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Take a look at the range of Fly control machines that we offer

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Insect-o-Cuter Range

  2. 2. C O N T E N T S Product Series name Models Market/Features Page Our approach W I S E™ 3 to fly problems The Electric Main features 4 Fly Killer Electric Focus F1 Small retailers and 5 Fly Killers F2 kitchens for versatility 5 Electric Select SE22 Medium/large retailers and 5 Fly Killers SE44 kitchens for superb styling 5 Electric Industrial IND41 Factory/warehouse for 6 Fly Killers IND61 ultra performance 6 Glueboard Discreet HyGenie Hotel, dining room and 6 Fly Killers Uplighter other discreet areas 6 Glueboard Select SE30 Medium/large retailers and 7 Fly Killers kitchens for superb styling Glueboard Industrial IND35 Factory/warehouse for 7 Fly Killers IND65 ultra performance 7 Lamps Synergetic™ UVA-Green light technology 8 Traps Smart Integrated defence measures 9 Maintenance Easy servicing and 9 advice on siting © Mounting System HI-SAFE Safe and easy servicing of 10 INSECT-O-CUTOR units Fly Screens Barrier Customised installation 10 and doors and maintenance CRYONITE ® Non-pesticide method Back exterminates insects page by rapid freezing INSECT-O-CUTORs use Synergetic ™ UVA-Green lamps, scientifically proven to be 30% more effective than traditional UVA lamps – see page 8 for details. 2
  3. 3. Flying insect control solutions for every situation INSECT-O-CUTOR has been the technological leader in the development of electric fly killers since introducing the original UV light units in the UK in 1962. Originality of design, quality of manufacture and outstanding performance are just three of the reasons why more than a million units have now been installed in 40 countries worldwide. The new range combines improved styling with Also part of the programme is the unique extra power – the most effective INSECT-O-CUTOR CRYONITE ® product – it exterminates insects using units ever made. carbon dioxide, preserving a pesticide-free You can select the INSECT-O-CUTOR you need directly environment (see back page). from this brochure, or for an enhanced service you Our specialists will fully evaluate the situation, can consult us and take the W I S E ™ approach. taking the W I S E ™ approach. Their report might W I S E ™ is INSECT-O-CUTOR’s revolutionary new conclude that your problem could be solved by the way of looking at a flying insect problem. It stands installation of one simple unit or, in complex for Winged Insect Systematic Elimination – it situations, of a series of different products, each describes how we analyse and solve the problem; serving a different purpose. An example of such a it is not a specific situation is shown here. Implementation of product. For instance, Whatever your needs, you can be confident the INSECT-0-CUTOR W I S E ™ is based on a comprehensive it takes into account W I S E ™ approach will cost-effectively deliver the risk assessment. the varying behaviour results you need. patterns of different sorts of flying insects. INSECT-O-CUTOR W I S E ™ in a factory 3
  4. 4. THE ELECTRIC F LY KILLER: MAIN FEATURES High performance High Tool-free self-cleaning performance killing grid maintenance for Synergetic™ UVA (removable for easy ease of cleaning Green lamps for cleaning of unit) and lamp enhanced insect replacement – attraction no loose fittings to misplace Safe Optional electrical shatterproof isolation lamps for when guard ‘glass-free’ is removed areas All metal construction FIVE YEAR with white GUARANTEE polyester finish Approved to (excluding for strength and EN60335-2-59 lamps) durability (Insect Killers Safety Standard) 4
  5. 5. E L E C T R I C F L Y K I L L E R S F1 | Use: Small retailers and kitchens The Focus F1 is INSECT-O-CUTOR’s smallest Area of coverage 45m2 unit and has excellent area coverage. It is ideal for all kitchens up to 45 square metres. Lamp 1 x 11 Watt (1 x T11G) A real value for money unit with high Power consumption 22 Watt performance and robust quality. International protection rating IP30 FOCUS SERIES Size 300 x 120 x 310mm Weight 4.1kg Finish white polyester Compact, high-performance S P E C I F I C AT I O N models – unbeatable value F2 | Use: Small retailers and kitchens Double the power of the F1, to cover Area of coverage 90m2 kitchens and other areas up to 90 square metres. Lamps 2 x 11 Watt (2 x T11G) At home in any surroundings this model Power consumption 42 Watt combines value for money