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131644022 peaks-auto

  2. 2. 2 ACKNOWLEGEMENT It gives me immense pleasure to acknowledge my sincere gratitude to all the persons who helped me to complete my training in a timely manner. I would like to give an honest thanks to all the people at PEAKS AUTOMOBILES PVT LTD for their enthusiastic help and concern. I am greatly indebted to ……………… my guide and mentor for having the insight to see what this project could be when I could not perceive how to best describe it myself. She helped, provided directions and advised at all the stages of the project. I am highly thankful to my friend who helped me to ensure that I am able to sound like I knew what I was talking about. They provided me some illustrative material that helped me a lot for preparing this project and now it’s my pleasure to say thanks to them for being there with me when I discussed on the said topic. Last but not the least; I would like to acknowledge my parents. It was their love, nurturing and support which showed me that anything that can be perceived is attainable; you just have to believe in yourself. I could not have picked two better people to grow up around or to learn from. SATNAM SINGH
  3. 3. 3 DECLARATION I hereby declare that the “SUMMER TRAINING REPORT ON PEAKS AUTOMOBILES PVT LTD –AUTHORISED DEALER OF MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LTD”, is based on the original work carried out by me under the guidance of MR TANBIR SINGH, in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of MBA degree through Punjab Technical University. This is further declared that no part of this work will be used for any other purposes except for peaks automobiles own requirements. This is my original work and it has not been submitted for award of any other degree, fellowship or prize. satnam singh
  4. 4. 4 PREFACE Customer satisfaction is addressed as a strategic business development tool. Customer satisfaction does have a positive effect on an organization's profitability, satisfied customers form the foundation of any successful business as customer satisfaction leads to repeat purchase, brand loyalty, and positive word of mouth. Satisfied customers are most likely to share their experiences with other people to the order of perhaps five or six people. Equally well, dissatisfied customers are more likely to tell another ten people of their unfortunate experience. Research has demonstrated that even a difference between a totally satisfied customer and a somewhat satisfied customer could lead to an increased revenue contribution of a factor. The motivation behind the project was to gain clear understanding about marketing research. Through this project I have tried to understand the complexities involved in gathering of data for drawing inferences. The present report is a part of project that contains the work done by me during the training period at Peaks Auto (p) Ltd. I was provided opportunity to undergo training at the Peaks Auto Pvt. Ltd. at its Head office Srinagar Kashmir, my field of interest was to study the satisfaction level of customers.
  5. 5. 5 CONTENTS 1 Introduction 2 Industry Profile 3 An overview of Indian automobile industry 4 Introduction of Maruti Suzuki india limited 5 Objective of the project 7 Research Methodology 8 Product Profile 9 Functional areas divisions  People  Policies  System and procedure  Problem if any 10 Swot Analysis 11 Questionnaire Analysis 12 Conclusion & Suggestions 13 Bibliography
  6. 6. 6 INDUSTRIAL PROFILE: PEAKS AUTOMOBILES PVT LTD: PEAKS AUTO PVT.LTD. is a private ltd. Company, incorporated under companies Act,1956 with the registrar of Jammu & Kashmir and founded by Sh. Baldev Singh at, Nowgam by-pass, SRINAGAR, just 5kms from Lal Chowk and half km from Railway Station Nowgam, Srinagar. Mr. Baldev Singh Raina, hailing from District Baramulla, a Mechinical Engineer has laid the foundation stone of PEAKS AUTO PRIVATE LTD. He by virtue of his immense efforts and leadership qualities has achieved handsome amount of experience in automobile industry. PEAKS AUTO PRIVATE LTD. Is a new Authorized Dealer of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. For Kashmir , and shall be dealing in Maruti Suzuki Cars, New as well as certified Used ones, Maruti Genuine Spares and Accessories, and providing other services. “PEAKS AUTO”, as the name suggest, has come up with the aim of touching heights in the field of customer satisfaction in terms of service Commitment At PEAKS AUTO PRIVATE LTD. we are personally involved in serving our customers who we believe are the pith and substance of our organization. Obviously, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention are our sole aim.
  7. 7. 7 Every employee of Peaks Auto Pvt. Ltd. is groomed and conditioned to serve the customers with speed and commitment. Peaks Auto (P) Ltd. started its first process on December-2008 and achieved the sale of 126 vehicles in the market. For that very first time the cars from the Peaks Auto (P) Ltd began to cross their journeys on the roads. With in the short period of time the Dealership Showroom received the fastest four hundred cars award from the MSIL. It was for the First time in the history of the Maruti India Ltd. However this was not enough after the tremendous performance after four months the Dealership achieved the award for the 1000 car lifting from the Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. This was revolution in the Maruti Product. The main recipe of this spicy success for the Peaks Auto (P) Ltd. are the showroom staff and the Managing director itself? The General Manager of the Peaks Auto (P) Ltd. Mr. Peerzada irshad is the brightest star and the main cream of the showroom. Under his supervision and the excellent management the Peaks Auto (P) Ltd. has achieved such bright successes. The sales staff, insurance section, workshop, backend team and true value can’t be neglected because these are the vigorous efforts and the hard work which has turned the Peaks Auto as the shining star in the sky of the MSIL. The H.R Department for the Peaks Auto (P) Ltd. is under the shadow of Ms. Harjinder kaur. She is the one who takes care of the Employee needs and restores everything in a perfect trim. It is her dedication and sincerity that every employee of the Peaks Auto enjoys the hard work and is true to best of his/her conviction. She made it easy and simple, to listen the demands and make them to reach the M.D’s Desk. Every authorized person feels comfortable to conversant with the H.R Head. However this is not enough she is also responsible for the Marketing. She checks the every moment in the market and regulates the changes, up and downs the market.
