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Y mba

  1. 1. Test Yourself0 Do you know the Co-CEO of BlackBerry?0 Do you know whats a twitter handler?0 At what % does food inflation stand in india?0 Do you know how to do a ROI analysis in an excel file?0 Do you know the CEO of the biggest steel manufacturing firm in the world?If you have scored 1-2, then there is a need for improvement.
  2. 2. UG = PG Course0 What you have learnt in school and college is analysis. It teaches you the tools and techniques.0 To be successful in any field we need 2 ‘A’ skill. Analysis & Application Part0 MBA teaches you the Application part.0 It’s the application part that makes you appreciate the long and boring analysis that was taught by your teacher
  3. 3. Will MBA Work0 To be honest, MBA is not a magic wand that would solve all your problems or fulfill your wishes.0 You may have the best analysis in the room. However, if your analysis, is not heard and taken seriously, it is of no value.0 Too often, talented people with the best answers sit in the back of the room while hacks run the show. If you enjoy the view from the back, getting an MBA will not change anything.0 A MBA degree only works if you are willing to transform yourself. Are you?
  4. 4. Y MBA0 Its both a question and a statement?0 Y u need MBA? &0 Youth need MBA0 Overall there is a huge demand for skilled workforce in the Indian corporate sector.0 Recently Infosys Chairman mentioned that majority of the engineering workforce are ill equipped to handle todays corporate world.0 Growth Opportunities, better career prospects0 MBA makes you equipped to take on the career challenges in corporate life.
  5. 5. Y MBA, View from corporate side0 . Being a mere holder of a bachelor’s degree is not sufficient enough to keep up in this aggressively competitive global labour market.0 In a number of industries it is becoming an essential qualification.0 A lot of companies today promote you past a point only if you have a Post Graduate degree.0 Starting from engineers to Bio technology students all are eager to pursue MBA as it gives better job perspectives.
  6. 6. Y MBA, View of a youngster0 Need of the moment.0 A Post graduation to a lot of us seem like waste of time and money but this where all the money spent at graduation level is realized.0 A more dynamic and robust knowledge sharing process0 A lot more interesting information is provided other than just the bookish knowledge.
  7. 7. Y MBA, view from a work-ex professional0 A bridge of information and application.0 Stagnant job profile and salary becomes a issue when you are only a Graduate.0 MBA helps fulfillment of desire to update skill sets with the latest management tools0 As one moves up the ladder, soft skills such as negotiation matter over just the knowledge part.
  8. 8. Y MBA, Entrepreneurs’ View Mats Advantage0 Not all of us want to be hired by someone. We want to be the one hiring people in our own company.0 MATS Institute of Entrepreneurship and development and has over 10 years of experience in creating successful entrepreneurs and the count rise up every year.0 A alumni over 1000 students is a great example of the Champions, Leaders and Entrepreneurs MATS has created over the year.
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