with International protection rating IP30 extraordinary performance in a very compact unit. Snap-in lamps for easy Size 390 x 120 x 310mm changing. Can be wall mounted, ceiling Weight 5.1kg suspended or free standing. Finish white polyester S P E C I F I C AT I O N SE22 | Use: Medium/large retailers & kitchens High performance combined with smooth Area of coverage 150m2 lines. This model is ideal for all food preparation areas and especially suitable for Lamp 1 x 22 Watt (1 x T21G) situations where appearance is important. Power consumption 38 Watt The newly designed guard allows greater International protection rating IP30 light output. This together with an integral SELECT SERIES central ‘V’ shaped deflector significantly Size 385 x 140 x 430mm increases performance, covering areas up to Weight 7.5kg 150 square metres. Finish white polyester or food grade stainless steel Powerful models with S P E C I F I C AT I O N stunning good looks SE44 | Use: Medium/large retailers & kitchens All the advantages of the SE22 and with Area of coverage 300m2 twice the power. Stunning good looks have not been sacrificed for the extra performance, Lamps 2 x 22 Watt (2 x T21G) which increases area coverage to 300 square Power consumption 58 Watt metres. Large collection tray to ensure all insects are contained within the unit. Can International protection rating IP30 be wall mounted, ceiling suspended or free Size 600 x 140 x 430mm standing (back plates included for wall mounting). Shown left in stainless steel Weight 10.5kg finish. Finish white polyester or food grade stainless steel S P E C I F I C AT I O N 5
  6. 6. E L E C T R I C F L Y K I L L E R S IND41 | Use: Factory/warehouse Area of coverage 350m2 Lamp 2 x 20 Watt shatterproof Designed for ultimate performance in food processing and warehousing premises, (2 xT20GS) abattoirs, breweries, bottling and packing Power consumption 62 Watt plants. Has a massive 350 square metres INDUSTRIAL SERIES International protection rating IP44 coverage and comes with shatterproof lamps as standard. Suitable for wall Size 690 x 240 x 490mm mounting or ceiling suspension. Weight 12.5kg Finish white polyester or food grade stainless steel High performance and robust S P E C I F I C AT I O N for demanding situations IND61 | Use: Factory/warehouse The more powerful IND61 has an increased Area of coverage 500m2 area coverage of 500 square metres. The Lamp 3 x 20 Watt shatterproof newly designed guard for this series allows (3 xT20GS) greater light output. This together with an integral central ‘V’ shaped deflector Power consumption 95 Watt significantly increases performance. Suitable International protection rating IP44 for wall mounting or ceiling suspension. Built to splash-proof standards. Shown left Size 690 x 240 x 490mm in stainless steel finish, with optional extra Weight 12.7kg large catch tray. Finish white polyester or food grade stainless steel S P E C I F I C AT I O N G L U E B O A R D F L Y K I L L E R S High performance alternative to Electric Fly Killers When an alternative to electric fly killing grids is required, INSECT-O-CUTOR has a complementary range of glueboard fly killers. This includes units which are discreetly attractive, being particularly appropriate in sensitive areas such as hotel lobbies and dining areas. They are silent in operation and exceptionally easy to maintain. HyGenie Indistinguishable from a wall light, the HyGenie is available in additional colours as Area of coverage Lamp 25m2 1 x 11 Watt (1 x T11G) an option and is ideal for hotel lobbies and DISCREET SERIES dining areas. Power consumption 18 Watt International protection rating IP30 Size 300 x 100 x 150mm Weight 1.5kg Finish brushed stainless steel S P E C I F I C AT I O N Uplighter Covering an area of up to 40 square metres, the Uplighter is ideal for large lobbies, bars and dining areas. It is silent in operation and Area of coverage 40m2 Lamp 1 x 15 Watt (1 x T15G) caught insects are hidden from view. Power consumption 21 Watt International protection rating IP30 Size 530 x 153 x 213mm Weight 2.9kg Finish white polyester S P E C I F I C AT I O N 6