  8. 8. 8 Forget the Display team of the Peaks Auto (P) Ltd. Mr. Bilal Ahmad Shah is the Person Responsible and occupying the post of Display Manager. He handles and arranges the display events in the Government/Semi Government/Corporate etc. The main aim of the display is to inform people about the schemes, offers, and newly launched products from the Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. To get the main customer feedback and satisfaction there is no any place other than True Value Section Of the Peaks Auto (P) Ltd. The True Value Dept. Of the Showroom is run by Mr. Fareed Ahmad. His dept. Include the EDP, T.V Evaluators, Comp. Operator etc. their duty and main responsibility is to cross check the each and everything thing to provide the full customer satisfaction and need. The True Value Manager in real means better knows how to deal in the irate situations. At last it will be very hard and tough to explain the Peaks Such A big and Great Organization in few lines
  9. 9. 9 OBJECTIVES OF THE ORGANIZATION  Establish and cascade the strategic vision of the company and implement and execute them throughout its diverse business.  Management of the business and provision of strategic leadership and direction to meet career objectives.  Key focus on the development and implementation of corporate strategies which will enhance the penetration scheme of existing and potential markets, introduce programs of continues improvement in Service delivery efficiency and service quality and maximize cost saving opportunities.  Introduce system and procedures that deliver business success.  Provide leadership in operational matters, taking the lead in contributing new or innovative approaches to policy and operational issues.  Inform and provide recommendations to the top management of significant developments, emerging opportunities and challenges in the area of responsibilities.  Manage the performance of teams and individuals providing clear direction and regular monitoring and feedback on performance.  Create and lead multidisciplinary and overall quality of its work and demonstrate highest level of commercial acumen.  Accountable for managing the company’s all branch turnover.
  10. 10. 10 VISION:  To catalyze corporate objective and coverage the market base for mutual benefit relationship.  To top the goals with the knowledge of technical, versatile and goodwill traits and thus help to create value for himself, society, government and other associates. MISSION:  To operate the dealership with due diligence and regularly norms.  To provide quality services and solutions to customers.  To provide a leader in the market in the automobile industry.  To achieve the objective in an efficient and effective manner. THE GROUP TODAY PEAKS is known for maximizing customer satisfaction through value addition and quality improvements in the products and services. Peaks Corporation creates a work environment which fosters ethics and integrity while supporting the individual moral values. The Company believes in conducting business in a social responsible manner that sustains and protects the environment and at the same time up hold the steward principles and values that take care about health and safety of the employees, customers, suppliers and the community wherever they operate. Today the group is run entirely by professionals with a futuristic outlook which is committed to grow into a successful transactional corporation. The company has been able to abide by their business philosophy of building “business through increased competence in marketing and development”. Their long stable alliances reflect the sustained relationship the company had with its customers and principles. Their people are their foundation and they aim to hire the best talent available. They strive to orient all their people towards “TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT” and achieve a state of “SELF COMMITMENT” towards it. The company is run today on the principles of “PARTICIPATIVE MANAGEMENT” wherein the Management committee of the company meets and reviews the company’s business once every month.
  11. 11. 11 AN OVERVIEW OF INDIAN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY ‘India is an emerging country with huge potential. The domestic economy is now growing at around 9-10% per annum and India’s importance in global terms is being reinforced by rapidly rising exports and domestic consumption. At a time when numbers of a slowdown and overheating in the Indian economy have started gaining momentum, the Indian rupee sprang a surprise by pushing the GDP figure past the trillion-dollar (42,00,000 crore) mark. The automotive industry is at the center of India’s new global dynamic. The domestic market expanding rapidly as incomes rise and consumer credit becomes more widely available. Manufacturer’s product lines are being continually expanded, as is the local automotive manufacturing base. Expectation are high that India can develop as a global hub for vehicle manufacturers and as an outsourcing center that offers the global automotive industry solution high up the automotive value chain India eyes 25 million automotive jobs. India's GDP is set to double over the next decade In percentage terms, the automotive industry's contribution should also double. In dollar terms, the sector's contribution is set to quadruple to some $145bn The automobile industry in India accounts for a business volume of $45 billion and has the potential to grow much faster both through Indian as well as international manufacturers who have established huge facilities in the country With the world’s second largest and fastest-growing population, there is no denying India’s potential in both economic and population terms and the effect it will have on the auto industry in the years to come. The country is already off to a good start, with a well-developed components industry and a production level of 1 million four-wheeled vehicles a year, plus a further 5 million two- and three-wheelers.
