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P1 Computer systems P1 Computer systems Presentation Transcript

  • UNIT3COMPUTERSYSTEMS By Harry Eleftheriou Internal computer components
  • Power Supply • The power supply is important because it powers all the other internal components. It is a step down transformer it decreases 240volts to 12 volts. It powers the motherboard and all the internal components via the motherboard.
  • Mother Board The mother board is what connects all the internal components together. It is also where all the external components connect EX USB and VGA port.
  • CPU- Central processing Unit • The CPU processes all the instructions of the operating software to perform base arithmetical, logical and input and output operations of the system. The CPU is always working so it needs to be kept cool either a heat sink. You can also keep the CPU cool by using a water cooled system which will keep the CPU cooler than an air cooled system.
  • Hard drive • The hard drive is where all the data and computer software and operating system is stored and all personal files are also stored here, there are 3 types: sata and IDE and solid state. Solid state means there are no moving parts within, they use flash memory, this means if it was to be dropped it would not go corrupt. The other two both have moving parts within and if they where to be dropped then they would most likely to be damaged.
  • Optical Drive • The optical drive is what is used to load different types of software such as anti-virus software ETC. There are several types here are a few DVD R/RW which can read DVD and CD’s and it can also write and rewrite to DVD and CD’s.
  • RAM- Random Access Memory • Memory is volatile, looses the information after the power is cut. The more RAM the more speed the computer will obtain.
  • Graphics Card • Used to give a display access and can sometimes render the image to a 3D image ETC. Graphics cards can be used to upgrade your graphics for example some cards have a HDMI port so you can plug it into a HD monitor and obtain better graphics.