Here comes html5

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HTML5 class ppt

HTML5 class ppt

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  • 1. <Here comes HTML5> <Should we Care ?>
  • 2.
    • <html>
    • <summary>
    • HTML
    • New features
    • HTML5 in business
    • HTML5 for GoW
    • </summary>
  • 3. New Features
    • Semantic and functional markups : new « tags » can make search results more relevant.
    • Native video and audio : play video and audio without additional plug-ins.
    • Canvas Element : allow interactive graphics without additional plug-ins.
    • Drag and drop : makes it easy to build web apps, upload files, etc.
    • Geolocation : allows the browser to track a user’s physical location.
  • 4. Examples
  • 5. HTML 5
    • An evolution, not a revolution
    • Cross-platforms
    • New interactions are possible, but they were already possible with other languages
    • Still under construction : standards still need to be decided.
    • HTML5 + Javascript + CSS3 vs Flash and Silverlight
  • 6. HTML versus Flash and Silverlight
    • Advantages:
      • Lightweight
      • Compatibility (native support by browsers)
      • Better user experience. Non-tech users don’t have to worry about plug-ins for videos and updates
      • Easier to design (third party plug-ins and web applications)
    • Disadvantages:
      • Uncertain future (Big software company including Google, Apple and Microsoft are fighting for establishing the standard of HTML5)
      • Less powerful (inability to develop enterprise-class applications, advanced video augmentation), copyrights protection (easy to crack)
    • Cost: HTML5 is free while to Flash Development Kit is very expensive ($699+)
  • 7. HTML to GofW
    • GofW doesn ’ t need a website to realize very complex enterprise-class functions. The need is:
      • a showcase of our products
      • a simple form system to satisfy basic interactive demand such as inquiring and ordering.
    • The advantage is that website becomes accessible to clients using any type of browsers and save their time from annoying loading.
    • Determine whether the user experience benefits of switching to HTML 5 outweigh the cost of production and maintenance before choosing.
  • 8. HTML to GofW
    • Creating a web-site?
    • Cost:
      • Visible cost
        • Development
        • Hardware expenses
        • License
        • Human resources expenses
    • Benefits:
      • Website visits
      • Transformation rates
      • Quantity bought
      • Quality bought (Are products marketed bought first?)
    • Sustainability?
      • How long before a next switch?
      • What if we don ’ t switch now? Will we be outdated and hardly catch up with the new software, or contrary avoid switching each 2 years and thus have huge development costs