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Using Google Analytics and YouTube insights reports they were able to easilyAbout Google AdWordsGoogle AdWords is a perfor...
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Case Study Google


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Case study by Google

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Case Study Google

  1. 1. Google Adwords Case Study Islamic Relief, by using YouTube In-Stream advertising and tightly targeted Google Display Network campaigns, saw a 51% reduction in CPA and an increase of 17% in online donations year-on- year.About Islamic Relief: Islamic Relief is an international aid and development charity, which aims to alleviate- International aid and development the suffering of the world’s poorest people. Their vision, inspired by their Islamiccharity faith and guided by their values, is to develop a caring world where communities are- Aim to alleviate the suffering of the empowered, social obligations are fulfilled and people respond as one to the sufferingworld’s poorest people of others. The month of Ramadan is hugely important in the Islamic Calendar, and the- Annual Ramadan campaign toencourage fundraising and build Ramadan campaign is a major fundraising -promotion for the charity.awareness Through this campaign they aim to engage with their core supporters and also recruit new patrons. Hassan Imtiazi, Digital Media Specialist explains, “ We haveTheir goal: a holistic advertising approach for our Ramadan campaign, encompassing online,- Develop a successful online strategy to broadcast, print and radio, specifically targeting ethnic communities. Althoughpromote Ramadan campaign- Increase year-on-year online donations online donations have been increasing in recent years, the majority of incomeduring the campaign still comes through offline channels. Our goal this year was to increase online donations through advertising on the Google Display Network and YouTube.”The campaign:- Leveraged their TV assets acrossYouTube- Ran YouTube In-Stream video ads- Expanded their reach across the “Being able to reachGoogle Display Network through varioustargeting methods hundreds of thousands of donors, which was difficultThe results: and costly through other- Significant increase in conversions marketing channels, was- Reduced their CPA by 51% compared made possible throughto desktop search our YouTube and Google- 17% increase in online donations year-on-year Display Network strategy.” Hassan Imtiazi, Digital Media Specialist Complementing TV advertising with TrueView In–Stream ads Islamic Relief run TV advertising as part of their offline advertising strategy to build brand awareness and appeal for donations. When looking at ways to increase brand awareness online, YouTube was discussed as a medium for leveraging their existing TV assets. Hassan explains that the level of targeting on YouTube was unique to that of TV, and this enabled them to reach the right audience at a fraction of the cost of TV advertising. “With video usage increasing online, we felt that YouTube was the next step for us to raise brand awareness. The engagement value of video on YouTube excites us, as users are actively choosing what they want to watch and are therefore more attentive to our call to action.”
  2. 2. Using Google Analytics and YouTube insights reports they were able to easilyAbout Google AdWordsGoogle AdWords is a performance identify their target audience and tailor their message to each audience group.based advertising program that enables Islamic Relief ran TrueView In-Stream campaigns lasting two months prior to, andbusinesses large and small to advertise during, Ramadan. TrueView In-Stream ads enable advertisers to reach an engagedon Google and its network of partner audience by only paying when a user chooses not to skip their ad.websites. Hundreds of thousands of “Initially the campaign was to engage users with the Islamic Relief brand but itbusinesses worldwide use AdWords fortext, image, and video ads priced on a actually turned out to be a great direct response medium.”, said Hassan. Advertisingcost-per-click (CPC) and on YouTube drove a significant number of conversions, which reduced their CPA bycost-per-impression (CPM) basis. Built on 51% compared to desktop auction based system, AdWords is ahighly quantifiable and cost-effective way Clever targeting on the Google Display Network (GDN)to reach potential customers.For more information, visit Islamic Relief successfully trialed GDN campaigns previously, and after noticing an uplift in online searches for their brand, they were keen to use the GDN for the Ramadan campaign. As Hassan explains, “The number of people we can reach on the GDN is phenomenal. Also, as there is no minimum budget commitment and as we are able to make changes while the campaign is live, we maximize the campaign.” Islamic Relief implemented a number of targeting options including interest category marketing, remarketing and layering keywords with topics. They focused on ethnic interests including Arab and Middle Eastern food and countries such as Iran, Turkey and Palestine. In addition, they also set up a remarketing campaign allowing them to target people who had already visited their website. Knowing they had previously been to the site, Hassan was able to create more tailored ads with clear call to actions. The combined campaigns drove significantly higher donations in 2012, representing a 17% increase compared to 2011 and a 45% increase from 2010. Reflecting on the campaigns Hassan said, “The number of opportunities provided by Google is enormous; all you have to do is to explore it. It is impossible to get that level of reporting from offline channels compared to online. We achieved cost efficiencies with our limited charity budget and saw outstanding results.” © 2010 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Google and the Google logo are trademarks of Google Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated. 13666_101112