  12. 12. 12 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS IN INDIAet in India In terms of Car dealer networks and authorized service stations,Maruti leads the pack with Dealer networks and workshops across the country. The other leading automobile manufactures are also trying tocope up and are opening their service stations and dealer workshops inall the metros and major cities of the country. Dealers offer varying kind of discount of finances who in tern pass it on to the customers in the form of reduced interest rates. Government has liberalized the norms for foreign investment and import of technology and that appears to have benefited the automobile sector. The production of total vehicles increased from 4.2 million in 1998- 99 to 7.3 million in 2003-04. It is likely that the production of such vehicles will exceed 10 million in the next couple of years. The industry has adopted the global standards and this was manifested in the increasing exports of the sector. After a temporary slump during 1998- 99 and 1999-00, such exports registered robust growth rates of well over 50 per cent in 2002-03 and 2003-04 each to exceed two and- a-half times the export figure for 2001-02. India is the second-biggest market for small cars after Japan. It accounts for 60% of the domestic market. • India represents one of the largest two-wheeler markets in the world, with an estimated size of 5.4 million units a year. • India is the two-wheeler capital of Asia with an average of 27 two-wheelers per thousand people, compared to China's 8 two-wheelers per thousand people • India became the fastest growing car market in the world in 2004,growth rate of 20%.
  13. 13. 13 INTRODUCTION TO MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED Today, Maruti Suzuki India Limited,a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan, garners major share of automobile market in India and, has been the leader of the Indian car market for about two decades. It has completely revolutionized the Indian car market and has brought out numerous models to cater to every section of society. Maruti Udyog Ltd. (MUL) is the first automobile company in the world to be honoured with an ISO 9000:2000 certificate. Maruti Suzuki India Limited previously known as Maruti Udyog limited is the premier car company in India. MUL was established in Feb 1981 through an Act of Parliament. The company entered into collaboration with Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan to manufacture cars. Start selling the first vehicle from 14 Dec., 1983. Its manufacturing plant, located some 25 km south of New Delhi in Gurgaon, has an installed capacity of 3,50,000 units per annum with a capability to produce about half a million vehicles ORGANISATION OVERVIEW Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MUL) was established in Feb1981 through an Act of Parliament, as a Government company with Suzuki Motors Corporation of Japan holding 26 per cent stake. It was entrusted the task of achieving the following: • Modernization of the Indian Automobile Industry. • Production of vehicles in large volumes • Production of fuel efficient vehicles. The Joint Venture agreement was signed between Government of india and Suzuki Motor Company (now Suzuki Motor Corporation of japan) in Oct 1982 The company went into production in a record time of 13 months and the first car was rolled out from Maruti Suzuki India Limited Gurgaon in Dec 1983.
  14. 14. 14 FIRST CUSTOMER Mr. Harpal Singh, Maruti’s first customer, proudly received the keys of the Maruti 800 car from the Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi on Dec 14,1983 When Maruti began operations in 1983, there were only two other car companies in India and the total size of the Indian passenger car market was a measly 40,000 units per year. From the start, Maruti caught the imagination of Indian car customers and launched four new models, including a hatchback, a mini multipurpose van, an entry sedan and a SUV, over the next decade. Each of these models was an instant draw with the Indian consumers. Suzuki Motor Corporation increased its stake on two occasions (26>> 40 >> 50 >> controlling stake and brought it to 50 per cent in the mid 1990s (and to 54% with privatization in 2002).
  15. 15. 15 MISSION The main objective behind formation of Maruti Suzuki India Limited was to meet the growing demand of a personal mode of transport caused by the lack of an efficient public transport system. Manufacturing Plant at Gurgaon, Haryana, production capable to produce lakh units. OLD LOGO NEW LOGO
  16. 16. 16 OBJECTIVE OF STUDY  To study the satisfaction level of customers who drive the cars.  To know the different services provided to the customers by “Peaks Auto ltd”.(An Authorised dealer of Maruti Suzuki)  To know the perception of customers towards peaks Auto ltd(An Authorised dealer of Maruti Suzuki)  To know the marketing strategies adopted by the peaks auto ltd(An Authorised dealer of Maruti Suzuki)  To Enhance my knowledge how to satisfy the customers.  To prepare my self as a marketing person who can easily identify the needs of the customers through his experience which is an essential quality of a marketing person and for the company as well.
  17. 17. 17 Research Methodology: The purpose of methodology is to describe the process involved in research work. This includes the overall research design, data collection method, the field survey and the analysis of data. Research Objective: To find the satisfaction amongst the customers of Peaks Auto Ltd Research Design: Detailed and structured questionnaire was designed. Survey a sample of 100 customers. The methodology developed was Primary and Secondary research. The questionnaire was designed to get information from customers about their satisfaction and overall opinion about Peaks Automobile. Sources of Data: Primary data: Secondary data: Field of Survey: The field work for the survey was conducted in Srinagar. The exercise involved face to face interview with the customers. Analysis: The important factors and data’s collected were sequentially analyzed and graphed. Limitations of the Study: The sample size is only 100 so the sample may not be truly representative of the Srinagar popuation
  18. 18. 18 PRODUCT PROFILE PODUCT PROFILE AT PEAKS AUTOMOBILES:- Maruti Udyog Limited, an Indian car major, makes some of the most popular cars in India. Maruti Udyog Limited (MUL) was set up in Feb 1981 through an Act of Parliament. Later, the company entered into collaboration with Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan to manufacture cars. The objective behind formation of Maruti Udyog Limited was to produce comfortable and affordable private means of transport. Maruti Udyog Limited (MUL) has been one of the few successful government enterprises. For bringing latest technology to India, Suzuki Motor Company of Japan was chosen from seven other prospective partners worldwide. Suzuki was picked not only to its undisputed leadership in small cars but also for bringing to MUL contemporary technology and Japanese management practices that had catapulted it to be major auto manufacturing country.
