Harvin Moore for School Board - 2009 Election Mailer


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2009 Re-election mailer for Harvin C. Moore, Trustee of Houston Independent School District

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Harvin Moore for School Board - 2009 Election Mailer

  1. 1. Let’s keep reform on track E CT -E L RE Demand MOORE. Dear Friend: It has been my pleasure serving you for two terms on the HISD Board of Education. cessful pay for performance system. This system has enabled us to retain more of our This is an elected but volunteer position, and while it has been hard work, I am rewarded most effective teachers and has been a major reason for the enormous increase in com- by the success we had had both in raising achievement and increasing efficiency. mended performance levels in the three years since its implementation. In any organiza- When I was first elected in 2003, I promised to “get reform back on track” because tion, you get what you measure—and you get what you pay for. by many measures, HISD’s dramatic growth of the late 1990s had slowed. By 2005, with This Fall, Houston welcomes Dr. Terry Grier as our new Superintendent of Schools reform clearly back on track, my focus changed to taking Houston’s successful reforms following an extensive national search that followed a massive community-wide series to another level. Over the course of the last four years, in part by aligning the entire of public profile building meetings. Dr. Grier is a change agent and shares our vision of organization to increased achievement at all levels (rather than mere “passing”), HISD performance-based management and collaboration. has indeed done just this. Please get involved as much as you can in all HISD trustee races, and not just mine. However, HISD will not maintain its significant rates of improvement, or solve the still My efforts at improving the HISD will not succeed without the trustee votes necessary unacceptable high dropout rate, merely by continuing the same initiatives. In my view, the to make needed changes, and to stop efforts to reverse the progress we have previously HISD must increase its commitment to student achievement, teacher quality, and high made. quality collaborative management at both the central and school level. And I also believe As your elected trustee to the HISD, I pledge to demand the best from our schools, that the HISD must become an organization that truly embraces collaboration and com- and to speak honestly, openly, and tirelessly to ensure our public education system is not munication at every level; we simply cannot become a truly great school district without only the best in the country, but is successfully preparing all its students for successful the assistance and support of the great civic, business and non-for-profit organizations in lives in a changing world. Thank you for supporting this important work. Houston that share our mission. What we are really doing is redesigning a major urban school district for perfor- mance.The kind of redesign and results I demand for the HISD have never been achieved Harvin C. Moore in a major urban district in America. Continuing this work will be very hard, as change Trustee, District VII always is—and I need your continued support. Powerful forces oppose our highly suc- HISD Board of Education
  2. 2. Demand MOORE The HISD is Improving—but more change is needed! PHOTO: EXAMINER NEWSPAPER GROUP Harvin congratulates the 2009 World Champion Harvin joins Judge Ed Emmett and Senator John Cornyn to The new School at St. George Place West University Seniors. encourage familes to utilize health services. near the Galleria. Success: Academic Achievement Success: Financial Conservatism Success: Facilities Modernization Most accountability criteria measure passing Financially, HISD has improved on its historical Since 2003, over $128 million of needed capi- rates—hardly the standard most parents have for reputation of being one of the most efficient and tal improvements have been approved or spent their own children. Harvin knew that taking this highly rated districts in Texas, now with a higher in District VII, affecting every single school. Three success to another level would require a change than ever AA+ credit rating, despite maintaining by new schools—Briargrove, Pilgrim and St. George in focus from passing a test to growth in academ- far the lowest tax rate of any district in the greater Place—were built to replace aging infrastructure, ic achievement at all levels. This focus on achieve- Houston area. While protecting Houston’s over- undersized facilities and grounds, and the growing ment growth is also tied to HISD’s assessment of burdened taxpayers, Harvin has consistently pres- popularity of public schools in District VII. For exam- teachers since 2005—and since that time, HISD’s sured the State of Texas to pay its fair share of the ple, more neighborhood children attend Briargrove rate of improvement has increased significantly. In cost of public education, which it has not done for Elementary now than in the last 40 years. But a 1987, 70% of HISD schools were in the state’s low- more than 15 years. Just this month, HISD reaped great deal more needs to be done to address criti- est performing category. Today, only 4% of HISD’s the rewards of its financial strength—while other cal facilities needs in our area. Just this last month, schools are in the lowest performing category, de- Texas school districts have postponed bond issues Harvin successfully shepherded through final fund- spite three increases in standards over that period. because of a moratorium on state guarantees of ing approval for a long awaited $12 million wing at Almost three quarters of all HISD schools are now district bonds since the financial crash, HISD was Grady Middle School; groundbreaking will occur in in the two highest categories, better than any of the able to float its $400 million bond issue solely on mid 2010, with completion expected in late 2011. other large urban districts in Texas, and better than our own financial strength, and obtained one of the Grady was built 60 years ago as a small elementary the state as a whole. HISD has a very high percent- lowest interest costs obtained by a school district school and had not been remodeled since—and is age of high performing schools—with only 3% of all in more than 40 years, saving over $50 million over currently the most overcrowded middle school in Texas schools, HISD is home to 8% of TBEC honor the life of the bonds. HISD and is far below district standards. It was past roll schools, which are those schools with the high- time for Grady to be addressed, and it is now time est sustained levels of commended performance. for many other area needs to be addressed as well.
