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Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. March 26, 2012
  • 2. Anti-Globalization Movements “…generally advocate anarchist, socialist, social democratic or eco-socialist alternatives to neo-liberal economics” (Wikipedia) Coalition of disparate groups and organizations, including:  Organized labor  Environmental groups  Feminists  Indigenous peoples  Others (including anarchists)
  • 3. Why Does Organized LaborOppose Globalization? Fear that competition with workers of low-wage countries, especially those without the right to organize, will reduce wages and employment levels Do not believe claims that globalization produces growth and jobs New jobs often in areas that are not unionized Large unions like AFL-CIO, United Steelworkers, Teamsters, etc., supported free trade after WW2 but changed their position in the 1970s
  • 4. Environmental Groups Friends of the Earth Greenpeace Green Party
  • 5. Why Do Some EnvironmentalGroups Oppose Globalization? Concern about the impact of WTO and other regimes on the environment  Shrimp-Turtle  Dolphin-Tuna  International Whaling Commission Broader concern about the lack of correct pricing of products and services that have a negative impact on the environment Environmental dumping: e.g. toxic wastes
  • 6. Feminist Groups The World March of Women National Action Committee on the Status of Women
  • 7. Why Do Feminists OpposeGlobalization? Neo-liberal corporatist globalization, in their view, supports patriarchal politics Want to prevent imposition of anti-abortion policies by the United States directly and via international regimes Want to raise the status of women globally and do not see this happening under the current system
  • 8. Indigenous Groups Amazon Watch Chevron Toxico International Indigenous Youth Conference Video in Spanish on this topic
  • 9. Why Do Indigenous GroupsOppose Globalization? Worried about the ill effects of globalization on indigenous peoples Concerned about the stealing of resources, e.g., in the Rain Forest by bio-prospectors or by oil companies Want to get more say internationally and need to bypass national governments to do this (therefore support the multi-stakeholder approach)
  • 10. Colorful Blocs within theAnarchist Cluster Black Bloc Green Bloc Pink Bloc Lilac Bloc Pink/Silver Bloc
  • 11. Big Anti-GlobalizationDemonstrations G8 Summit in Cologne in 1999 Battle of Seattle at WTO Ministerial Meeting in 1999 IMF/World Bank Meeting in Washington 2000 G8 Summit in Genoa in 2001 World Economic Summit Meeting in Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2003 WTO Ministerial in Cancun, Mexico, 2003 G8 Meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland, 2005 G8 Meeting in Heilegendam, Germany, 2007
  • 12. Copenhagen Conference, 2009 Naomi Klein on climate change Protest video (Black Bloc) Hindi coverage of demonstrations
  • 13. Groups That Demonstrate atMultiple Sites Friends of the Earth Jubilee 2000 Global Justice Movement ATTAC Casino financier video
  • 14. ATTAC Cartoon