ULink: link you and me in the mobile world


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ULink: link you and me in the mobile world

  1. 1. 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  2. 2. Ulink China Telecom Restructuring Chapter 1 Chances and challenges for SK Telecom New 3G Services In China Mobile SK Telecom should Mobile Value Mobile social networks and launch location Chapter 2 Chain Changed Application is location services: two future essential based service in trends for mobile applications China Chapter 3 Strategy Plan for SK Telecom SWOT Analysis Strategy Implementation 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  3. 3. Ulink Network Chances for SK Telecom New Mobile Operators •SK Telecom has launched TD-SCDMA project with Datang Mobile and SIM Technology in China. It is a good chance TD-SCDMA for SK Telecom to enter 3G cell phone market in China because of the lack of terminal types of TD-SCDMA. •Advanced technology and experience of SK Telecom in CDMA2000 can offer CDMA2000 more cooperation chances with China Telecom. •Long time partnership in terminal manufacturing (SK Mobile) and service WCDMA provide (UNISK). SK Telecom can use this opportunity to implant the mature 3G service into network of the China Unicom. 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  4. 4. Ulink Logo for 3G Service Launched Services New MO WIFI Music Zone; Fetion (IM); Videophone; 139 Emai;139.com (SNS, beta version) Mobile Operators (MO) begin to play an important role in content provider. This WIFI; Mobile TV; Tianyi LIVE(IM); is a big challenge for Music Download; Walki-talki SK Telecom in 3G era of China WIFI; Music download; Mobile TV; Videophone; Mobile Email; IM; Mobile Search 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  5. 5. Ulink Traditional Mobile Value Chain Handset Service Content Mobile Consumer Manufacturer Provider Provider Operator At present: Applications play a core role now! Handsets manufacturer, Internet giant try to split revenue with MO in valued added services. Competition is more fierce. 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  6. 6. Ulink Type 1:  Terminal manufacturers control the service contents. Apple and AT&T is of Handset Content such type. Manufacturer Provider Consumer  May happen in China is one kind of handset can attract extremely large Mobile Operator number of users Type 2:  This type is most probably happen in Content China. MO plays a core role in service Provider contents. Mobile Consumer  How to cooperate with MO is essential Operator Handset in this type. Manufacturer Type 3: Handset Application Content  May coexist with type 2. Developer Provider Manufactu  Each part in the chain split rer Consumer one part of revenues of the final services. Mobile Operator 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  7. 7. Ulink Today Future Voice Analog Analog-Digital Digital Only Dual-Mode Wifi+Digital Data Access Low Speed 3G (Today) Enhanced 3G  Services SMS/MMS evolve over time … Text Messages Pictures Multimedia Ringtones/Music/Gaming Ringtones Download Streaming  Services are proliferating… Video Clips Streaming Interactive  Services are being LBS/mCommerce deployed more frequently… Location sensitive marketing, such as location-based advertising 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  8. 8. Ulink Phone (or smart phone at present)in the future will be a personal digital device with rich multi-functions. With high data transition speed of 3G networks, data sharing service will be one trend. 400 300 200 100 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 source: Forward Concepts Corp. Social network (SN) applications such as Facebook, Myspace, Xiaonei and Kaixin link people together on the internet. 3G will make mobile SN popular. With numerous consumers and rich data sharing services, ARPU can be boosted greatly. 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  9. 9. Ulink With the development of position technology, more and more phones can be used to locate the position accurately and quickly. Technology Networks Accuracy A-GPS All 1-10m GPS All 10-30m AFLT CDMA 50-200m EOTD GSM 50-200m TDOA All 100-200m EOA All 100-200m Booming GPS handsets market. 500 20000 400 15000 300 200 10000 100 5000 0 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 source: iSuppli Corp. 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  10. 10. Ulink GPS + SNS = Location-based SN , another trend in the future. With position technology, your cell phone can: Tell where all your friends are. Show people and things that match your profile and interested related online service. Discover hot and interesting places “Local” will be another trend in mobile applications. Location-based Social Networks Applications Abroad Location-based social networks in the world could reach revenues as high as $3.3 billion by 2013, a high ARPU service. 25 20 15 10 5 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  11. 11. Ulink The Scope of LBS Mobile Resource Information Entertainment Personal Security Management Service 1. Location-based 1. People Tracking 1. Sale force 1. Location-base social network and Location Tracking Advertising 2. Location-based 2. Fleet 2. Navigation games Management LBS market size forecast in China and worldwide. 600 Market 500 3.2 400 2.5 300 200 1 100 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 source: eMarketer,Septemp 2008 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  12. 12. Ulink Handset Manufacturer MAP LBS APP Content Mobile MAP Provider Interface Consumer Developer Provider Operator Provider Position technology Provider Based on the above value chain, strategies for SK Telecom entering LBS market in China are as follows: 1) LBS is still in the emerging step in China, therefore, to attract more subscribers, we suggest to launch location-based social network application called Ulink. 