Corporate framework for assessing sustainability


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This is a framework that looks at how companies can approach Sustainability.

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Corporate framework for assessing sustainability

  1. 1. Efficient Carbon Management Solutions LLP LLP Registration No: AAA – 2396 Phone: 040-40128206 www.efficientcarbon.comCORPORATE FRAMEWORK FORADDRESSING SUSTAINABILITYAddressing Sustainability for companies has moved from debates over whether it is necessary or not tomostly on how we should be approaching it. We at Efficient Carbon believe that sustainable thinkingleads to considerable savings in short term and stronger, more profitable companies over the long term.Consumers and Financial markets handsomely reward companies that look at sustainability as acompetitive advantage. Companies like GE, Nike, Unilever and ITC have, over the years led the way onsustainable thinking and have been reaping the benefits of their investments in this field.Sustainability Defined:Sustainability is a new way of looking at the way we do business from top to bottom. It is defined as acommitment to better long-term business performance through improved social, economic andenvironmental practices. A sustainable enterprise looks beyond revenues and while working for allround social and economic development through ethical business practices, creating consumer loyaltyand brand image which hold good in the long term in sustainable enterprise. It may include helpingbuild better ecology, society, and better use of scares resources.Sustainability is to be looked at from three different perspectives, Social, Economic and Environmental,each benefiting the respective stakeholders in the selected domains.Framework for developing Sustainability StrategyMaking sustainability work for your organisation calls for a robust, easy to manage and reliablemethodology to develop, implement and evaluate a Corporate Sustainability Strategy Plan.A simplified process of developing a corporate is through a five step method:
  2. 2. Efficient Carbon Management Solutions LLP LLP Registration No: AAA – 2396 Phone: 040-40128206 www.efficientcarbon.comSearching for specific demands either from company and its industry, will be the early plan’sdevelopment work at the starting of the process, aiming refining the framework and facilitatingwork approach.So overall, to implement a sustainability strategy in your organisation, you need to follow the 5 stepprocess as defined above and support it with actions below: 1. Create and internalise the culture of Corporate Sustainability in your entire organisation. 2. Link Sustainability to standard benchmarking frameworks given by institutes such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Reputation Institute, etc., 3. Assess achievement of sustainability goals on parameters such as Environmental and Social Stewardship, Business Continuity, Value creation for stakeholders, Global-Local Reputation, etc., 4. Evaluate ROSS – Return on Sustainability Strategy. 5. Set a firm operational plan linking to overall goals with detailed implementation and monitoring parameters, stakeholder engagement process and communication to the outer world.
  3. 3. Efficient Carbon Management Solutions LLP LLP Registration No: AAA – 2396 Phone: 040-40128206 www.efficientcarbon.comHow can we help you?We will be able to handhold you in the entire process of defining and execution of sustainabilitystrategy. We will provide the following services to you in formulating and executing a SustainabilityStrategy: 1. Helping the management understand Sustainability, its importance, the reporting procedures and how to strategically benefit from it. 2. Helping in setting goals, objectives and scope of the sustainability strategy for the organisation. a. Understanding and Situating the Business Competitiveness Scope; b. Identifying the Sustainability Business Drivers; c. Sustainability as a Key-Driver for Innovation; d. Mapping and Advantaging on Sustainability Business Drivers; e. Creating the Corporate Sustainability Vision; f. The role of the Chief Sustainability Officer; g. Developing Leadership Competence for Triple Bottom Line Value Creation. 3. Assessing current & prospective sustainability issues and building detailed plan of action a. Corporate Sustainability Mainstream Framework; b. Corporate Sustainability Risk Management Platform; c. Corporate Sustainability Accounting & Balance Sheet: Sustainability Fund Flow; Social & environmental cost externalization/internalization decision; d. Corporate Sustainability Performance Management: Sustainability Metrics & Business Intelligence System; Performance Rewarding. e. Evaluating ROSS – Return on Sustainability Strategy 4. Developing action plans and monitoring mechanisms 5. Preparing communication and reporting frameworks a. Developing Competence for Sustainability Communication and Reporting; b. Modelling Brand-CSR Integration; c. Improving the Sustainability Reputation Perception d. Preparing actual Sustainability ReportsContact Us: Harsha Yadav EfficientCarbon Management Solutions LLP Plot No 22, 28/2 Layout, Ravi Co-operative Housing Society, Trimulgherry, Secunderabad-15 Phone: 040-40128206, Mobile: +91- 9000345588 Email:,