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Presentation given at the Where2.0Now conference in Harrogate

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  • I'm going to talk about the OpenStreetMap project. A lot of you will have heard of it people are increasingly interested in Open Licensed GeoData.
  • As with open source software, open licensed data is all about being free. Free as in 'costs nothing' and...
  • free as in 'freedom'
  • NeoGeo ideas are all about free and freedom Geo Power in the hands of small players. Revolution! Powerful flexible APIs for mashing in datasets and doing snazzy visualisations. These services give us a lot of freedom right?
  • Freedom is all about the raw data. Not just about layering your own data onto map Have all the map data right there on your GIS system. Raw data is what it's all about. Big players hold the data. You always pay to license access and use of raw data. ...until now
  • OpenStreetMap at Where2.0Now

    1. 1. : Open Licensed GeoData Harry Wood
    2. 2. Open Licensed FREE Costs £0
    3. 3. Open Licensed FREEDOM
    4. 4. The NeoGeo Revolution <ul><li>Mash-ups
    5. 5. Visualisations
    6. 6. Freedom? </li></ul>
    7. 7. RAW DATA
    8. 8. Building a map from scratch <ul><li>No copying, No tracing, No “deriving”
    9. 9. On the ground surveys
    10. 10. Fun with gadgets, or just with paper </li></ul>....lot of work GPS
    11. 11. Community Lot of people 180,000 registered users
    12. 12. Community Increasing editing activity
    13. 13. Large online community. Many hands Openly editable (and easy) Poor quality contributions? <ul><li>Gradual refinement
    14. 14. Assume good faith
    15. 15. Monitoring and history features </li></ul>....Remarkably it works! Sounds familiar? Also Open Licensed and not-for-profit
    16. 16. Street level mapping Footpaths, POIS
    17. 17. <ul><li>Completion </li><ul><li>Variable. Wherever we have mappers
    18. 18. New mappers appear all the time
    19. 19. Can only get better </li></ul><li>Accuracy </li><ul><li>Generally very good
    20. 20. OpenStreetMappers take pride </li></ul></ul>
    21. 22. Nodes Ways Tags amenity=pub name=Hare & Hounds highway=residential name=Court Street
    22. 23. XML API <ul><ul><li>Read a bbox of map data
    23. 24. Write changes to elements. RESTful </li></ul></ul>“Planet” downloads <ul><ul><li>7 Gb compressed XML (or smaller diffs)
    24. 25. Load in to PostGIS
    25. 26. Generate shapefiles </li><ul><li>( </li></ul><li>Render using Mapnik </li></ul></ul>Data Access
    26. 28. Style Editor
    27. 29.
    28. 30. Take the free data Take regular updates Feed your data in? Work with the community ... ...
    29. 31.
    30. 32. Harry Wood's interest in internet collaboration and web2.0 technologies lead him to the OpenStreetMap project three years ago, as a hobbyist mappper, and as an increasingly passionate evangelist, community coordinator and developer. Turning this hobby into a profession, he worked at CloudMade developing core features of the OpenStreetMap website and working on CloudMade products and services which help developers use OpenStreetMap data. In 2010 he plans to operate as a freelance OpenStreetMap consultant These slides are (of course) freely re-usable under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 License Map images cc-by-sa2 contributors.,,, ö Thanks also to for free clipart