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stev jobs book presentation

  1. 1. iSteve : The Book Of Jobs is the authorized biography Of Steve Jobs.It is written by Walter Isaacson. Based on the 40 interviews with job in two years. Along with more than 100 relatives and friends interviews .
  2. 2. The author of the book iSteve:The Book Of Jobs is WALTER ISAACSON. Walter was former executive at CNN and Times. He is the writer of the bestselling biographies Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. Steve jobs biography got best-seller award by New York Times and best book of the year.
  3. 3. Steven Paul “Steve Jobs” born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California, US.He was adopted by a Family who were ill to afford his study .He learned Calligraphy & managed to have free meal from temple named “Hare Krishna”.He was inventive & innovative person .He completed his technical knowledge from Reed University,Portland. In late 1973 he took a job as technician in Atari.Inc .he was assigned make circuit boards . He worked with Steve Wozniak who was also circuit designer.Later they both formed company Name „Apple Computer Company‟,they got profit in designing and selling their circuits.This was seedling for their future.
  4. 4. Jobs and Wozniak met in 1971. They both worked together . Wozniak designed Apple 1 and showed to Jobs .Jobs planned to sell it . After the success Jobs never retarded ,he appointed John Scully as CEO. After this company launched „Apple Lisa‟ , „Macintosh‟ , and „NeXT Computer‟.He used mouse technology in his computer .
  5. 5. Jobs faced some crucial time too in his career.he was made out from his own company. After this he worked with Disney and Pixar .He excelled the companies by his ideas and innovations. Jobs was sad of being seprated from his own company..But this decline no longer escaped. When Apple owned NeXT.Inc then they by themselves called Jobs again as chief executive.he cancelled many useless project and restricted the company software sold and made market to purchase their computer .After this he invented many other appliances like „ i ‟ series which Include iPad , iPhone , iTune and also the MAC OS.He Excelled his company to the highest zenith.
  6. 6. *Jobs shows passion in his work . *Jobs has high commercial thinking *Jobs enjoy his work therefore he designs his products to be used and to be enjoyed too. *he collects multiple ideas and combines it to form one sccessful and innovating idea.