Francesqa - Ghosts - Music Video Analysis


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Francesqa - Ghosts - Music Video Analysis

  1. 1. The opening of the music video jumps out with powerful rhythm section andkiller lead riff, which is complemented by visuals of a panning shot to the left to showthe entire band. The setting is in some kind of studio/abandoned workshop thatrepresents the band being independent and alone in the music industry. The next shotis of the drummer, emphasising the strong beat of the music. All of the band are head-banging and really getting into the music, suggesting that they are quite a lively andenergetic band. The next few shots are developing shots of the lead singing walking throughthe streets of a deserted town. This again represents isolation and reinforces the titleof the track “ghosts”. Perhaps the lyrics could represent a tough time that the singerhas been going through. For example lyrics such as “Can we please both forget ourdreams”, suggest that the singer is trying to move from the past and this is somethingthat the audience could relate to if they have felt the same way about a particularsituation. The lyrics “around my waist…” are accompanied by the visuals of thefemale actress hugging the singer around his waist. It is then followed by the lyrics“lead me in the right direction…” which again is literal and the female actress takeshis hand and pulls him forward. I think in this particular music video the director hasfound a nice balance between literal connections of lyrics and visuals and scenes thathave a more thought provoking, metaphorical approach between lyrics and visuals. Iwould like to find a similar kind of balance in the music video I am going to make as Ithink this creates a nice effect and also an interesting music video. Quite a lot of shots are both left and right pans showing the band and theabandoned studio they are in. From studying this video and watching many others ofthe rock genre, I have found that this is a very common shot type so I have decided toinclude some of these shots in my music video so that it includes a convention of thegenre, which the audience can relate to. There are several uses of low angle close ups,particularly of the guitarists. This allows the audience to see the technical aspect ofthe music as they can see the guitarists playing their guitars. In the scenes which fea The costume that the girl is wearing gives of the impression that she is quiteinnocent and, reinforced by the connotations of her white dress she wears. The leadsinger is wearing a black suite, which contrasts with the female actress appearance.The colour black usually connotes thoughts of negativity and depression, perhapswhat the singer is feeling in the video. The connotations of depression are reinforcedby his rather run down appearance. For example his tie is undone and he looks a bitscruffy, perhaps representing a rough period he is going through. Certain connectionsbetween visuals and lyrics suggest that the female character in the music video couldbe representing the ghost. For example, the singer sings “We are holy ghosts…” andthen there is a cut to the girl. Another, more metaphorical approach to matching thename of the track to certain aspects of the music video could be that both the singersand the female characters relationship is the ghost. Perhaps the ghost could be thattheir relationship has come to an end and now only memories exist – the ghost. Thetheme of memories is backed up by the visuals of the singer taking photographs of thefemale character. The use of photos could represent some of the memories from theirrelationship. The singer and the actress are quite close and intimate which is quiteconventional for music videos of the rock genre. They look quite happy together,shown by shots of them dancing in the town square. Perhaps the music video
  2. 2. represents the journey of their relationship but now they have separated. This issupported by the visuals towards the end of the music video when both the femalecharacter and the singer are shown on their own The chorus is mainly of the live performance where the verse is mainly shotsof the narrative. This could be a feature of rock music video and the structure of it andI will take this into account when creating a music video for my client. In the majorityof the video I would say that there is a 50/50 percent split between the narrativesection and the performance section. However in the middle section of the song, thebridge, the performance section is focused on more with visuals of the energetic andenthusiastic band member’s head banging to an exciting and loud part to the song.This is an example of a connection between visuals and the music, with an upbeat partof the song matched with an energetic performance and fast paced editing. This is aninteresting concept that I would like to incorporate into my music video.