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Ppt cloze notes Ppt cloze notes Document Transcript

  • Name _____________________________ Class _______PLATE TECTONICSReviewInside the Earth The Earth is divided into four main layers: 1. __________________ 2. __________________ 3. __________________ 4. __________________The Crust The crust makes up _____ of the Earth. The crust of the Earth is broken into many pieces called ________________. Two types of crust: 1. _________________ (made of basalt) 2. _________________(made of granite)The Mantle The upper part of the mantle and the crust make up the ___________________. The mantle is the ______________ layer of the Earth. The mantle can be divided into two regions: the _____________ and ____________ mantle.Lithosphere The ______________________ ridge of the Earth.Asthenosphere Soft layer of the mantle _____________________________________ ________________________________________________________.
  • Mesosphere Beneath the Asthenosphere is the strongest part of the mantle—_____________.The Core The core extends from the bottom of the mantle to the ___________________. The outer core is _____________. The inner core is the ____________________________ of our planet.Tectonic Plates ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________Restless Continents Drifting continents: Theory of Continental DriftContinental Drift *_______________ can drift apart from one another and have done so in the past. *The continents are still slowly moving, at ______________________________.
  • _________________________ suggested that all continents were joined together at some time in the past. This is called the hypothesis of “________________________”. According to ______________________, continents have moved slowly to their current locations. He called this large landmass as _______________________ (“all land”).The “Breakup” of PangaeaEvidence 1. _________________________ 2. _________________________ 3. _________________________Landforms Mountains in ________________ line up with mountains in _________________ Coal mines line up on different continents
  • Mountains Similar rock structures are found on different continents. For example, parts of Appalachian mountains are similar to those found in _______________________________________________________. ____________________________strike through the eastern United States and Canada then end at the sea off of Newfoundland. The Caledonides Mountains are found in eastern _______________________ ___________________________________________________________ These two mountain ranges are the same age with the _________________ _________________________________________________________.Fossils Besides the puzzlelike fit of continents, __________________provided support for continental drift. For example: fossils of the reptile Mesosaurus have been found in ___________ ____________________________________ Another fossil that supports the continental drift is Glossopteris which has been found in ______________________________________________________.Climate Clues __________________________________ were found in Spitsbergen, an ice covered island in the Arctic Ocean (north of Norway). ___________________________and rock surfaces scoured and polished by ___________________ are found in South America, Africa, India and Australia.Why was it not accepted?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________