The Real Magic Bullet To Find Hot Niches With Hungry Buyers


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The Real Magic Bullet To Find Hot Niches With Hungry Buyers

  1. 1. ==== ====How To Generate Huge Profits In Niche Marketing Made Easy! ====Im about to tell you why some people make money hand over fist easily and every day...Is it because theyre marketing geniuses?  NO Is it because theyre born with a natural giftfor copywriting?  NO Is it because theyve learned some really cool BlackHat SEO tricks?NO  The #1 rule for marketing success anywhere in the world is to sell stuff that people want to....BUY Dont try to sell ice to an eskimo.  Dont try to sell lighter fluid to El Diablo...  Dont try to sell MLM types some guides on how to start their own infoproduct business.The real Magic Bullet is to Niche Affiliate Marketing Success is to find hot niches with hungrybuyers waiting for you to present your offer to themDont sell stuff people want to read, or get for free, or request instant refunds on, or buy from theirown affiliate links a la ClickBank. Sell stuff that people want to buy and the money will come inhand over fist for you. When people typically think about Finding Hot Niches full of hungry buyersthe "IM" niche and the adult industry are two niches that come to mind. However those are only 2mega-niches out of millions of possible micro and mega-niches you could be selling to.Do you want to know how to find hot niches getting a recent upward surges in traffic volume?Then go to ebaypulse, google trends, use the free wordtracker tool, and googles external KW tooland many other trend-icators. Trend-icators are trend indicators showing you what is hot right nowbased on what people are buying and searching for.  These can be good tools fo rthe nicheaffiliate markter because it can tell you what sells often although it can change. Sometimes youcan see a trend and decide to jmp on the bandwagon and get disappointing results.  Thereason for that is you tried to build a new site write some new articles, get some link-love, link-juicewhatever.... and then go find some products to sell to that niche. However, if the trends goes awayquickly and youre still busy building these sites after the traffic starts to decrease, thats likechasing the tail end of a hurricane hoping it swings back your way and notices you. OK maybenobody wants to chase a hurricane or have it coming straight at them, but if you think of traffic andbuyers heading to you in droves as a good thing, then you dont want to be chasing the tail end ofit and want to be standing in fornt of it. And if you build a site, get some links and find someproducts only to give up once the traffic goes away, thats like closing the barn door after the horse
  2. 2. ran way. A big waste of time only if you stop working on the site. So why would you want to to quitworking on a site if the trend has decreased? Because its likely to repeat itself is somehorizontally relevant way once the next clebrity scandal hits, or the next video game version 8comes out. If you kept working on a site based on trendy niches, then your site could develop intoa trends niche, ever think of that? If you think of your site as an asset that youre constantlybuilding up with backlinks and site content, the search engines will love you and this will make iteasier for you to capitalize on the next trend that hits. But this time youre ready!  Ready toNOT build another site, but add new pages and posts and affiliate links to your site that you neverstopped working on.  Obviously the next latest hot niche trend would have to be related toyour current site but then again, you could simply make a new category of pages and posts andsplit the site focus, too. You can follow the trends and easily capitlaize on them via free blogs andlenses and hub pages and some social bookmarking tactics. However, theres plenty of hot nichescoming out each and every day that leave web surfers disappointed that theres no really usefulinformation out there for them about their latest medical malady or latest video game cheats guide.Its up to you to find these hot niches and exploit themWhat is a Hot Niche?What most people mean by Hot Niches is a niche thats getting a lot of attention now like YeastInfections and Hypermiling... Those are hot niches because searches for those terms areincreasing in number and more people are looking for information on the relevant product.Therefore many niche affiliate marketers are jumping into those niches. However, those "HOT"niches arent really what youre after... Not really... What you want is to find hot niches with hungrybuyers looking for a solution and not finding it easily (yet). Thats where you come in.  Youget eyeballs (traffic) to view your "solutions" via the myriad methods that are readily available toyou. Getting traffic to your sites is as easy as optimizing a web page and getting links to thosepages to attain good rankings for the words people are searching for in the search engines, traffic volume. Once again though it comes to the audience that sees your offer. People with medical ailments are suffering and in desperate need for solutions, as are the avidhobbyists like rose gardeners and car enthusiasts. Getting out of debt can be a great niche to getinto, but do people with money problems have the inclination to spend even more money on debtrelief products?  I don t know the asnwer to that, but theres a ton of searches for thoseterms and plenty of people in those niches. That makes debt relief a "hot niche" but does thatmean its still worth getting into?How can you find out if your target audience is full of buyers or cheapskates?A client of mine ranks on page 1, position 1 for a term related to a hobby (wont give away theniche here) that has thousands of enthusiasts flocking to his site, and his site and services areTHE place to go to for quality products. However, the market is one of low-end products that arefrequently given away or cost close to $2.00 a piece. He OWNS this niche full of enthusiasts andits the go-to site for the avid hobbyists, but its not making him a millionaire, not yet anyways. Hesselling advertising space, making money off people submititng their products to his authority site,and is well-respected by his customers and clients. Look, you dont want to own the niche youregetting interested in, you just want to make a good chunk of affiliate income from your nichemarketing endeavors. The best way to do that is not just to find out where the easy traffic is.... NO,you want to find out where the easy sales are, too. If you find a niche with a lot of hungry buyers,very little traffic and very little competition, then that is the best kind of niche to get into for the