  3. 3. We proudly support Harvin Moore: Challenge: Management Development W. K. & Betty Adam David M. Doll Lahourcade Edith Patterson Contribute or volunteer at School principals operate complex organizations Gail F. Adler Dr. Scott R. Dorfman Mary Martha Lappe Puddephat Sallie & George Peter M. Doyle Harriet & Truett David Pursell www.mooreforhisd.com with dozens of staff, multi-million dollar budgets, Alcorn Jr. James A. Elkins III Latimer Kathryn Rabinow Judy & Robert Allen Farley & Steve Erikson Alecia & Larry Lawyer Jennifer Smith Ragauss and a precious objective—the successful education William L. Anderson Jr. Ted L. Estess Alice G. Lebkuecher Alicia & Shawn Marianne L. Andrews Gayle Fallon James B. Ledbetter Raymond of our children. Principals are responsible for ensur- Andrews & Kurth Marita & J.B. Fairbanks Sara K. Ledbetter Billy R. Reagan Texas PAC Kelli & Marty Fein Ann Lents Harry M. Reasoner ing that every single teacher on their staff is highly Gene C. Antill Michael Feinberg Gary Levering Lenox & John Reed Laura & John Arnold Jeffrey B. Firestone Janice Levering Randle Richardson effective. HISD has many outstanding principals, as Paula Arnold Cheryl & Jon Fleming Ellen & Leo Linbeck III Beth & Robert Rivera Sonya Aston Robert Lee Fleming Shanna & Andrew Barbara & Corbin evidenced by vast improvement at schools across Scott J. Atlas Dionicio V. Flores Linbeck Robertson Phil M. Baggett Charles C. Foster Joy A. Liuzza Wilhelmina E. Robertson the district. But HISD is far from best in class when Richard Ballanfant Dr. H. Jerome Freiberg Locke Liddell & Sapp James C. V. Rogers Susan & Ron Bankston Kelly Frels LLP Donald & Shirley Rose it comes to a structured and reliable structure for Shelly Barber Austen H Furse III Judy & Stuart Long Robert A. Rowland III Ellen G. Bass Susan S. Galbreath Katharine & Tom Lord William W. Rucker locating, training, and developing principals to sup- Julie & Frank Bayouth Karen & Larry George Betty & Waldo Clive Runnells Richard E. Bean Hilda A. Gentry Luedemann Susan Sample port our mission. Harvin will address this issue right Kathryn Berg Katherine H. Gibson Madeline Bache Lunde Frances Bedford Daphne Scott Bernicker Marilyn & Jim Nina & Jack Lyons Sampson now, because HISD will not break into the next lev- Mary & John Bicknell Goettee Jr. Harry Mach Barbara & Vic Samuels L. D. Blackwell Roberto Gonzalez Kristine Dubiel Maclay Leslie & Shannon Sasser el of achievement until we do this. HISD also needs Jim Blair Susan & Sean Gorman Mike C. Manoloff C. Boone Schwartzel Leslie & Jack Blanton James R. Graves L. G. Martinez Stephanie Shanks considerably stronger top leadership, and Harvin Jack S. Blanton Sr. Gail & Jenard N. Gross Stephen A. Massad Carol S. Shattuck Buck & Leigh Bonner Richard Lee Gruen William N. Mathis Sally Blue Shaw has encouraged our new Superintendent to attract Louis F. Bonner Jr. Mrs. H. E. Gumbert Jr. Denis & Trey Mayfield Russell L. Sherrill Eric Boutte George & Paige Hagle Sheila Earthman Hollly & Max Shilstone the best in the field to his cabinet to assist HISD in Heather M. Bowen Mary Scott Hagle Mayfield Richard H. Skinner Harvin works often with the James C. Box Laurens A. Hall Donald R. McAdams Barbara & Louis Sklar State Legislature as HISD Board Legislative Liaison. our mission. Maria Wyckoff Boyce Leslie & Mike Hansen Charles H. McCollum Josephine & Richard James F. Bunting Warren W. Harris M.D. Smith Penny & John Butler Marian P. Harrison Nancy D. McGregor Paul Somerville Charles Butt Dana & Charles Sue H. McMurrey John Spalding Challenge: Continuing to J. D. Bybee M.D. C Club PAC Hartwell Antonia & George Linda McNeil Karen Benbow McRae Jerrol W. Springer C. Richard Stasney M.D. John & Debbie Campbell Helland J. Mace Meeks Allison & John Strawn Increase Teacher Quality Lenora & David Carlson Mary M. Henderson Patti Melcher Lynn & Joel Swanson Virginia C. Carrington James Hernandez Anne & John SWBT PAC Nothing impacts educational outcomes more than Brady F. Carruth Joanne King Herring Mendelsohn Tadd Tellepsen John Cary Mrs. J. W. Hershey John L. Meredith J. David Thompson III an effective teacher. Parents expect their children’s Hazel B. Casey Michelle E. Hicks Martha C. Metts Casey H. Trammell Kathryn A. Casey Jeffery & Melinda Eunice H. Meyer Kevin Trautner teachers to be highly effective—and yet there re- Marian M. Casey Hildebrand Charles & Beth Miller Dianne D. Tucker Mary Kay Casey Katherine Powell Hill Dana & Don Miller Temple Tucker main enormous differences in teacher quality even Michael A. Casey Ned S. Holmes Kendall Miller Phoebe & Bobby Tudor Robert R. Casey III Jill Moses Holstead Rose E. Miller Karen A. Twitchell within the same school, which is a tragedy to those Margot & John T. Cater John B. Holstead III Robert D. Miller H. Michael Tyson Grady Middle School will receive a Charles M. Chafer Houston Federation of Virginia & Richard David M. Underwood students assigned to the ineffective teacher. With new $12 million wing in late 2011. Ann & Albert Chao Teachers Mithoff Ambassador Charles G. Gisela Blohm Cherches Robert C. Hunter Barry M. Moore Untermeyer over 13,000 full-time teachers, HISD does have Gary W. Chiles Barbara R. Hurwitz Nancy Powell Moore George J. Van Os Raymond L. Chilton Jr. Debbie & Shawn Melanie L. Morgan Susan W. Vaughan significant variation in teacher quality. HISD is na- Karla & Tim Cisneros Hurwitz Ellen & Bill Morris Vinson & Elkins Texas Challenge: Communication Robert L. Clarke John A. Hutchison III S. I. Morris PAC tionally respected for its development of the most Michele M. Clements Steve E. & Clare S. W. James Murdaugh Jr. Billy C. Ward M.D. extensive and respected data collection systems in and Collaboration Barbara D. Clinton Ernest H. Cockrell Jackson Gregory T. Jeckovich Ewell E. Murphy Jr. Harlan E. Murphy Diane & Jack Webb Richard W. Weekley education today so that the effectiveness of teach- HISD must do a better job of communicating and F. J. “Hank” Coleman Jr. Bob Collie Howard E. Jefferson Ann & Johnny Johnson Karol K. Musher Walter Negley Randa & Kane C. Weiner Nancy & Ben Wells ers can be measured, weaknesses can be addressed, collaborating with its communities and partners. Gus Comiskey Jr. John T. Cook Raleigh W. Johnson Jr. Ann Wier Jones Norman Nelson Will Noel Nancy H. Wells Thomas L. West Jr. and successes can be shared for the benefit of all. Although Houston has constructive leaders who George S. Craft Rutherford R. Cravens II Katherine L. Jones JP Morgan Chase & Evelyn & Roy L. Nolen Tom R. Northrup Ann Wheat Welcome W. Wilson, Sr. HISD must continue to stay at the forefront of da- are great collaborators and some of the most suc- Julia & Winston Crowder Emily & Holcombe Co. PAC Nina & David Karohl Ralph S. O’Connor Gwynne E. Old Claudia Williamson Thomas H. Wilson ta-driven, results-based decision making, including cessful non profit educational organizations in the Crosswell Stewart Cureton Jr. Jack Kamrath Kenneth S. Katz Patrick C. Oxford Elizabeth H. Ozden James M. Windham Vallette & Russell professional development and ultimate removal of nation, HISD is known as a very difficult partner. As Margaret R. Curlet Louis B. Cushman A. L. Keller Susan & Larry Kellner Scott Pappas Carrin F. Patman Windham