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Y200 Politics and Film, Lecture #2

Y200 Politics and Film, Lecture #2
January 13, 2011



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Polf02 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. January 13, 2011
  • 2. History of the Film Industry
    • The Technology of Motion Pictures
    • The Rise of the “Narrative Film”
    • The Creation of Movie Studios and Distribution Networks of the so-called “Studio System” era
    • Television and the Emergence of a New System
  • 3. The Magic Lantern
    • Leonardo da Vinci had the idea for a camera oscura
    • 1655 Chistian Huyghens invented it
    • 1666 Samuel Pepys saw one in London
    In the 19th century, magic lanterns were used as public entertainment in many countries, very much like today’s slide projectors .
  • 4. Precursors of Motion Pictures
    • 1828 Phenakistoscope
    • 1833 Zoetrope
    • 1837 Daguerrotype (early photography)
    • 1853 projected Phenakistoscope
    • 1872 Eadward Muybridge
    • 1881 Etienne Marey (photographic gun)
    • 1891 Kinetoscope (William Kennedy Laurie Dickson)
  • 5. W.L.K. Dickson
    • This picture shows Dickson filming Pope Leo X.
    • Thomas Edison picked Dickson to work on the kinetoscope project.
    Thomas Alva Edison
  • 6. The Kinetoscope
    • The Kinetoscope was a motion picture viewing device.
    • The viewer inserted a coin and then watched a short film loop that lasted less than a minute.
  • 7.  
  • 8. Edison Makes Films
    • The kinetoscope was an instant if short-lived success.
    • Edison quickly followed with a projection system.
    • He began to make films to supply demand.
    This was Edison’s first movie studio in West Orange, New Jersey. It was called the Black Maria.
  • 9. The Lumieres Brothers
    • Built a competing device called the cinematographe in 1894.
    • Created a series of films at their own studio.
    • Admission was one franc at the Paris viewing parlor.
  • 10. Auguste Melies
    • Melies was one of the individuals who made films for the Lumieres brothers.
    • His films were very popular in the US too.
    • He was famous for creating illusions with film.
  • 11. Edison’s Patent Wars
    • Edison claimed that all other film makers and exhibitors were infringing upon his patent rights.
    • He neglected to secure European patents.
    • Eventually he settled the patent cases in order to pursue the profitable business.
    • The patent wars delayed the development of the movie business for a few years.