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Y7 Geography project about Global Warming

Y7 Geography project about Global Warming

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  • 1. Weather, Climate and Global Warming By Jayden Brown Denton
  • 2. Greetings Hello my name is Jayden and I am a Meteorologist that works for the Met office and I have put together a report, about the serious affects of global warming that’s having on our little planet called Earth. In this Presentation I will tell you about the weather climate changes and Global warming. I will also make you understand about the serious effects these stuff can have on you in the future
  • 3. Weather What is weather: Weather is often temperature difference from one place to another, temperature differences occur because areas closer to the equator receive more energy from the Sun. On Earth common weather includes such things as wind , cloud , rain , snow , fog and dust storms . Wind is the flow of air more generally, it is the flow of the gases which compose an atmosphere.
  • 4. Climate changes Climate is the average and variations of weather over long periods of time. Climate is the weathers conditions current in a area over a long period , it also means a prevailing trend or public attitude . Climate also includes statistics other than the average, such as the day-to-day or year-to-year variations.
  • 5. Global Warming What is Global warming : global warming is refers to the increase in the average temperatures of the Earth's near-surface . The global average air temperature next to the Earth's surface rose 0.74 0.18 °during the last 100 years Lastly I am going to tell your how u can stop Global warming .You can stop global warming by recycling and walking to your destination .
  • 6. Thank you Thank you for reading my presentation I hope I’ve taught you a lot a bout Global warming ,climate change and weather I hope you can use my advise and stop Global warming .