James E. Winn perennially ineffective teachers. It may be contro- the new Superintendent builds his leadership team, James D. Dannenbaum Jonathan Day Kyle E. Kidd William E. King Sandra Peacock Jack L. Peery Carrie & Ronald Woliver Sue & Mark Worscheh versial, but no child deserves anything less than a he has expressed the intention to take advantage Joyce L. de Laveaga Shelly & Michael Dee Kendall Knaus Carla Knobloch Sarah & David Pesikoff James L. Phillips Frank M. Wozencraft Jr. Shirley C. Wozencraft highly effective teacher. of the great collaborative capital this city has to of- Laura Devitt Katherine Shanks Dodd Lucy & Vic Kormeier Daniel M. Kornberg Bill Pickard Ben H. Powell Rosie Zamora fer—and the difference will be striking. Ethel W. Dodge Jeanene Dodge Ph.D. Bill Kvinta Lee A. & Virginia D. Kitty King Powell Townes G. Pressler Jr. Partial list at time of printing
  4. 4. CT ELE RE- PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID NEUMANN & COMPANY Friends of Harvin Moore 77003 P. O. Box 22826 Houston, TX 77227-2826 www.mooreforhisd.com Pol. Ad Pd. for by Friends of Harvin Moore, David Doll,Treasurer. Family photo by Temple Webber Photography. About Harvin arvin C. Moore was elected to the Board of the East Harlem Tutorial Program in New York City and in H Education in November 2003 and served as its presi- dent in 2008. Harvin grew up in Houston’s Briarcroft and HISD through Communities in Schools, Junior Achievement, and Kids Hope USA. From 2004 to the present, he has River Oaks neighborhoods and attended HISD’s Henry served as a Kids Hope Mentor at River Oaks Elementary Grady Elementary School. He also attended River Oaks School. He has served on the boards or advisory boards of Elementary School and Sidney Lanier Junior High School Teach for America–Houston, KIPP Academy, the Houston during their first years as Vanguard schools. He played Teachers’ Institute, the Neuhaus Education Center, the baseball in the Post Oak Little League, and was also ac- Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Reading Institute for tive in scouting, attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. After Teacher Excellence, Preschool for ALL, the Texas Lyceum, graduating from St. John’s School in 1982, he earned a the HISD Foundation, and the Powell Foundation. Harvin bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from has also served as grant director for public education at Northwestern University and a master’s degree in busi- the Powell Foundation, where he led a six-month research ness administration from New York University. A former project on reading curricula and teacher training for at- national bank examiner for the U.S. Department of the risk elementary students. After that review, he completed Treasury, Harvin has worked in finance, marketing, and teacher training in four of the largest reading methodolo- consulting in Houston for the last 17 years. He now gies used in HISD. He currently serves on the board of the serves as senior vice president for finance and opera- Texas Education Reform Foundation. tions at Sentinel Satellite, Inc., a Houston-based aerospace Harvin and his wife Janet have a five-year-old son and an company. eleven-year-old daughter and are active members of the Harvin, who began volunteering in public education in Church of St. John the Divine, which Harvin has attended the mid-1980s, has tutored and taught at-risk students in since he was a child. On Tuesday, November 3, demand MOORE for our HISD Trustee District 7 Re-elect HARVIN MOORE twitter.com/harvinmoore youtube.com/educationforum facebook.com/harvin.moore