The B2B Corporate Social Media Summit


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The B2B Corporate Social Media Summit

  1. 1. The 2nd Annual B2B Corporate Social Media Summit Everything your B2B business needs to know when setting up a social business and marketing strategy - learn from your corporate peersHarness the power of social media toachieve stronger audience engagement,drive leads down the sales funnel and geta better reputation with key #CSMB2BTwo day business conference, October 9 - 10, 2012The Warwick Radisson, PhiladelphiaA practical and interactive business conference built strictly for a B2B corporate audience: Create two way brand interactions through a Generate data-driven marketing and better social engagement strategy, targeted business strategy: Leverage the insights thought leadership and more effective social generates for better, more responsive communications tactics business performance Reduce business risk, boost communication ain exclusive insight on the changing G and secure internal buy-in by embedding market issues that will affect your company your social media strategy successfully – and gain competitive advantage over across your company your business rivals …of speakers are hand-picked …of sessions are designed to enhance and B2B corporate experts improve your B2B social media strategy …of topics have been requested by your peers and deal with the major B2B issues affecting your company today – and tomorrowSpeakers include: LOOK INSIDE to check out our top level B2B corporate speakers and business-focused agenda
  2. 2. Dear Colleague The Corporate Social Media Summit is back. This year’s summit represents a one-stop-shop to take your marketing strategy to the next level. B2B social media has been guilty of being Finding B2B specific case studies that speaks to and relevant agenda you’ll find. You will find out overshadowed by its counterpart B2C in the your situation is hard. A case study from Whole solutions to the most critical B2B social media past. With many B2B companies believing social Foods Market about social media marketing is challenges you are facing. media not relevant to their companies. But this not relevant at all. It will not open the floodgates This is THE B2B corporate event of the year with mind-set has changed, or should be changing. in your social media strategy potential. But this a corporate audience, with no sales pitch or ‘blue summit will. sky’ thinking. B2B companies are finally grasping the importance that social media can have on B2B social is no longer experimental. If your company wants to take its B2B social business performance – and the positive It is fundamental to your business success. media strategy to the next level, then this is impact it can have on the bottom line. 79% of Your social media strategy needs to be part definitely the only conference you need to B2B companies use social media on a daily of your long-term business plan to maintain attend occurrence. 64% of B2B’s have a dedicated competitive advantage. social media team and 58% say that budgets will Don’t miss the opportunity to get to the forefront be increasing throughout 2012. This all indicates And there is only one place to learn how to of corporate social media. Reserve your place at one thing, that B2B social media is being taken achieve this: The B2B Corporate Social Media The B2B Corporate Media Summit today. a lot more seriously in the current economic Summit. climate. You will hear an unrivalled collection of insights But B2B is still very different to B2C. As a B2B and best practices from only B2B corporate speakers – we guarantee you will leave the Sincerely, marketer you often work in smaller teams, with fewer resources, with differing objectives and Summit with a step-by-step guide for a robust, target audiences. The pressure to get it right the innovative and profitable B2B social media first time is great. And the same questions still strategy. prevail. Who are the leaders? What are the best The summit agenda has evolved from months practices? And how can you apply these to your of in-depth primary research with your peers to Harry Rollason business model? produce the most comprehensive, targeted Useful Social MediaThere is plenty of choice when it comes to social media summits.But this is the ONLY summit out there tailored solely to the B2B marketer’s needs.Not B2C – Only B2B Too many events in this area are dominated by B2C focused discussions, barely relevant to the B2B corporate practitioner. The B2B Corporate Social Media Summit is the only event designed entirely for a corporate B2B audience. The B2B Corporate Social Media Summit focuses on your day-today business activities and nothing else. TheSummit is: Designed for you, Best practice from A proven track Fabulous High end B2B practitioner: your corporate record: 96% of last networking: discussion: Three months of peers: An unrivalled year’s delegates con- The best networking Get your company’s solid research to collection of best firmed they learned opportunity of questions answered ensure the most practices from useful strategies and the year - fill your by the experts comprehensive, over 20 corporate best practice at the contact book and - Robust debate targeted and relevant speakers – You’ll B2B Corporate Social solve problems with delivered in an agenda you’ll find leave the Summit Media Summit (and your peers. Last engaging format – learn everything with a step-by-step we have taken the year’s delegates with plenary you’ll need for the guide for a robust feedback from the included Dell, Sealed sessions, practical year ahead in just B2B social media other 4% firmly Air, Danfoss, Trend case studies, panel two days. strategy. on board!) Micro and many more. debates much more.