  7. 7. G L U E B O A R D F L Y K I L L E R S SE30 SELECT SERIES Combines an effective powerful glue board Area of coverage 80m2 fly killer with stylish looks. Features a removable front cover for easy Lamp 2 x 15 Watt (2 x T15G) servicing. Can be installed vertically or Power consumption 38 Watt horizontally and be wall mounted or free- International protection rating IP30 standing. Size 520 x 120 x 345mm Weight 6.5kg Finish two-tone black & white polyester S P E C I F I C AT I O N IND35 Designed for commercial, factory and Area of coverage 120m2 warehouse situations, this unit has shatterproof lamps as standard. Superior Lamp 2 x 15 Watt shatterproof Glueboard performance and easy (2 xT15GS) INDUSTRIAL SERIES installation, suitable for wall mounting or Power consumption 38 Watt free standing. Large capacity Glueboards with long-life adhesive. International protection rating IP30 Size 510 x 150 x 235mm Weight 6.5kg Finish white polyester S P E C I F I C AT I O N IND65 Area of coverage 400m2 Lamp 4 x 20 Watt shatterproof The ultimate in Glueboard power, this unit (4 x T20GS) is built to IP65 dustproof/waterproof specifications and covers a massive area of Power consumption 104 Watt 400 square metres. Ceiling only mounting. International protection rating IP65 Available in food grade stainless steel. Large capacity Glueboards with long-life adhesive. Size 690 x 205 x 400mm Weight 12.0kg Finish white polyester or food grade stainless steel S P E C I F I C AT I O N G L U E B O A R D F E A T U R E S l High performance Synergetic ™ UVA-Green lamps, l All metal construction from Zintec steel with for enhanced insect attraction polyester powder coat finish. IND65 also available in food grade stainless steel l Tool-free maintenance for ease of cleaning and l Approved to EN60335-2-59 (Insect Killers Safety lamp replacement – no loose fittings to misplace Standard) l Shatterproof lamps standard on IND35 and IND65. l HyGenie available in brushed stainless steel as Optional on other units standard. Other colours available to order l Large capacity Glueboards with long-life adhesive l FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE (excluding lamps) Glueboards specially formulated to last up to 3 months 7
  8. 8. T H E P O W E R B E H I N D I N S E C T - O - C U T O R Synergetic ™ UVA-Green light technology All INSECT-O-CUTOR fly killers are fitted with the patented Synergetic ™ UVA-Green lamp which combines two attractant phosphors to provide these important benefits: l Catches common House flies, Blow flies and Fruit flies 30% faster than traditional UVA lamps (which appears blue to the human eye) l Attracts a broader range of insects, including stored product moths, where lamps with only response of stored product insects to light of UVA light are less effective various wavelengths, with particular reference to the design and use of light traps for population l Keeps on working longer because the green monitoring’ by D P Rees, Trp.Sci.1985.25, 197-21.) light phosphor hardly ever degrades, unlike Common house flies, blow flies and fruit flies UVA lamps which lose up to 40% of their are more attracted to a combination of UVA and power after 6 months. Green light. (Based on independent tests carried Figure 1 shows the two wave length peaks for out by the Medical Entomology Centre at UVA-Green light. Cambridge in 1994.) Stored product beetles including tobacco beetle, Figure 2 shows the degradation of the UVA lesser grain beetle, grain beetle, rice weevil, phosphor decreasing to output of 30% over 12 merchant grain beetle and confused flour beetle months and the green phosphor decreasing to are attracted to the UVA spectral peak. output of 95% over the same period. (Based on tests by INSECT-O-CUTOR and manufacturer’s Stored product moths, including tropical warehouse information.) moth, warehouse moth, Mediterranean flour moth and Indian meal moth are more attracted to the All INSECT-O-CUTOR units are fitted with Synergetic ™ Green spectral peak. (Based on ‘Review of the UVA-Green lamps as standard. Figure 1 Figure 2 30% faster catchcatch of common flying insect species 30% faster of common flying insect species 7.5 7.5 Stored product Stored product 7.5 7.5 100 100 Green light light Green beetles beetles Insect Relative Response (%) Insect Relative Response (%) Lamp Output (w/m 2 ) Lamp Output (w/m 2 ) Lamp Output (w/m 2 ) Lamp Output (w/m 2 ) Stored product Stored product 5 5 mothsmoths 5 5 UVA light light UVA 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 0 0 0 0 0 0 300 300 400 400 500 500 600 600 0 0 4 4 8 8 12 12 Wavelength (nm) (nm) Wavelength Months Months UVA-Green has two wavelength peaks attracting a Green light degrades much slower than UVA prolonging broader range of flying insects. the lamp’s effectiveness. 8
