All test and inspection methods are conducted in accordance11 quality is everything with zero defect acceptance plans.
  13. 13. MINIATURE Small Screws and Tubular Rivets: hinge pins for cell phones, stacking screws for electrical switches, tubular rivets for thermostatic controls and screws for electrical meters in low carbon steel, Multi-Axis CNC Lathes stainless steel and brass.Contacts andConnector Pins:pins for peripheralconnectors, terminal pinsfor electrical switchesand contact rivets forelectronic protectiondevices in silver platedbrass, phosphor bronzeand glass-sealing alloys. 12
  14. 14. EVERY JOHN HASSALL CUSTOMER IS SUPPORTED WITH SUPERIOR SERVICE Every customer is supported by a team of talented professionals, including an account executive, design engineers, manufacturing and quality assurance specialists. This multi-disciplinary team understands and anticipates the inherent complexities of each assignment, drawing upon extensive experience and know-how to determine the most cost-effective solution. For products not ideally suited for domestic manufacturing, we offer the option of importing special cold formed metal parts, as well as precision- teamwork machined components from our quality sources in Japan and China. All such product is distributed under the purview of Hassalls general quality systems and procedures. Large Part Capabilities Parts shown approximately 55% of actual size “It is my responsibility to make sure every shipment is right… the right parts, the right count, the right packaing, the right paperwork for full traceability.” Ricardo Brown, Key technician, Shipping 14-year John Hassall employee13
  15. 15. Quality PolicyWe are committed to servicing our customers and to further develop partnerships and opportunities. We strive to improve our products and services to meet or exceedcustomers expectations. Our Quality Systems and operating environment emphasize continuous improvement techniques and defect prevention methods. In order to meet our objectives, we promote the use of statistical techniques, clear communication, and emphasize continuing education and training of personnel.
  16. 16. John Hassall offers a long tradition of unsurpassed quality and pricecompetitiveness at its U.S. manufacturing facility. We also offer convenient access to Asian sourcing through strategic partnerships with reliable manufacturing partners in Japan and China.ISO 9001:2000 • AS 9100 • NADCAP John Hassall Inc. 609-1 Cantiague Rock Road, PO Box 698, Westbury, NY 11590-0698 516-334-6200 • Fax: 516-222-1911 www.hassall.com