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A Gardner Fruits
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A Gardner Fruits

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  • 1. Introduction
    • Hello everyone my name is Aaron and this is my presentation about were different foods come from in my local supermarket.
  • 2. Countries that grow fruit and vegetables in the winter
    • As we all know in the winter we are unable to produce fruits and vegetables like some countries can.
    • Most fruits and vegetables are grown in tropical countries such as Spain or Brazil.
  • 3. Unknown fruits
    • There is a fruit that is grown in one of the most unlikely places you would of thought of.
    • The Sharon fruit is grown in Israel, it has an edible skin and looks like an orange, but the top looks like a pineapple and you have to wash it.
  • 4. Spain
    • When I conducted my survey in Tesco’s I didn’t realise how many fruits and vegetables were grown in Spain. This means that Tesco along with other supermarkets must pay to import fruits that they sell..
    • Spain is an ideal place to grow fruits and vegetables because it is hot nearly all year round unlike Britain.
  • 5. Spain
    • Spain is one of the most well equipped countries in the world for producing vegetation because of their climate.
    • Most tropical countries do not get a lot of rain
    • It is surprising to know that Jamaica gets more rain than Span due to the positioning of the county from the equator.
  • 6. Where do other fruits come from?
    • Apples are grown in many different countries. I was surprised to find that empire apples in Tesco came form the U.S.A.
  • 7. Jamaica
    • Jamaica has some of the best food in the world, as far as I am concerned, from fried Plantain to Jerk pork.
    • Plantains is a very versatile vegetable, it can be fried, roasted or even boiled which ever way they you choose to have it it taste amazing. Plantain looks like a huge banana.
  • 8. Boiled Plantain
    • Boiled plantain is soft and sweet and tastes like a soft sweet that is good for you.
    • Boiled plantain is only sweet if it is ripe.
  • 9. What is Shrimp?
    • Shrimps are small prawns that live in the sea.
    • Shrimps are mostly found in deep seas and oceans were sharks are.
  • 10. Shrimp in China
    • Chinese food is very popular. You can food such as: Shrimp, fried rice.
    • China and the U.S.A are two of world’s most successful countries.
  • 11. European food
    • Italians make great food from Pizza to Pasta.
    • Cyprus is great for Paella
    • France is renowned for snails and frogs legs.
  • 12. South America Food
    • When we think of South America we think of football and spices.
    • South America is a continent with great food that most of us can eat such as a kebabs, you can either have meat or vegetables.
    • The picture shows Chicken’s hart being roasted. It doesn’t sound nice but it does look it.
  • 13. Conclusion
    • Well as you can see there are many different countries that produce many different foods that we should all respect.
    • The world is filled with different cultures and different people and lots of good food for us to try.
    • I hope you have learnt something from my presentation.
    • Thank you