  19. 19. 19 Maruti 800 Maruti 800 is a small car with a light engine, ideal to drive in crowded cities of India. Launched way back in 1984, it created records for car sales in India. However, Maruti Udyog Limited, its maker, has now decided to phase it out. For they feel its demand would see rapid downward trend after arrival of Tata Nano Maruti Alto Maruti Alto, best selling car in India, is a nice car both in terms of price and quality. A city car, it offers the combination of good fuel economy, better mileage and good performance. Specially made for Indian cities, it is easy to drive on crowded roads. For the starters, it is a good choice. Maruti Omni Maruti Omni is one of the most successful utility vehicles on Indian roads. Sporty in looks and trendy in design, Maruti Omni is a perfect family car suitable for picnics and other family outings. Plenty of space inside means that you can pack all your luggage without thinking twice. With lot of legroom and headroom,
  20. 20. 20 Maruti Esteem Maruti Esteem occupies a prominent place in the portfolio of sedan cars in India. Power Appreciated for its packed performance and safety features, Maruti Esteem served as the car of the affluent for a long time. The car’s strengths include low running costs and smooth and powerful engine. A pretty reliable car, Maruti Esteem has been around for several years. Maruti Grand Vitara XL-7 Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara, a SUV vehicle, presents the attributes of off-road ability and on-road comfort. It has body structure that blends car and truck chassis designs. The vehicle can be used for typical daily urban purposes in addition to occasional recreational jaunts off the road. Past Grand Vitara models were not very successful. Maruti Gypsy Maruti Gypsy King is a rough and tough vehicle, having the capacity to go nearly everywhere and in any weather. It is excellently tough, designed to move through any terrain. If you want to call the wild, you must choose Maruti Gypsy. The low-cost SUV is widely used by the police and defense forces in the country.
  21. 21. 21 Maruti Swift Maruti Suzuki Swift, which was launched in May 2005, has been a huge hit in India. This compact car was an effort by Maruti to incorporate fresh design and concepts into their models. A car with eye-catching features, it is a delight to watch. Placed in the category of B-segment cars, Swift is appreciated for quality of power,
  22. 22. 22 Maruti Suzuki SX4 Maruti Suzuki SX4 is the second international model of Maruti Udyog Ltd to be launched in India. A sedan car of A3 segment, it has perfect combination of style, performance, safety and comfort. Large wheels and the arched bumpers add grace to its athletic presence. Power assisted rack and pinion steering make it fun to drive. Maruti Versa Maruti Versa, a multi-utility vehicle, carries features of both the car and van. It is a station wagon which you can drive to work and also take your family for a picnic. Versa has pretty good Power to Weight ratio, resulting in very good pick up and acceleration. A mini-van with the looks of a car, it has a fairly well- defined snout with a three-groove grille.
  23. 23. 23 MARUTI Wagon R Maruti Wagon R has been liked by the users, thanks to its ample space and powerful performance. The car is appreciated for its smooth pick-up, hassle-free start, and uniform power distribution. The swept-back headlamps and sporty tail lamps are appealing. Three-person rear seating ensures a smooth ride for five people. Maruti Zen Maruti Zen is a premium compact car designed by Maruti Udyog Limited for the worldwide market. The design and specifications of Zen have been done as per the world standards. Its five-speed ultra-slick gearbox is one of best boxes in any Indian car. The vehicle was the first in India to have all-aluminum engine, Zen Estilo Zen Estilo, a modified version of Maruti Zen, is premium compact car. Estilo, borrowed from a Spanish word for ‘style
  25. 25. 25 A SAMPLE DEALERSHIP ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE This is a functional view of the reporting structure in the organization and may not reflect the pay and designation structure. ■ The above diagram shows the top management of a regular dealership in the organization chart. ■ Next, we will take on each department and show the structure within those departments. ■ Larger dealerships can have separate GM for True Value, Spares and Body Shop. CEO Chief Executive Officer GM General Manager HR Manager Human Resource Manager CEO ADMIN HEAD GM (TRUE VALUE) GM (SERVICE) GM (SALES) HR MANAGER FINANCE HEAD
  26. 26. 26 ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE OF PEAKS AUTO PVT LTD Organizational Structure defines the critical roles & responsibilities in the dealership. It gives an overview of functional and reporting relationships. A clearly defined organization structure is essential for the dealership The HR Manager should formulate an organizational chart if one does not already exist. HR
  27. 27. 27 DIFFERENT FUNCTIONAL DIVISIONS MARKETTING STUDY CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT PEAKS AUTOMOBILES Customer is the king and we have to respect him in every sense so as to motivate him for his loyalty. As the research is conducted in the customer service dept. we have to mainly evaluate the functions of the customer service manager. In case of Peaks Auto. the main role played by the customer care manager(CCM) was to serve the customers more effectively and to resolve the various problems which are faced by them. The CCM must possess some basic qualities like honesty, enthusiasm, high energy, team-orientation etc. The CCM and her team were full disciplined with proper uniform and id cards. Every customer is given proper treatment and followed up and they will submit the feedback which was properly recorded by the team. The customers are thanked when they submit the feedback card . The customers complaints are properly recorded and resolved by filling up the following customer forms like:- - dealers feedback form - test drive form - customer satisfaction form - Thank you letter from M.D.
