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Stoker trailer analysis Stoker trailer analysis Presentation Transcript

  • ESTABLISHING SHOT The trailer starts off with an establishing shot that sets the scene and location of where the action in the film may perhaps happen. This establishing shot is also a flashback whilst the mother is talking and breathing heavily in the background. This shot sets the time and day of which the film may begin in, in this case in Autumn.
  • CHARACTERS Just like the film posters, the main characters in the film are the mother and daughter. The daughter is positioned in the centre of the frame with directional lighting on her face to show her facial expression as her mother is verbally abusing her. Her hair is parted down the middle down across her face whilst her clothes are neatly buttoned up, which suggest that her character is not revealing and there is more to her. The mother looks serious and upset, which is a contrast to the daughter. Likewise the film poster the mother appears to be very serious and independent. Nicole Kidman plays the role of the mother which is a unique selling point as she is a very popular well known actress therefore it will promote a wide range of audiences globally.
  • MOTIF A motif that appears in the trailer is the spider crawling up India‟s feet and on the banister. This is a subtle motif which links with how mannered the trailer is and the film poster. Some may say that spiders symbolise patience for the way it hunts with its web traps, also mischief and malice for its poison and the slow death it may cause. Other says it symbolises possessiveness. This could be a theme explored in the film and also a reflection of each individual character.
  • FUNERAL This is a typical convention seen in most horror films. A death and funeral scene as it adds the fear and reality of life that most audiences do not like to accept. In this film the funeral scene is of India‟s father. From the trailer we don‟t know why her father died or how he died, therefore it brings a lot of questions to mind which links with the subgenre of psychological thriller as it‟s a daunting process of life especially if taken in a malicious way.
  • THE UNCLE In the promotional film poster, the theme of it was woodland and there where various objects and figures, one of which was the Uncle. However this wasn‟t clear until shown in the trailer where in the extreme long shot there is a strange figure standing on top of a building. This gives an eerie feeling. The uncle is well groomed and handsome with dark hair and pale skin. This is a convention that Bram Stoker used to create Dracula. Dracula is a vampire who feeds off people. Could this perhaps be a character trace in the uncle?
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER This scene in the trailer is of the mother and uncle kissing. This is a shocking shot as you would never expect to see relatives having sexual contact. We see this shot through the eyes of India, which suggest that she will be the narrative in the film. This also links with the subgenre because the word „psychology‟ means the “scientific study of the human mind and it‟s functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context.” This type of behaviour happening in the film does question if the uncle and mother are in the right mind frame.
  • SCHOOL SCENE This is a school scene. This is not a typical scene that will be found in a horror film/trailer. This scene is a contrast compare to the other scenes in the trailer. At first things are very slow paced and well constructed, but the school scene brings in an element of a busy frantic environment. This also draws more attention on the main protagonist as she looks very unhappy. In most films where the protagonist is unhappy and unsettled at high school there tends to be a lot of anger within the character.
  • SUPERNATURAL This is a supernatural theme in this long shot film still. The phone box appears like it is glowing which is a convention in supernatural films. Also in this scene the Uncle is attacking a vulnerable old lady. This is where the horror/thriller will arise in the film. Around the phone box it is dark and there is an eerie colour of the isolated location which is another convention of horror.
  • CONVENTIONS OF HORROR 1 2 These are screen grabs of scenes from the trailer. These scenes are iconic conventions of horror. 3 1. This is a close up of a dead body buried in the freezer. Death and hiding evidence is a typical plot shown in most horror scenes. 2. This is a iconic shower scene seen in most horror films, such as Hitchcock‟s Psycho. The form of the two scenes are close up shots with the subject at centre frame. The scenes look very cold and lonely, this is because of the blue lighting. 3. This is one of the props used in the film with blood on the end of the pencil. This is not a typical murder weapon, which makes this film different from other horror films.
  • “WE’RE FAMILY” This mid shot scene is shown near the end of the trailer as it summaries what the trailer is trying to depict. The family are sitting around the dining table and there facial expression and body language demonstrates a seriousness and stern atmosphere that the film is about. The characters are costumed to appeal very neat and in shape. The characters look very dated alongside the interior location which looks out of fashion. This makes the film seem disturbing as it‟s something the audience may not be able to relate too.
  • GRAPHIC MATCH This is one of the last shots shown in the trailer. This is a graphic match of India burying something that the audience is obviously unaware of. This shot may suggest closure. An iconic location/ setting seen in psychological thriller is a wood. Just like „The Cabin in the Woods‟ this trailer also has a scene set in a wood where a murder may or may not of happened.
  • TITLES The first title that appears in the trailer is of the director of a well known successful film, Old Boy. This is a way of promoting the film as it draws attention to the demographic of those who enjoyed Old Boy. The rest of the titles appear at the end of the trailer, first we see the names of the actresses and actor of the main characters, which suggest that the film will mainly focus on them. The film title appears next followed by the film website which is ironic as the trailer has shown scenes which are disturbing caused by the family rather than any other characters. This is also an example of cross media convergence
  • EDITING/SOUND „Stoker‟ film trailer is a contrast to „The Cabin in the Woods‟. For example in Cabin in the Woods the editing used are quicker than Stoker. The transition between each scene in Stoker is very slow, subtle and well mannered. This makes the film genre seem more psychological rather than a post modern teen drama, as everything is very frantic from the very beginning. The movements of characters shown are very inactive and not a lot is given out about each individual character. In Cabin in the woods it was very clear to see what stereotypical characters where being depicted straight away by the use of their body language and positioning in frame. Another motif shown in the trailer is the soundtrack of the Piano which builds to a crescendo at the end of the trailer. In the trailer we see India and her Uncle also playing a piano which implies that the piano will be a significant prop used in the film. A piano is a classic instrument which links with the way the characters are positioned in the film posters, to look laboured.