2) Provide location-based service contents as value added service. Besides the traditional data services such as music/video sharing, we suggest to launch the location-based advertising (LBA) service due to its large potential market. 3) Research new position technology or/and manufacture terminal with built-in GPS module. This will aid SK Telecom to enter the 3G phone market in China. 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  13. 13. Ulink Strength Weakness  Technology Strength. 1. Negotiation difficulties with 1. Mature 3G technology and leadership role China Telecom, because of in developing an end-to-end LBS platform less cooperation experience in the world 2. Other mobile operators 2. Abundant internet business in China may become the 3. Productive R&D research center in China competitors with SK 4. Long time cooperation with companies in Telecom since they control China strictly in value added  Market Strength services 1. Rich market sale experience in LBS in 3. Entering terminal market in South Korea China is also difficult 2. Solid financial foundation because it is dominated by other brands such as Nokia.  Culture Strength 1. Similar traditional culture between China and South Korea 2. Modern culture in South Korea is also very popular in China, especially in entertain domain. 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  14. 14. Ulink Opportunity Threat  Market Opportunity:  Competition Threat: 1. Popularity of SNS may make 1. Mobile operators may develop their own Ulink the most popular location- position technology. Knockoff cell base social network in China phones which have GPS module are 2. Mobile LBS is in the emerging but also threats. booming stages in China. SK 2. Internet giants such Google and Telecom can utilize this chance to Microsoft may enter LBS market by integrate the internet business proposing applications integrated with that have launched in China their other products . Even terminal 3. A chance to enter 3G cell market manufacture like Nokia will be the in China , especially China market competitor in the future. Mobile which operates the TD- 3. Existing internet SNS applications such SCDMA network needs more Xiaonei and Kaixing may launch the types of terminals. This can location-based substitutes. further enhance the brand impact  Policy Threat: 4. May play a leading role in the 1. Location is one of the most private market of 3G value added information, any one who steal this services. information for illegal usage may lead to severe consequence. 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  15. 15. Ulink 1. Choose map interface provider Provider Map Data Source Market Share Partners We here choose Mapabc as our map provider because: Baidu, Tencent 1. Large map database and 68% fast access speed 2. Share potential partners. Google, Microsoft City8 provides 3D street 10.4% view for most of cities in City 8 China, cooperation in the future will make Ulink more 10% NetEase attractive for mobile users. 2. Build LBSN--Ulink 1.Choose the most potential partner: Bedo in China Ulink Mobile SNS launched by because: China Mobile  The first LBSN in China, and is popular in GPS mobile (beta version currently) users in China Honored as the 100 Winners for Red Herring Global 2008. Win Top ten best internet applications in mobile phone 2. Integrate Cyworld China into Ulink Ulink 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  16. 16. Ulink 1. Incorporate internet service into Ulink Location-based Location-base Music download When Ulink has attracted large number of marketing game and sharing consumers, launch LBS into Ulink. This can be carried out by incorporating internet business of SK Telecom in China into Ulink 2. In LBS, LBA will be the emphasis which leads to revenue for Ulink Ulink The value chain of the proposed LBA Ads database of Ulink contins: User profile information of Ulink User real-time location information Ads of advertiser Adviser Ads database MO 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  17. 17. Ulink Business Model for LBA 1) Send advertisements and charge the advertiser based on response rate or click numbers. Two schemes are proposed: Push scenario: Pull scenario: Send the advertising Send the advertising messages actively to messages actively to the subscribers. the subscribers. Advertisements Advertisements containing value-added containing value- information will be added information more attractive. This ads will be more Where is the method have great attractive. This restaurant? ads ads method have great potential in locations with high traffic flow, potential in locations ads ads with high traffic flow, such as with public Where can I transport system such as with public buy a glass? transport system 2) If Ulink becomes a strong brand and its services are generating a lot of traffic volume( game, music etc.), it might consider asking the MO to pay for generated increased traffic. 2009/7/20 Ulink Group
  18. 18. Ulink Strategy plan for SK Telecom to enter the GPS terminal market in China Partners of terminal Mobile Operator of GPS hardware/technology Manufacturer China Provider Both have strategic partnership with ST For low –end Telecom. consumers Leading automobile GPS manufacture, acquired by ST Telecom in 2008 SK Telecom can provide terminals Leading provider of with position For high –end GPS-enabled silicon function to China consumers Telecom, since and software location they adopt the platform , partner same network with SK Telecom (CDMA2000) since 2004 2009/7/20 Ulink Group