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  • 1. March 28, 2012
  • 2. What the Flat World Means for America “…America, as a whole, will do fine in a flat world with free trade—provided it continues to churn out knowledge workers who are able to produce idea- based goods that can be sold globally…” (p. 230) “The Indians and Chinese are not racing us to the bottom. They are racing us to the top – and that is a good thing!” (p. 233)
  • 3. Races to the Bottom  Tendency of political units to reduce regulations/taxes/standards in order to match the reductions of others as a part of competition for the location of value-added activities in their territory.  Seen as a negative consequence of globalization.
  • 4. Examples of Possible Races to theBottom  Corporate taxes  Environmental regulations  Wages and other labor practices  Internet-related:  pornography  gambling  hate groups
  • 5. The Quiet Crisis (ch. 7 of The World is Flat) Shortages of U.S. scientists and engineers “In China today, Bill Gates is Britney Spears. In America today, Britney Spears is Britney Spears– and that is our problem.” (p. 265)
  • 6. Various Friedman Sound Bites Green is the New Red, White, and Blue (chap. 10) “green is the color du jour” “a green New Deal” “Give me a green America and I shall green the earth.” Add (clean) energy technology (ET) to information technology (IT) -- the next global industry Dirty Fuels System vs. Clean Energy System Tom Friedman video on “The Power of Green”
  • 7. Elements of a Clean Energy System Innovating clean elections Intensifying energy efficiency Diffusing family planning across the planet Embracing an ethic of conservation Preparing to adapt to climate change Friedman video on the Dirty Fuels System
  • 8. Clean Electrons Solar photovoltaic Wind Solar thermal Geothermal
  • 9. The Impact of China on Wind Power At the end of 2010, China generated 41.8 gigawatts of power using wind generators 15 companies producing wind turbines 80 wind farms Use small wind turbines on lamp posts (along with solar panels US firms are having trouble competing with low-cost Chinese turbines; NIMBY problems; question of US green jobs creation potential Video on Obama’s wind power views
  • 10. Criticisms of Corporate Capitalism Too much power Not enough public oversight Short-term profit orientation Insufficient loyalty to traditional local communities Willingness to engage in questionable practices:  Industrial espionage, pretexting  Advertising unhealthy products, espec. to children  Corporate responsibility PR as cover for unethical activities
  • 11. Example: Naomi Klein Canadian journalist Books:  No Logo (2000)  Fences and Windows (2002)  The Shock Doctrine (2007)
  • 12. Review of Naomi Klein’s Pointabout Brand-Name Politics Just as environmentalists often take advantage of highly publicized issues about specific species – e.g. whales, dolphins, turtles – so do anti-corporate groups focus on familiar firms and products Thus, brands like McDonalds, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and Nike provide ready-made targets for anti- corporate politics Klein makes a good point about the need not to ignore less familiar species and brands
  • 13. McDonald’s Corporate web site McSpotlight McDonald’s Simulation Game People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: PETA Prince Charles vs. McDonalds Extreme Drive Through
  • 14. Pro- and Anti-Starbucks Sites Starbucks web site Ihatestarbucks.com Organic Consumers Association Starbucks Delocator Fair trade coffee Anti-starbucks ad on Revver.com
  • 15. Nike and Anti-Nike Sites Nike web site Boycott Nike Clean Clothes Campaign Oxfam Australia’s Nike Watch