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This presentation talks about electronic bomb which is developed and how it can be used in effective manner during war.

This presentation talks about electronic bomb which is developed and how it can be used in effective manner during war.

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  • 1. E-BOMB
  • 2. INTRODUCTION E-BOMB : E-BOMB is weapon of electrical mass destruction that uses an intense electromagnetic field to create a brief pulse of energy across broad spectrum to affect electronic circuitry without affect the humans.  Potentially non lethal but is still highly destructive. 2
  • 3. LEVELS OF E-BOMB According to effect of destruction, range of E-Bomb is divided into three parts:
  • 4. BASIC PRINCIPLE- EMP EFFECT  E-Bomb is based on the principle of EMP effect.  EMP effect is characterized by the production of very short but intense electromagnetic pulse.  This pulse of energy produces a powerful ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD within the vicinity of the weapon. 4
  • 5. PRODUCTION OF EM PULSE  It is based on COMPTON’S effect.  In this, gamma ray photon of EM energy knock loose electrons from atoms which travel in downward direction.  These(electrons) forms a current over the entire effected area.  It interacts with Earth’s magnetic field & produces ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE. 5
  • 6. WORKING It works through the following steps:  A switch connects the capacitors to the stator, sending an electrical current through the wires. This generates an intense magnetic field.
  • 7.  A fuse mechanism ignites the explosive material. The explosion travels as a wave through the middle of the armature cylinder.
  • 8.  As the explosion makes its way through the cylinder, the cylinder comes in contact with the stator winding. this creates a short circuit,cutting the stator off from its power supply.  The moving short circuit compresses the magnetic field, generating an intense electromagnetic burst.
  • 9. Delivery of E-bomb
  • 11. DEFENCE AGAINST E-BOMBS  Prevent their delivery by destroying their launch platforms.  Contain the equipment in an ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE enclosure.  Not work properly against microwave device design.
  • 12. Advantages  Not lethal to humans  Less effect the environment as compared to other bombs.  Not much capita is required.
  • 14. Applications  The E-bomb is a useful punitive weapon as it can cause much economic and military damage with no loss of civilian life  E-bombs could be profitably used against countries which sponsor terrorism and info-terrorism  Offensive Counter Air (OCA) Operations.
  • 15. CONCLUSION  Weapons of electrical mass destruction with applications across a broad spectrum of targets.  Produce substanial paralysis in any target system.  Affordable.
  • 16. THANK YOU!!!!