  9. 9. T R A P S INSECT-O-CUTOR Smart traps are unique to the W I S E ™ concept. They form part of an integrated defence system further enhancing the speed of insect elimination by electric fly killers. SMART SERIES Window trap Interceptor door trap This glueboard trap The Interceptor works on the door trap works on principle that once the principle that flies have entered a flies normally fly room they will often upwards when fly to the nearest entering a room. window (a source of The trap is ceiling UV light). Window mounted with a traps are easy to fix removable and have a hinged glueboard and design for easy maintenance with a removable pheromone/food lure, both hidden from view. glueboard and pheromone/food lure. M A I N T E N A N C E O F F L Y K I L L E R S l All INSECT-O-CUTOR units feature TRANSFORMER INFORMA TION tool-free maintenance INSECT-O-CUTOR electric fly killers are l Killing grids are self cleaning fitted with a custom-built transformer l Glueboards should be changed at providing a constant 4,000 volts. This prevents insects from sticking to the least every 3 months grid or exploding into the air and l Lamps should be changed ensures a most efficient method every 12 months of eliminating flies. SERVICE SCHEDULE to cleaning and checking the As a minimum, the fly killer should electrical system. be serviced annually. We recommend l The body of the unit should only twice yearly servicing: need occasional wiping over with l One minor service to clean the a damp cloth and mild liquid unit and check the electrical detergent. Food-safe detergent system that has no odour must be used l One major service to change in any food preparation or the attractant lamps, in addition manufacturing area. T I P S F O R I N S TA L L I N G E L E C T R I C F LY K I L L E R S 1 The ideal location for an electric fly killer is at right 6 Site between potential entry points and production angles to the major light source in the room areas to intercept pests before they reach sensitive 2 Avoid siting too high – ideally the base of the unit areas – see W I S E ™ diagram on page 3 should be no more than 2 metres from the floor 7 In areas with a particularly aggressive or wet 3 Avoid siting the units where air currents can blow atmosphere, it is recommended that all stainless insects away from the units steel units are used to prevent premature corrosion 4 Units must not be sited so that the light is obscured 8 For areas with a glass-free policy, use shatterproof (if flying insects cannot see it the unit will not be lamps very effective) 9 And finally don’t forget to change the lamp every 12 5 Avoid siting above food preparation areas months – preferably just before start of the fly season! Area of coverage is given as a guide only and other factors including the use of the area and the number of entry points should be taken into account when choosing a particular unit. 9
  10. 10. M O U N T I N G S Y S T E M © HI-SAFE flykiller mounting system FREE SURVEYS AVAILABLE The new work at Features height regulations l Aluminium construction 2005 make it much more difficult for l Suitable for all wall mounted flykillers operatives to service l Factory manufactured to individual specifications. Installed electric flykillers by our own factory-trained fitters. Free surveys available. from a ladder. Installation requirements The INSECT-O-CUTOR HI-SAFE© system is a Clear wall space from 15cm above the top of the track mounted installed height of the flykiller to 15cm below the installation system bottom of the suitable for all wall service height of mounted electric the flykiller flykillers which (normally 115cm means they can be from the floor). safely serviced from Wall material ground level. suitable for mounting the aluminium tracks. F L Y S C R E E N S & D O O R S Comprehensive Solutions and Service INSECT-O-CUTOR offers a wide range of professional quality flyscreening services designed to solve your entire flyscreening problems. Screens are individually tailored for any aperture and are of robust construction made to withstand the conditions in commercial and industrial premises. They are simple to remove to allow for regular cleaning. INSECT-O-CUTOR factory trained installers have many years’ experience in screening windows and doors in the food industry. Hinged screen Sliding screen Screens are made Comprises two or three using a polyester polyester coated powder coated aluminium flyscreens, aluminium frame each screen moving BARRIER SERIES covered with PVC independently in the coated fibreglass sliding channel of the mesh which is fire framework allowing retardant. The mesh is easy movement and held in place with a access to windows. pliable rubber gasket designed to keep the mesh taut and secure. Screens are kept in place by retaining clips and can be easily removed for cleaning. Centre pivot screen Box screen A centre pivot Where the design of window screened in the window is complex two sections, one (such as louvre internal and one windows) a made to external. A 45º angled measure aluminium box brush-strip completes can be manufactured to the fly proof seal. ensure that the window can still open with the screen in place. 10