  3. 3. SUMMIT AGENDADAY 1Increase audience engagement through Cost-effective lead generation • Future-proofing: Techniques and tactics to determine your response to emerging social platforms so youa more advanced social media strategy through leveraging Social Media: the don’t waste time in the wrong placesthat inspires brand interactions – benefits and how to do it right BAE Systems Steve Field Director of Digital Mediaand creates industry buzz As a B2B company, you need leads to survive – without Sage Greg Tirico Senior Social Media Manager them your future business success may be under threat.32% of B2Bs now use social media to engage with They’re also an essential metric to help measure theclients, customers and communities on a daily basis – effectiveness of different marketing channels.about half the proportion of B2C companies. The divide Use business influencers to generateis clear – B2Bs lag behind. And with 51% of B2Bs saying that they use social media to develop new leads – you’re going to have to get your brand impact, and become anBut there’s absolutely no reason this should happen. own plan in place to avoid being left behind by your industry thought leaderThe opportunities that the huge shift in corporate- competitors.consumer interaction that social has engendered are just Your ability to create industry ‘buzz’ and positive brand But lead generation though social media requires a reputation has never been greater – it’s one of the majoras viable for B2B businesses as their B2C counterparts. completely different set of tools and tactics to leadIf B2B companies are truly to leverage the benefits of opportunities that social presents. And one of the most generation on more traditional channels. The expectations effective ways to create this ‘buzz’ is through the creationsocial, they need to shift from a ‘declarative’ model of your stakeholders for interaction over social networksof communications – shouting to the masses – to a – and leveraging – of brand ambassadors are fundamentally different to those over email, overconversational model. traditional static websites and even in the offline world. Creating brand ambassadors is a two-pronged attack.In this session, our distinguished panel of corporate Internally, with clever management, you can position For your lead generation to work over social, you need a your own employees as key influencers and brandexperts will spell out how you can use social to leverage new skill set. In this session, we’ll equip you with it:engagement to build real relationships and profit in this champions. Externally, by reaching the right person withnew social world. • Define your customer: build a clear picture of what a the right message, you can generate more traction. hot lead looks like, and how you can find them Both forms of brand ambassadors will benefit your brand• Move beyond one-way push marketing to become a conversationalist and build lasting end-user relationships • Learn the key engagement tactics to push your and boost your bottom line. But both require a different leads down the sales funnel approach.• Create compelling content that generates online discus- sions about your brand to maximize social interactions • The social pipeline: Understand when a community Part one is ripe for engagement and lead generation – and Your internal ‘key influencers’ are often found in RD or• Find out how to humanize your brand through clear when it’s too much of a risk to engage mapping and understanding of your customers’ sales – usually placed under lock and key and unlikely to social journey Automatic Data Processing Chelsea Marti talk on behalf of your company. Resulting in your most Director, Social Media knowledgeable and effective assets (and those bestUnion Pacific Tim McMahan Senior Manager, placed to become key influencers) not typically engagingMedia Technology Automatic Data Processing Christine Briody externally on social channels. Senior Director Global ConsultingSchneider Electric Tanya Donnelly Global Social If this is the case you are missing a huge opportunity toMedia Director SAP Gerry Moran Director, NA Social Media benefit from the knowledge at your fingertips. MarketingAriba Debbie Curtis-Magley Online Community In part one we’ll…Manager SteelMaster Michelle Wickum Director - Marketing • Help you identify the unidentified. You will learn how B2B companies are identifying the right people to act as brand ambassadors on your behalfThe value of B2B social media: Which social platforms are right for • Give you the tools and proven methodologiesIs there a clear impact on your your corporate goals? What you need you need to convert these internal experts into productive brand ambassadorsbottom line? to know to make the right choices Part twoSocial media ‘Return on Investment’ is a question that has been for maximum efficiencyaround since the dawn of social – and shows no sign of being Spotting the right external influencer and getting themanswered satisfactorily yet. 77% of B2B companies admit they An ever changing and evolving social media landscape involved is tricky – and it’s a delicate process getting buy-are not confident