  28. 28. 28 The CCM attends all the inbound calls from all types of customers and properly greets them so as to create first hand impression in the minds of the target customers. The customer’s complaints are resolved by 97% The pending complaints were almost 2% The satisfied customers are 97% Lastly, the main thing found was that all types of customers are fully satisfied by following the standardized procedure of handling the process Role of the Customer Care Manager: Customer Care Manager is the leader of the customer care team. He is accountable for the sales satisfaction index of the dealership. The customer care manager ensures that every customer is properly followed up and feedback is recorded. Also the customer complaints are recorded and resolved as soon as possible to the level of satisfaction. The customer care executives report to the customer care. Customer Care Executive:- Initially does the Post Sales Follow up (PSF) and monitors the feedback Forms at the showroom Post sales follow up PSF’s are done in order to get the first hand feedback form the customer about the experience that they had during the sales and delivery process. The first PSF is done within the 72 hours of delivery and the voice or exact wordings of the customer are recorded. The next PSF call is made after 15days after the vehicle is delivered. The feedback form system is a very important tool to obtain customer’s feedback on the experience that the customer had during the purchase of his/her car.
  29. 29. 29 Steps to be followed after receiving Customer Complaint: Firstly customer care manager gives a control number to all complaints received and records the same in the customer complaints control register. Then customer care manager gets in touch with the customer over the phone and expresses regret on the inconvenience faced by the customer. Immediate action is taken to ensure that the customer complaint is resolved and writes a letter of apology The customer care manager along with the concerned DSE, then visits the customer, hands over the letter and takes satisfaction note from the customer. Then he sends a copy of the letter and the satisfaction note to Maruti Udyog Ltd. And also files a copy of the same in the customer complaints register/file. Then the CCM discusses the customer complaints in the weekly meeting with the general manager on SSI with the entire showroom staff. Necessary counter measures are taken to ensure that such complaints are not repeated in future. All sales staff and managers review customer care activities on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The SSI review meet is conducted regularly. According to Maruti “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises He is not dependent on us , We are dependent on him, He is not an interruption on our work, He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider on our business, He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor serving him, He is doing us a favor by giving us the Opportunity to do so.
  30. 30. 30 Sales department at peaks automobiles The main target of the company is on customer satisfaction, the company should take an aggressive step to make the selling process more effective. As the study is conducted on peaks auto, the product delivery date plays a main role in case of sales department .in order to achieve the competitive advantage; the company should focus on antecedent of customer satisfaction i.e better service delivery system People:- 8-10 employees Sales manager:-MR. TANBIR SINGH Activities:- ─ booking of the vehicle ─ Delivery within prescribed period ─ Public dealing ─ Report of pending indent status ─ Disclaimer letter ─ Commitment with customers ─ invoice information ─ Job card maintenance ─discussion sheet ─ Loan approval form etc.
  33. 33. 33 Problems ─ Delay in delivery of vehicle according to the time exactly mentioned ─ Improper team work ─ Improper positioning of employees at sales department MARKETTING INSURANCE POLICIES Insurance is compulsory for protecting the interests of the customers and societies well being. Every vehicle delivered to the customer must be insured Insurance department at peaks automobiles private ltd… People:- MR. UMAR (INSURANCE MANAGER) The various insurance policies are usually provided by the ICICI bank and national bank. The insurance is usually based on the engine no. and chassis no.
  34. 34. 34 PROCEDURE Original price xxxx Less: depreciation 5% xx ----------- Net amount xxx (insured amount) ----------- The interest rates usually vary depending upon the model purchased Below 1000cc ─ 2.43% Below 1500cc ─ 3.42% Above 1500cc─ 5.24% These interest rates usually vary from time to time depending upon the strategies of the company. The insurance is also provided to the passengers of the vehicle by contributing some petty amount of 50 rs/passenger whose benefit would be received by the customers later on. The insurance premium is also provided by the company to protect the customers from fire theft, fire loss of life. The customers are usually given option or he can just prefer a 3rd party liability. The customers are usually given the benefit which is called as insurance delivered value (IDV). The customers can pay the whole amount in cash and he can finance it through JK BANK which sets some time period within which the borrowed money has to be repaid back along with some percentage of interest charged by the bank.
  35. 35. 35 THE MAJOR BENEFITS OF MARUTI INSURANCE ARE • Yearly cashless post accident repairs • National wide repairs at all Maruti authorized dealer workshop e.g. RAHIM MOTOR, HASSAN MOTORS ETC. • Easy settlement of claims with virtually no follow up • Transfer of no claim bonus as per rules • Dealer assisted towing facility up to an amount of rupees 1500 • No wonder Maruti insurance enjoys the patronage of our 40 lacks customers
  36. 36. 36 TRUE VALUE DEPARTMENT TRUE VALUE DEPARTMENT AT PEAKS AUTOMOBILES PVT LTD:- MARUTI TRUE VALUE True Value is the brand name of our business of pre-owned cars. Business was one of the important initiatives undertaken by the customers. our relationship with the We felt that by offering a platform, which is convenient, and transparent we will able to one expand the family of Maruti customers, two provide reassurance to existing Maruti customers about disposal of their cars and finally reinforce Maruti's image of a reliable and trustworthy company. 'No one knows your Maruti car better than Maruti' - based on this premise, we channelise our expertise to ensure that transactions in pre owned cars are transparent and fair. The success of this business relies on a transparent and fair evaluation process. We try to ensure that through our processes and systems the seller gets the right price and is paid promptly. Cars bought under Maruti True Value are taken to our state-of-the-art workshops. Using Maruti Genuine Parts, skilled technicians refurbish them for resale under the maruti value brand Convenient finance options are also offered to buyers of Maruti True Value cars.
