Nectar-The Joy of Learning, Profile


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Learning to Know and gain wisdom is a challenge for education. 'NECTAR-The Joy of Learning' ensures to address both Object and Subject of learning.

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Nectar-The Joy of Learning, Profile

  1. 1. NECTAR-The Joy of LearningWELCOME to the 4thDIMENSIONOf LEARNING1
  2. 2. Notice & CautionPlease do not misunderstand ‘NECTAR-The Joy ofLearning’ Workshop as a…..Memory Technique,Fast Reading,Improve Brain Power,Personality Development,Life Coaching ProgramTime managementSpiritual Development etc.It’s beyond that.04/25/13 2
  3. 3. For NectarFor NectarYou Are ImportantYou Are ImportantWe, at NECTAR, contribute for yourultimate benefits.We know the destination & the path ofLearning.304/25/13
  4. 4. 4Aim of NectarNECTAR works to make youSuccessful & Happy.04/25/13
  5. 5. 5Beliefs of NectarDiscipline is essential for beingsuccessful.Self Management has to be FairTransparent and Firm.If Wrongs are not Reprimanded,Rights can not be Rewarded.04/25/13
  6. 6. 6Action at NectarNECTAR Plans the Work & Works theplan for Learning Because….Action without Plan/Thought is a Waste.Thought/Plan without Action is a Dream.04/25/13
  7. 7. 7Vision of NectarNECTAR is destined to create the…Vibrant, Self-Driven, Progressive, Fair,Firm, Transparent, Disciplined, andSuccessful Person & People.They are Happy too.04/25/13
  8. 8. 8Philosophy of NectarInnovation is a must because from hereRewards starts.Reward is feel good, which is essential forthe Success.04/25/13
  9. 9. 9Observation at NectarOnly Successful People are Happy &only Happy People are Successful.Learning ensures this.04/25/13
  10. 10. 10Objectives of NectarObjectives are Personal AmbitionsTargets should be Self SetTherefore, other must not setTargets and Objectives for you.04/25/13
  11. 11. 11Success HappensWhenYou WorkWork WorksYour work is α to your learning04/25/13
  12. 12. 12Aspirations of NectarOur Country Fellow should be mostwell off in the WorldMake more people more successfulProfessionally & PersonallyWe all should be useful to the Society.04/25/13
  13. 13. 13Strategy of NectarNECTAR makes you WinSee Symptoms, Do Diagnosis &Ensure Treatment for SolutionFailures are God sent OpportunitiesLiving with Failure is prohibited.04/25/13
  14. 14. 14Culture at NectarNECTAR ensures clear Credit toConcernedNECTAR ensures Consistent Rewardsfor the Rights04/25/13
  15. 15. 15Value System of NectarLearning Process is more important thanthe Ultimate (Result)Ultimate (Result) is Byproduct of LearningLearning Create Win-Win situation for All04/25/13
  16. 16. 16Learner’s Responsibilities Attend classes regularly and punctually and follow their chosenprogram of study;                 Undertake course work/tests and other assignments asappropriate; Complete set work within the agreed timescale; Accept and observe the Institute Code of Academic Standards; Observe the Student Code of Behavior. Follow and conform to Health and Safety regulations andrelated codes  of institute; and Inform day to day proceedings of institute toParents/Guardians.04/25/13
  17. 17. 17Learner’s Rights Inquiries being dealt with promptly and courteously; Access to accurate information about all the costs of being a student; Access to all other relevant information relating to students studies; Impartial guidance and a range of student help services; The offer of learning support where required; A learning agreement; Personal and social development; Equality of opportunity, negotiated to individual needs; A clear explanation of how student will be assessed throughout theircourse; Information and support on provision for students with disabilities or     learning difficulties; The right for all students to have democratic discussion at all levels; Choose whether to participate in the additional course offered; Access to complains and suggestions procedures.04/25/13
  18. 18. 18Contact UsHarsch Kumar Lall+91
  19. 19. NECTAR-The Joy of Learning19.