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Global Warming25 Oct2007 by A Gardner
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Global Warming25 Oct2007 by A Gardner


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Y7 Geography project about Global Warming

Y7 Geography project about Global Warming

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Global Warming
    • As we all know our earth is under extreme pressure because of Global Warming. Global warming is when the earth’s temperature starts to rise because toxic fuels go into the atmosphere. Weather data shows that over the years sea levels have risen by 10cm.  
  • 2. Causes of global warming
    • There are many causes of global warming such as
    • Airplanes
    • ·       Buses
    • ·       Cars
    • ·       Lorries and
    • ·       Power stations
    • But the biggest problem is the burning of fossil fuels.
  • 3. Climate Change
    • Global warming should be called climate change because of the way the weather is changing all over the world.
    • This picture shows what an area in London would look like if global warming continues.
  • 4. Consequences of Global Warming
    • The consequences of global warming is that the earth will warm up and the North and South Pole will start to melt.
    • Already large chunks of ice caps are melting causing sea level to rise.
    • In 1992 the the USA recorded over 11,000 tornadoes the most ever.
  • 5. Steps we can take on an international level
    • All the countries need to agree that Global warming is a problem.
    • An agreement needs to be made to reduce harmful gasses into the atmosphere.
    • We need to start using alternative fuel and planting more trees
  • 6. On a national level
    • On a national level all countries should have windmills that make and also saves energy.
    • In the next few years all non energy saving light bulbs should be phased.
    • Alternative fuels need to be used on all motor vehicles.
  • 7. On an individual level
    • We should cycle or walk when we can.
    • Use energy saving light bulbs.
    • Turn lights off when we are not in a room.
    • Don’t leave electrical appliances on standby because it uses as much energy as if it were on .
  • 8. Conclusion
    • We need to put sanctions in place to fine or penalize company's and countries that contribute the most to climate change, if we don’t take this action we will not have a world to leave the future generation.