  37. 37. 37 EMPLOYEES:- WAZIR SIR: Manager true value CHANDRAPAL: sourcing FAISAL: Evaluation of vehicle ULFAT: Selling process SUMAIRA: EDI executive RAHUL: Office keeping MEHODS:- The different methods available to the true value while dealing are ─ Exchanging the car:- • giving the car details • Review estimated evaluation • select new Maruti Suzuki car • leave the contact details • exchange your car ─ Buying of a true value car:- • Search the inventory • compare the cars • select the car you like • buy your car ─ Selling of the car • Giving car details • Review estimated evaluation • leave the contact details •sell your car
  38. 38. 38 PROCEDURES FOLLOWED WHILE DEALING:- Step 1: Old Car is to be verified as per True Value with respect to age, mileage etc. as per the product table  True Value criteria cars to be taken into True Value stream  Others to be bought & sold as it is in Non True Value Step 2: All True Value criteria car is evaluated using comprehensive 120 point evaluation process & MUL approved price grid and price quote to be given to the customer, by True Value evaluator. Step 3: If the customer is ready to exchange / trade in / Sell the car, the following document are collected from customer  Address proof 2) Identity proof 3) 2 photographs 4) Original Invoice 5) Insurance Policy 6) RC Book (Original) 7) Owners Manual 8) Form 29 & 30 duly signed by customer Step 4: Ensure the following before making I adjusting the payment to exchange/Trade In customer  Verify the documents from Police I RTO for any adverse history   Obtain NOC from the previous financier for no dues (Form35 ) Step 5: Deliver the new car and take the possession of the old car along with 2 duplicate keys, spare Tyre, and tool kit
  39. 39. 39 ADVANTAGES OF TRUE VALUE:- 1. Every True Value car is handpicked 2. 120-Quality Checks by Maruti Suzuki trained Engineers 3. Bonafides of the Seller are Verified 4. RTO papers are transferred in your name 5. All cars refurbished with Maruti Genuine Parts 6. Maruti Suzuki Warranty up to 1 year 7. 3 free services 8. Get a Warranty booklet and certificate 9. Nationwide True Value network CERTIFIED USER CARS:- --Inspected & certified by Maruti suziki engineers --up to 1 year suziki warranty and 3 free services -- 120 quality checks -- refurbished while maruiti genuine parts -- Attractive finance option
  41. 41. 41 Financial management is the one of the four important areas of the management The major objective of any business firm is to make profit for its proprietor. To reach the objective the firm purchases the various factors of production and then produces the output to sale, all these process requires funds. Finance is said to be circulatory system of the economic body of the firm. Finance department is head by SDL, who is assisted by FINANCIAL MANAGER which in turn controls various financial activities of the company which include the Advances, Asset Planning, and Treasury etc of the MARUTI SUZUKI. FINANCE MANAGER has following functions:  To protect the financial interest of the company.  It helps in achieving the business results (Profitably).  Monitoring the funds, collection and payment.  Controlling the inflow and outflow of cash.  Financial planning and mobilization of cash.  To see that the company does not suffer from lack of finance.  To exercise the cost control and cost reduction techniques.  To monitor the budget and budgetary controls Finance and Accounts Departments: The Finance Department handle work related to payments of rent of the building, paying the bills, paying the salary of employees. Marketing Department: Its deals with Purely Marketing of Maruti services, it includes advertising of Maruti, searching the clients and Logo Setting etc. Operations Department: It handles total processing of the company. They do the full maintenance of Data and Records of the Organization. They handle the total operation of services. Human Resource: It deals with recruitment, selection of employees. It handles the salary part as well.
  42. 42. 42 FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF MARUTI SUZUKI The gross revenue (net of excise) of the Company for the year was Rs. 188,238 million as against Rs. 152,523 million in the previous year showing an impressive growth of 23.4%. Earnings before depreciation, Interest, tax and amortization (EBDITA) stood at Rs. 31,308 million Against Rs. 25,888 million in the previous year, recording a jump of 20.9%. Based on technical evaluation and market considerations, the Company Has, with effect from 1st April 2007, revised the estimated useful life Of certain assets which resulted in depreciation being higher by Rs. 2,122 million for the current year with a corresponding reduction in Profit for the year and net fixed assets. Profit before tax (PBT) stood at Rs. 25.030 million against Rs. 22,798 million in the previous year Showing a growth of 9.8% and Profit after Tax (PAT) stood at Rs. 17,308 million against Rs. 15,620 million in the previous year showing a growth of 10.8%. DIVIDEND The Board recommends a dividend of 100% (i.e. Rs. 5 per equity share of Rs. 5 each) for the year ended 31st March 2008 amounting to Rs. 1,445 million as against a dividend of 90%. Amounting to Rs. 1,300 million, paid for the year ended 31st March 2007. HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT The Companies key strength is its human capital. The Company has, , spent about Rs. 10 Crores on training of its Employees during 07-08. The Company conducts programs such as Bulandi and Chunauti for the Workmen and technicians to enhance pride in being an employee of the Company and also to create team synergy. At the middle management Level, the focus of the programs is to inculcate leadership qualities while at the Director level, one or more retreats take place so that The Directors can unwind and take a detached view of self development and the organization.