  3. 3. beginning niche affiliate marketer.Whats the best way to build a niche site, a lens a hub page, a free wordpress site?Well, I cant take credit for being the perosn who came up with this information, but I can takecredit for reading, absorbing and assimilating the information and sharing it with you. When youbuild a niche site, you can use the method Andrew Hansen mention in his Niche Marketing OnCrack products, which was to build one site based around one product youre selling. Thats goodadvice, but what most people think of first when theyre building a site is what its going to look likeand thats where the whole idea of a hot niche site starts to go astray.  Word sells, picturesdont, but if your site can give the visitors the feeling that theyre at a site that wasnt thrown up in afe wminutes, theyll "dial in" to the information more and be more receptive to your content. So, ifyou had a site about ADHD that means parents and educators and even doctors (if they had time)would come across in their web searches. Parents are ocming to find out information about ADHDfor their children, but would also be interested in a parenting tips newsletter or magazine orsomething like that. Educators would want to know about how best to teach to their targetaudience (if they had students with ADHD) so some material targetting the educators is neededhere as well. The doctors have a pharmaceutical interest in the sites information and would wantto know more aobut the alleged side ffects or benefits or latest rpeorts about certain newdrugs.  So point them towards those authority sites and you got a happy visitor there. Letspull it all together now... You visited a site about ADHD and saw information on medicine,education material for teachers, and information for parents, too. either one of the three type sofvisitors woul dbe impressed with your site as a good site for qualit yinformation and your sitecontent woul dbe respecte dmore by what it said, without saying anything at all. And this ocul dbeaccomplsihed by having the right content and categorie son your site, not just a flashy headergraphic you worke don for a few days.  In a few days you ocul dhave created the contentthat owul dmake your visitors happiest. I DO think that graphics are important, but its best to getthe content on the site first, then get it noticed by the search engines, then play around with theaesthetics of the site afterwards, once youve written your articles, got your site indexed, andstarting building up some backlinks. To build a good site that sells, you need to create anamosphere that shows the visitors that the information theyre reading is created by someone whoknows their stuff. Youre reading my blog now...  does any of this interest you?  If not,then I havent exactly narrowed down my target audience have I? So what good is it for me towrite this blog post and get someone who isn t interested in reading it to come see it?Which brings me to the next part of this post on How To Find Hot Niches: The Niche Researchand Keyword Research Tools.The one major problem I have with niche research and keyword research tools is this... SomeNiche and KW research guides tell you to look at Googles external tool for KW research to see ifa niche is profitable or not. The way to use this tool for assessing possible competiton is to look attheir PPC competition bar which tells you how competitve the PPC ads are for this niche. First ofall, these numbers are based on pay-per-click advertisers, and not SEO.  Some companiesthrow money into PPC advertising for branding purposes and dont have to realize an income fromthose ads to stay in business.  But you do... This is a catch-22 that is misleading and canscrew you up in a number of ways.1- If a KW research tools is using PPC competition as a barometer for assessing competition,
  4. 4. thats a half-way decent guideline to go by, but theres not really any sure-fire way for a softwaretool to tell you exactly how competitive a niche is. Little to NO PPC competition doesnt alwaysmeans theres no potential to the niche.  It could mean theres an un-tapped gold minewaiting to happen right there, or it could mean the obvious, that its not worth getting into becausea lot of PPC competition means a lot of SEO competition, too. But you dont know that for sureuntil you do some real digging around yourself.  The tools youre given to use arent alwaysgoing to tell you the real story, but can give you "educated guesses" and good indications most ofthe time.2- The number of competing sites doesnt really mean anything and I hate it when the tools displaythis as an end-all be-all predictor of the niche competition.  Again, its just an indicator ofhow many other sites have those KWs on indexed pages. Google the term, "frustrated withinternet marketing" without the quotes to see an example of a blog post with ZERO backlinksranking #1 out of hundreds of thousands of other pages. What really matters is the number of sitesthat have devoted some time to get links to their sites and spent time optimizing their pagesproperly so the search engines find them easier.  This is your real competition.3- The real answers to your questions are readily available via the search engines andmarketplaces.... If you use a KW tool to ascertain competition for a given niche, then you arentreally doing your homework.  Go to Google and type in your new-found keywords to seewhat kinds of sites are being listed in the first-page results and how theyre organized... What if thetop 3 sites werent relevant and were just placed high in the SERPs because they had a lot of linksto their site for terms related to, but not targeted towards your keywords? Am I talking over yourhead? Sorry, heres an example of what I mean. Go see what the search engine google returns forthe search query, "How to flip websites" without the quotes and youll see that 2 of the top listingsare for Flip video and Flip skateboards. Obviously, those are not relevant to your search query onhow to flip websites, therefore these sites are NOT competing with you even though they mighthave a high ranking for those terms and great Page Rank as well. ,,,,and these are some of thesites that KW research tools show you in their queries... You need to do some real man-on-the-street research after using Niche and KW research tools to see what makes these niches tick,what terms the established sites are going after, and if you can beat them at their own game. But itall comes down to finding the hungry buyers in niche markets that are waiting for you to present tothem a solution they BUY One note: The Internet Marketing niche is one of the rareniches that does NOT get buying customers from the search engines as frequently as it does forother sources.  In other words, search engine traffic to your sales pages doesnt convert aswell as the recycled traffic via email marketing. As Ive often stated, the highest quailty, highest-converting traffic is via email marketing from people on whose list you may be on, JV mailings andproduct launches getting a lot of publicity. Anyways, if youre an IM-er, you need to focus onAdswaps and JV mailings, but if youre a niche marketer, you need to know where your hungrymarkters are. And this is a product that shows you exactly how to do that...Daniel McGonagle is an entrepreneur, marketing coach, and business consultant. His blog at is one of the most down-to-earth, non sales pitchy type of blog youwill see today. Its pure content.
  5. 5. Article Source: ====How To Generate Huge Profits In Niche Marketing Made Easy! ====