Bisleri Packaged Drinking Water
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Bisleri Packaged Drinking Water



This presentation is on Bisleri Packaged Drinking Water and covers the following topics- ...

This presentation is on Bisleri Packaged Drinking Water and covers the following topics-
History & Evolution of Bisleri
Positioning And Re-positioning
Marketing Strategies Adopted
Competitors-Generic & Others
Methods Adopted to tackle Competition
Hypotheses and their justification
Market Research Analysis
Net Take Away



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Bisleri Packaged Drinking Water Bisleri Packaged Drinking Water Presentation Transcript

  • Brand Dossier Bisleri Packaged Drinking Water Presented By: Asmita Datta (B12012) Harshit Parekh (B12017) Sanket Balgi (B12042) Subhra Dutta (B12050) PRAXIS BUSINESS SCHOOL
  • AGENDA  History & Evolution of Bisleri  Positioning And Repositioning  Marketing Strategies Adopted  Competitors-Generic & Others  Methods Adopted to tackle Competition  Hypotheses and their justification  Market Research Analysis  Net Take Away
  • HISTORY AND EVOLUTION OF BISLERI  1967- The first bottling plant to manufacture Bisleri was set up in Mumbai  1971- Bisleri was introduced in plastic and pet bottles which gave a boost to sales  2002- Bisleri’s market share came down to 15.8% due to introduction of Aquafina and Kinley  2005- Bisleri launches “Break Away Seal”, ”Fear Factor” and “Play Safe” campaigns to ascertain its purity and safety  2010- Bisleri launches Vedica Natural Mountain Water
  • POSITIONING AND REPOSITIONING  INITIAL POSITIONING:  Pure and Safe  REPOSITIONING:  The Sweet Taste of Purity  Play Safe  Stay Protected
  • MARKETING STRATEGIES ADOPTED BISLERI  ADVERTISING STRATEGIES: • The first print ad punch line was: “Bisleri is veri veri extraordinari” • The “Play Safe” advertisements targeted the youth • In 2009 Bisleri did a makeover in packaging by introducing the celebration packs • Bisleri’s advertisements focused on strengthening consumer connect • The “Go Green” campaign
  • MARKETING STRATEGIES ADOPTED BY BISLERI (Cont…)  SALES PROMOTION: • Bisleri-20% extra free • Increasing volume and then the price • Holding contests • Point of purchase displays  SEGMENTATION: • The need to stay ahead of competition • Demographic segmentation • Geographic segmentation • Psychographic segmentation
  • MARKETING STRATEGIES ADOPTED BY BISLERI (Cont…)  DISTRIBUTION STRATEGIES • Retail outlets • Home delivery • Bisleri Shoppe • Direct road transport
  • COMPETITORS-GENERIC AND OTHERS  GENERIC COMPETITORS • Soft drinks • Lassi • Fruit Juices • Butter-milk • Nimbu pani • Carbonated water • Flavoured Milk
  • COMPETITORS-GENERIC AND OTHERS (Cont…)  Direct Competitors • Kinley • Aquafina • Oxyrich • Himalayan • Rail Neer
  • METHODS ADOPTED TO TACKLE COMPETITION • Bisleri takes on Kinley • Bisleri enters different markets • Bisleri tries to do away with marketing myopia • Bisleri tries to stand out from competitors • Bisleri reinvest in the brand
  • HYPOTHESES AND JUSTIFICATION  Bisleri is the most preferred brand because of its availability. Bisleri had the first mover advantage and has an efficient distribution channel. But does this make Bisleri the most preferred brand?  Advertisements have helped Bisleri differentiate itself from other brands. With catchy taglines and advertisements, has Bisleri been successful in differentiating itself from other brands?
  • HYPOTHESES AND JUSTIFICATION (Cont…) We require information:- • To know if customers prefer other packaged drinking water brands or substitutes over Bisleri • to know if Bisleri and other brands are freely available in the market • To know about consumer awareness about Bisleri’s tagline and it’s change in look and feel of the bottle
  • HYPOTHESES AND JUSTIFICATION (Cont…)  Instrument of data collection:- Questionnaire  Why questionnaire:- Flexible and convenient  Sample Plan:- Resulting data should contain a representative sample of all the parameters  Sample Size:- 90 respondents  Diagrammatic representations:- Bar Graphs and Pie Charts
  • HYPOTHESES AND JUSTIFICATION (Cont…) Data analysis methods  Diagrammatic representations Bar Graph Pie Chart
  • MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS BRAND AWARENESS When it comes to brand awareness Kinley, Bisleri and Aquafina are almost at the same level.
  • Bisleri has been ranked the most available brand. Kinley and Aquafina are not far behind. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Aquafina Kinley Bisleri Bailey Oxyrich 4 (Very Easily Available) 3 (Easily Available) 2 (Available) 1 MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS
  • Though 59.3% of respondents have given the correct answer but still the rest have chosen the blue colour. MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 KINLEY HIMALAYAN BISLERI AQUAFINA PINK GREEN BLUE
  • MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS Awareness of the brand through taglines has not worked has the majority of the respondents have not been able to give the correct answer. The Purest Part of You (Aquafina) 22% Boond Boond Mein Vishwas (Kinley) 37% Stay Protected (Bisleri) 33% Live Natural (Himalayan) 8% Tagline Awareness
  • MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS 63% of respondents ask for a particular brand while purchasing packaged drinking water. The next question will tell us which brands they ask. 10% 27% 63% Responses Ask for Shopkeeper's Preference I am not bothered Ask for a Particular Brand
  • MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS Respondents have considered availability and hygiene as the important factors while purchasing Bisleri. 1 2 3 4 5 Price 12.2% (11) 20% (18) 21.1% (19) 30% (27) 16.7% (15) Availabilit y 5.6% (5) 6.7% (6) 15.6% (14) 24.4% (22) 47.8% (43) Hygiene 2.2% (2) 6.7% (6) 10% (9) 23.3% (21) 57.8% (52) Shopkeep er/Retaile r’s Recomme ndation 23.3% (21) 13.3% (12) 30% (27) 15.6% (14) 17.8% (16)
  • MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS 42% of respondents ask for Bisleri which makes it the most preferred brand. 42% 19% 29% 5% 5% Brand Preferance Bisleri Aquafina Kinley Others Himalayan
  • NET TAKE AWAY • Bisleri is most preferred because of its availability • Advertisements have not helped Bisleri to differentiate itself from its competitors • Bisleri is considered hygienic • Bisleri scores above the other brands in terms of brand awareness • Majority of the people ask for Bisleri when they purchase packaged drinking water
  • Thank You