  43. 43. 43 AUDITORS The Auditors, M/s Price Waterhouse, Chartered Accountants, holdoffice until the conclusion of the ensuing Annual Genera! Meeting and are recommended for re-appointment. Certificate from the Auditors has been received to the effect that their re-appointment, if made, would be in accordance with Section 224 (IB) of the Companies Act, 1956 8,840,000 Equity Shares of Rs. 5 each (Previous year 8,840,000 equity shares of Rs. 5 each) were issued for consideration other than cash to Government of India for vesting assets under Maruti Limited (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertaking) Act, 1980 156,618,440 Equity Shares of Rs. 5 each (Previous year 156,618,440 Equity shares of Rs. 5 each) are held by Suzuki Motor Corporation, the Holding Company and its nominees. Contingent Liabilities: 1) Sales-tax demands of Rs.50 million (Previous year Rs.50 million). Against this, the Company has deposited a sum of Rs. 2 million (Previous year Rs. 2 million) under protest. 2) Outstanding commitments under Letters of Credit established by the Company aggregate to Rs 1,050 million (Previous year Rs. 516 million). 3) Estimated value of contracts on capital account, excluding capital Advances, remaining to be executed and not provided for, amount to Rs.8, 076 million (Previous year Rs. 2,004 million 4) A) Consumption of raw materials and components has been computed by Adding purchases to the opening stock and deducting closing stock verified physically by the manager
  44. 44. 44 BILLING DEPARTMENT Employees Vicar Sir: - billing manager Manmeet kaur:-billing executive Bilal ahmed: - billing executive Activities:- DMS software: - to issue the sales letter PDI (pre-delivery inspection):-the inspection of the car is actually done before the car is finally delivered to the customer’s .its mainly done your online. Procedures:- Enquiry :-( regarding employee’s name, address, designation) Customer ID :-( relation) Booking of the vehicle Allotment of the car Pre-invoice (its nothing but the Xerox of the sales letter) Sales invoice (details of the vehicle, amount to be included e.t.c) Issue of the sales letter to the customers
  45. 45. 45 Documents required for delivering the car:- Temporary registered :-( valid for the period of 1 month) Delivery Chillan Undertaking of the customers (sign by the customers) Form 22 (invoice MUL) Gate pass Documents required presenting at the dealership to get the vehicle:- 2 photographs (2 required only) Residence proof ID proof (identification proof) LPC (last paying certificate Both ID and LPC is required only if the customer is govt. employee Problems OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES:- A) DAILY VEHICLE TRACKING SUMMARY • Total no. of vehicles received • Total no. of vehicles delivered • Number of vehicles delivered on time • Percentage of vehicles delivered by service advisor • Percentage of vehicles delivered on time • Pending vehicles (ready but not delivered) • pending vehicles (work not completed) •Total carry forward for next day.
  46. 46. 46 B) SUPERVISOR VEHICLE TRACKING SHEET:- • Job no. • Registration no. • Model of service • Technician name • Mechanical work • Road test • Final inspection • Time off workshop • Washing • promised delivery time Procedure:- A) ADVISOR COLLECT B) JOB CARD OPTION C) WORKSHOP:- - Supervisor allotted to mechanic - Work process done - Lab our supervision - Advisor to the customer - Road test D) final inspection check list E) washing services provided F) gate pass clearance
  47. 47. 47 THE FUNCTIONS ARE USUALLY PERFORMED BY - Engine room - Bay ( 1-6) - Painting booth - Wheel balancing - Pollution - Wheel alignment - Lighting check- up Chart for final inspection of the car:- - vehicle allotted by supervisor to technician - all demanded repairs recorded in the job card is attended to by the technician - Workshop supervisor to check the vehicle with job card for completion of demanded repairs - Road test by technical advisor - Vehicle o.k. - Vehicle handed over to the final inspection for the final inspector - Final inspection to check the demanded repairs - All demanded repairs in job card attended to and tacked - Vehicle inspected as per final inspection - Enter details of vehicle in the final inspection regard - Vehicle found ok - Shift the vehicle to the washing area for top wash and hand over the job card to the floor supervisor
  48. 48. 48 ELECTRONIC DATA PROCESSING ELECTRONIC DATA PROCESSING:- • Billing DMS • Information about the dispatch of vehicle. The contact will be in process of maruti Suzuki • Checking of indents • To check the schemes and offers from MSIL (MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED) • ISL punching (The punching is carried out for providing schemes and offers to to the customers). • Extranet reports of MARUTI-SUZUKI like fund status, spares detail booking report,enquiry report • Technical requirement • looks for the IT support • Documentation (notes, confidential letter)
  49. 49. 49 Procedure:- Problems noticed in EDP:- Lack of team work Hardware corruption Systems failure EDP Maruti Dispatches ISL Punching Informative Mail/offers Sales Marketing Enquiry Tracking/daily report Billing/invoices/sto ck
  50. 50. 50 SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT analysis helps an organization to match its strengths and weaknesses with opportunities and threats operating in the environment. An appropriate strategy is one that capitalizes on the opportunities by using organizational resources and capabilities to the best advantage and neutralizes the threats by minimizing the adverse influence of weaknesses. STRENGTHS:-- These are the internal capabilities of an organization which can be used to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Employees have positive attitude towards the organization and agree that organization is growing with course of time. • IT has worldwide network of branches, and the backing of one of the world's largest services organization, provides clients with access to the world’s markets. • Employees have positive attitude towards the organization and agree that organization is growing with course of time. WEAKNESSES:- These are the limitations or constraints which tend to decrease the competencies of the organization particularly in comparison to its competitors. • Private players in the field do use unethical business tactics to attract investment.