  11. 11. F L Y S C R E E N S & D O O R S Fly screen door Chain link screen A powder coated, Provides an effective heavy duty, barrier against flying aluminium framed insects. Chain link door. The PVC coated screens can be very fibreglass mesh, effective in situations together with the where rigid screen aluminium doors cannot be used BARRIER SERIES amplimesh, gives e.g. fire doors. They strength and are made of protection. Push and aluminium giving a kick plates fitted to the middle and base of the door clean, bright finish and non-rust durability. They are add to durability and save money in the long term due quick to install and are designed for easy access and to long life. are fully removable. Mesh screen for domestic applications INSECT-O-CUTOR is able to offer professional fly screening services for the domestic market. The screens supplied are of the same quality as those produced for the demanding commercial and industrial markets. F L Y S C R E E N S & D O O R S F E A T U R E S l Free surveys carried out by our own experienced l Clean lines. Minimal space for entrapment of dirt. surveyors Easy to clean l 5 year guarantee – our commitment to quality l Easily removable for cleaning which complies with and service Food Safety regulations l Nationwide coverage l Flyscreen mesh is held in place by gasket, not glued l Factory made for absolute accuracy and no or welded, so can easily be replaced if damaged on-site disruption l INSECT-O-CUTOR offers a life-long maintenance l Factory trained installation engineers for a perfect guarantee for complete peace of mind installation l Widest range of options to solve all your fly LIFE LONG MAINTENANCE screening needs GUARANTEE l All metal frames for strength and durability All flyscreens and doors come with a maintenance l Angled corner cleat for less stress on mesh giving guarantee. For a low annual service charge, the units are inspected every six months. Units are removed on the screen a longer life site for cleaning and any faulty parts replaced at no l PVC coated fibreglass mesh, strong and durable – will cost. Flyscreens and doors can be kept in tip top not run or crease. Fire retardant and unobtrusive condition for a lifetime. 11
  12. 12. NE W ® Fast, non-toxic extermination CRYONITE The new non-pesticidal CRYONITE ® of insects by rapid freezing method exterminates insects by rapid freezing using carbon dioxide. This method has several advantageous features for pest control treatment: l preserves a completely pesticide–free environment l enables production to be continued during the whole sanitation and treatment cycle, minimising production downtime l is a dry method – no liquid residuals l allows for direct contact with food stuffs and may be applied throughout the whole facility l is easy to operate l exterminates not only adult insects and larvae, but also eggs l reduces costs l uses carbon dioxide produced as a by-product of other processes, so no extra carbon dioxide is delivered to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide leaves no residue, is easy to treatment. The CRYONITE ® device also requires acquire and can be delivered in a variety of a minimum of personal protection by the operator. packing sizes. A unique CRYONITE ® feature is CRYONITE ® flexible connection tubes permit that normal production at an industrial site may good accessibility and outstanding results even in continue during the entire sanitation cycle. double curvature pipes and deep slots. Restrictions related to traditional pesticidal methods are completely avoided with the CRYONITE ® decreases the need for preparatory CRYONITE ® method. Consequently there is no cleaning. The method is easily used with existing need to evacuate staff during sanitation and hygiene routines. Oakhurst Drive, Cheadle Heath, Stockport, Cheshire SK3 OXT, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)161 4280622 Fax: +44 (0)161 4281239 email: