As level tv drama 7 class status diasability
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As level tv drama 7 class status diasability






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As level tv drama 7 class status diasability As level tv drama 7 class status diasability Presentation Transcript

  • CONNECT• Lets find out how many sterotypes you canthink of for CLASS!• In your Rows add as many as you can to yourpieces of paperConnect
  • Class and Status• If you are asked to focus on Class andStatus, you need to look at the following– Stereotypes(Appearance, Accents, Catchphrases, Employment)– Associated Behaviours– Representation in Current MediaDevelop
  • Class and Status• The Class system in the UK is based on anindividuals standing in Society and theirbehaviors• Status is based on the individuals perceivedprestige or popularity within society, typicallyto do with their earningsDevelop
  • The Class Structure• In the UK we have a society based around aclass structure.DiscoverUpper ClassMiddle ClassWorkingClassPoor/Belowthe PovertyLine
  • Upper Class• Statistically a smaller part ofsociety• Land Owners: Aristocracyand Royalty• Born into Wealth• Not necessarily employed• Homes in UK and Abroad –Often Large and OldDevelop
  • Middle Class• Range of Lower/Middle/Upper Middle classesDevelopLower Middle Middle Middle Upper MiddleWorks insupervisor /serviceIndustry / SmallBusiness OwnerMild RegionalAccentGCSE/A LevelsHome Owner inSuburbsProfessional JobsneedingQualifications:Teacher/Nurse etcVery Mild AccentDegree EducationHome Owner inSuburbs/VillagesHigh LevelProfessionals –Managers/Doctors/Head teachersWell Spoken (NoAccent)Degree EducationLarge HomeOwner inVillages/Suburbs
  • Working ClassUnskilled• Entry level Jobs –Supermarkets/Fast Food• Regional Accent• Low Educational Success• Council Estate HousingSkilled• Training and Experience in Work• Regional Accent• Education relates to work –apprenticeships• Own small home• Often self employed - tradesDevelop
  • Poor/ Below Poverty Line• Unemployed• Strong Accent• Claiming benefits• Council Housing/No housing• Uneducated/No Schooling• “Criminal Class”Develop
  • Status• A person’s status is more linked to their impact onsociety and economic position rather than theirbehaviors• High status can be achieved through wealth orachievements but high class cannot!Develop
  • Disability/Ability• If you are asked to focus on Disability/Ability,you need to look at the following– Stereotypes (Appearance/Conditions)– Associated Behaviors– Representation in Current MediaDevelop
  • Disability/AbilityDevelop
  • Disability/Ability• Looking at the representation of disability in the media it’seasy to identify common stereotypes.1. Exhibition – This is where the media presents people with disabilities as different or unusual.Here disability is something to be viewed and observed; ‘difference’ is highlighted and made aspectacle.2. Sympathy/pity – By far the most common representation in the media. People with disabilitiesare often shown to be deserving of pity when they face difficulties or prejudice.3. Fear – For a long time film makers have used scarring and disability as a short cut for evil.4. Humour – An odd one but it’s definitely there. An extreme case of schadenfreude (pleasure inthe misfortune of others, think about how funny someone else falling over is) this may seempolitically incorrect.5. Admiration – This is where people with disabilities are put in a position of admiration thatdespite their disability they are achieving something.Develop
  • Final Revision• This is your last weekend before the exam on Monday• Ask any final questions!• Read the revision guide!• Watch lots of clips!• Get lots of rest – Breakfast Revision Session in S112from 7:30am on Monday 13/5!Delight