  51. 51. 51 • Has less number of advisors compared to other companies. • Has fewer centers in India, compared to other fields. • Delay in delivery timings to customers. OPPORTUNITIES:- These are the major favorable conditions in the organization which helps an organization strengthen its position. Opportunities are those favorable situations the company is equipped to capture. • It has variety of schemes which suits to all segments of society, even low income group of people. •MARUTI SUZUKI changes in technological, social, legal and economic environment. •It can emerge to new customer segments in the market. •Making company to obey rules and regulations of professionalism and integrity will add more to make job satisfying THREATS:- These are the major unfavorable conditions in the organization which may pose a risk or damage the firm’s position in comparisons to its competitors. • Entry of new competitors with better business models can threat the company • Change in technology also needs to be changed accordingly. •Change in customer need also needs to be recognized by the company at the right time to avoi
  52. 52. 52 CONCLUSION  The flagship workshop at PEAKS is rated amongst the best workshops within the Maruti network, on all India bases, in terms of infrastructure and customer satisfaction. In fact, it was rated as the number 1 workshop in the entire Maruti network in the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey in 1999.  Working as a trainee at Maruti peaks auto pvt. Ltd. was a great learning experience. During 45 days training, it was great to learn and deal with products and services of the company. The company has helped in providing a lot experience a lot of exposure.  On an average more than 73% people feel that the prices are affordable whereas 27% do not agree, 80% believe that attractive discounts are offered whereas 20% are not satisfied with the discounts offered.  20% said that the test drives are not offered and 74% said that the test drives are offered .  64% people said that employees spent enough time before and during sales.  Majority of the people believe that vehicles are in good condition and attractive discounts are offered to them.  61% people feel responds to complaints was quickly.  On this basis of data collected we can judge that the current behavior of the consumer is influenced not only by price but also by other parameters liken safety and after sale services, prices and condition. A customer keeps in mind all the factors before buying automobile product
  53. 53. 53 SUGGESTIONS  More advertisements should be there to make people aware about the services provided by the Peaks Auto ltd(An Authorised Dealer of Mariti Suzuki).  There should be more advertisement on T.V. and also on Net. campaigning should be done  Product catalogues and price lists should be provided to the customers on regular basis.  Research and development activities should be undertaken.  More relaxing discount schemes should be provided to the customers on regular basis  Negotiation on products should be applied  Treat customers as if they are like family members.  More test drives should be offered.  Deliver of vehicles should be on presribed time .
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  65. 65. 65
  66. 66. 66 QUESTIONNAIRE Personal Profile: Name: Phone number: Q1) Knowledgeable Sales Person? a) Strongly Disagree. b) Disagree c) Neither Agree Nor Disagree d) Agree e) Strongly Agree Q2) Employees Spent Enough Time With You Before Sales ? a) Strongly Disagree b) Disagree c) Neither Agree Nor Disagree d) Agree e) Strongly Agree Q3) Employees Spent Enough Time With You During Sales? a) Strongly Disagree b) Disagree c) Neither Agree Nor Disagree d) Agree e) Strongly Agree Q4) Display Of Merchandize? a) Strongly Disagree
  67. 67. 67 b) Disagree c) Neither Agree Nor Disagree d) Agree e) Strongly Agree Q5) Availability Of The Product ? a) Strongly Disagree b) Disagree c) Neither Agree Nor Disagree d) Agree e) Strongly Agree Q6) Vehicle In Good Condition ? a) Strongly Disagree b) Disagree c) Neither Agree Nor Disagree d) Agree e) Strongly Agree Q7) Prices Are Affordable ? a) Strongly Disagree b) Disagree c) Neither Agree Nor Disagree d) Agree e) Strongly Agree Q8) Attractive Discount Offered ?
  68. 68. 68 a) Strongly Disagree b) Disagree c) Neither Agree Nor Disagree d) Agree e) Strongly Agree Q9) Offered Test Drive ? a) Strongly Disagree b) Disagree c) Neither Agree Nor Disagree d) Agree e) Strongly Agree Q10) Post Sales Follow Up Done Regularly? a) Strongly Disagree b) Disagree c) Neither Agree Nor Disagree d) Agree e) Strongly Agree Q11) Responds To Complaints Quickly ? a) Strongly Disagree b) Disagree c) Neither Agree Nor Disagree d) Agree e) Strongly Agree Q12) All The Commitments Are Fulfilled ? a) Strongly Disagree
  69. 69. 69 b) Disagree c) Neither Agree Nor Disagree d) Agree e) Strongly Agree Q13) Value For Money ? a) Strongly Disagree b) Disagree c) Neither Agree Nor Disagree d) Agree e) Strongly Agree Q14) . Are You Aware Of The Following Facilities Provided By Maruti? Maruti Insurance. a) Yes b) NO. Maruti Extended Warranty a) Yes b) NO. Maruti True Value. a) Yes b) NO. Q15) What Is Your Overall Opinion About Maruti? a) Very Bad b) Bad c) Neither Bad Nor Good d) Good
  70. 70. 70 BIBLOGRAPHY Books Marketing Management by Philip Kotler Kothari. C. R, Research Methodology, New Age International(P) Ltd., New Delhi Journals & Periodicals Company Manuals Business Today 15th Annual Report 2007- 2008 Maruti service masters Websites  www.answers.com  www.wikipedia.com  www.google.com  www.peaksmaruti.webs.com  www.marutiudyog.com
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