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NEWS FLASH: //Check our latest course offering on Patent-Business-Strategy over at Udemy here: with a 50 per cent launch discount //

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Coofluence [Old] Brochure

  1. 1. LearningReady or customizedcourses on intellectualproperty (IP),negotiation skills,compliance & law withinstructor support.Advisorycorporate IP strategy, IPdeals, M&A,technology transferNegotiationsNegotiate deals ,contracts and disputesusing proprietaryanalytical tools andmodels for decisionanalysis.coofluence value ^ ideasSomething launched recently can have a big positive impact. Coofluence providesconsultancy and execution for ready-to-use or custom eLearning materials inintellectual property, negotiation skills, compliance and law. We also advice on andnegotiate business deals for technology transfers, M&A and IP transactions.Further, we offer select, high-end in-person training in the above areas for ourclients.There is more to us, please read on. But to contact us right away, please write to usat and check us out on .
  2. 2. What Can coofluence Do For You? We Delight Our Clients:coofluence Learning can license you “It was a pleasure and a very profitable experience for my company Avenues to hireready-to-use or custom designed Coofluences deal advisory and contractcoursework with instructor support. negotiation service for one of our tricky contract negotiation of buying out a technology from aOur 12+ years of domain knowledge of tech company, who were not too inclined to partIP, negotiation skills, compliance and with their source code… I strongly recommend … Coofluence advisory and contract negotiationlaw, and our passion for learning services to anybody who has to deal with trickyenables us to give you highest value for contracts and negotiations.They are definitely worth the money“cost. - Vishwas Patel, CEO, Avenues Indiacoofluence Advisory can provide you (, which runs India’s n largest online payment gatewaysophisticated tool based analyses for www.ccavenue.comdecisions in IP strategy, M&A andbusiness deals. We design andimplement invention and patenting Director Hasit Seth’s Background:systems, IP strategies and IP valueextraction methods. Hasit Seth (B.Sc., LL.M (Gold Medal, Mumbai), LL.M. (FPLC, USA), New Yorkcoofluence Negotaitions will negotiate and India lawyer, on your behalf or along with you Hasit has worked with large MNC corporationsto maximize deal benefits over the deal and law firms in US and India over a decade inlife by creating win-win solutions. We intellectual property field covering whole valueproprietary analytical tools to create chain of patenting prosecution, litigation andmodels that adapt dynamically as licensing for clients like IBM, Xerox, Panasonic, Epson, Siemens, etc. More details at:negotiations proceed. Email: Web: Phone: +91-9923204044 Coofluence tm C1-Kumar Shantiniketan tm Off. Pashan-Sus Road, Value ^ Ideas Pune, India – 411 021