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  1. 1. Bloggers
  2. 2. This documentary will be about…• Anons (anonymous) how they can be fun/interesting YET be bully’s• How it’s the new trend• How it makes teenagers feel and how they are able to express themselves• How it shows fashion, new music, photography and even porn• Is it better than going out?• How beauty is shown but yet how it gives positive pictures/comments on how everyone should feel about themselves
  3. 3. Aimed At…• Blog lovers• Social site lovers• Teenagers• Adults
  4. 4. AnonsAnons are anonymous, on your Tumblr page anyone is able to ask questions to you, either as anonymous or as your login. It seems to be that anons are seen as internet bullies as they say things that they can’t say un-anonymously. It’s a problem because some people will take it seriously and feel really hurt by it. For example I have seen many anons saying ‘die whore’ to girls who are completely innocent. It’s a disgusting thing to do because the anonymous person see’s it as a joke.
  5. 5. Examples of anons…
  6. 6. Interviews I will interview blogger lovers tosee how they feel when theyblog and what they love aboutit. Does it express the quietteenagers and make them feelbetter about them selvesonline? To see if any of thebloggers feel down wheneverthey see pictures of ‘tumblrfamous’ people reblogged allover their dash. Also to see ifthey would prefer to stay in andblog then go out with friends.
  7. 7. It shows what’s hot and what’s not…
  8. 8. Social SitesSocial sites are like fashion, for a long while it will be popular and everyone will be on it but then after a while everyone moves onto something new. Tumblr’s one of the first different social sites because it’s a blogging site, you’re able to create your own page, blog pictures, videos, gifs, songs, and reblog other people’s stuff. Pictures from Tumblr end up on other social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even Blackberry Messenger. Recently it’s becoming very popular as it’s the new trend.
  9. 9. Pitch to… Only for one night
  10. 10. Insecurities Can Kill You• Does Tumblr show what you’re really suppose to look like?• Do the ‘tumblr famous’ people put you to shame?• Does seeing 100+ reblogged pictures of only attractive people make you feel ugly? Exploring on how beauty is seen on blogging sites.
  11. 11. Acceptable?On most teenagers Tumblr pages there are lots of pornographic pictures uploaded and it seems to be ok and normal in Tumblr life. Is this normal? Are bloggers too used to it that its acceptable?
  12. 12. PositiveIts an open minded blogging site, pictures of peoplefighting illness’ such as Cancer, it shows that peopleare supporting. There also a lot of quote picturesthat talk about faith, hope and love.