in attributing ROI to their social efforts. has meant that conversations about your brand are now in without alienating them. But if you don’t engage with happening in multiple social media spaces – across these key players, you can be sure your competitors will.However, social is no longer an experimental marketing multiple For you to get the resources and budget Part two of this session will demonstrate…you need, you’ve got to show the board that social 34.6% of you are most active on Facebook, 25.3% on Twitter and 25.6% on LinkedIn – which also delivers the • How you can influence conversations about yourengagement will bring in the $$$ brand to ultimately create industry ‘buzz’. higher visit to lead ratio. But where should your focus lie?In this session you’ll learn from those who can attribute • Techniques to effectively reach your biggest external$ to social engagement – and how you can too: With B2B online discussions often occurring on more diverse smaller business forums, it is critical for your influencers and convince them to support your• The Social media ROI formula: How to assign $ to business to make the right choices to get involved in the brand online specific campaigns and engagements right conversations. You’ve got to fish where the fish are. ATT Trish Nettleship Social Media Lead• Learn how to set a productive equilibrium between In this session, we will look at the most effective Calvert Annie Cull Senior Manager - Sustainability demanding an impact on your bottom line and platforms for your B2B business to engage on – and Marketing driving business success – and align your social how you can judge which networks and communities will goals accordingly The broader question: deliver most value to you: Nielsen Matt Anchin Senior Vice President, Global Marketing Communications• ROI actually the true measure of success? Is • How many networks should you be on? Ensure Or should you be looking for more qualitative forms that you choose the right conversation locations to of social media value? deliver strategic business valueAdobe Lori DeFurio Social Media Strategist • Analysis of the latest platforms – Google+, PinterestBlack Veatch Corporation Jonathan Mast and others – how should the rise of these newSenior Manager Emerging Media Global Marketing networks affect your engagement strategy?CommunicationsJoin the conversation! You can follow us at: #CSMB2B
  4. 4. SUMMIT AGENDADAY 2Best practice: Track brand sentiment Get the board on board with social: Become a social business: Embedand engagement through effective The secrets of achieving genuine – social throughout your organizationdata management and enthusiastic – B2B social media to lay foundations for long termSocial media delivers a wealth of data – some of it buy-in business successrelevant, some not. The real challenge is not to measureeverything, but find what data delivers business critical Getting buy-in from key internal stakeholders is a still As corporate social media matures, it begins toinformation for your brand. a daily challenge. And now cost is increasing around permeate throughout your whole business. Limiting social, there’s more pressure on you show progress social to marketing limits social’s full power – and itsIt is tempting to just focus on the $ and cents – but this to your C-suite than ever. ability to create real value for your business. But unlessis a too simplistic, and ultimately a counterproductive you have robust and future-proof internal structures andapproach. But to find the right data sets, you’ve got to It is critical to get the people that matter on board. Otherwise, you simply won’t have the support – or policies, you will limit this impact – whether you like it orhave the right listening and monitoring tools in place. not. resources - to make your social efforts a success. ButWith 68% of B2B brands confessing that their current to do so, you must speak on their terms and in their It is no longer effective to have social media siloed –measurement tools are infective, This is a common language. either into an individual department or as a segment ofproblem. But one we’ll help you solve. your marketing team. Things must change. But how? • Transform your social insights into a language yourIn this session, you will: board understands - to get the backing you need Is a hub and spoke model best for you? What about a Command Centre/Centre of Excellence?• Determine your priorities: what should your company • Nurture social media competency internally to help be looking for through the wealth of social media your colleagues understand its value and buy into One thing is clear – it’s thinking that you need to do, and data? your social media strategy do fast:• Measure your social effort with B2B-specific metrics • Tactics and tips to combat scepticism, negativity, In this session, hear experts from Wells Fargo and to show progress to your C-suite hostility and plain-old fashioned fear from the older Dell on how they embed social throughout their generation of senior management organizations.• Finding signal through the noise: cut through social • Improve your internal communications channels to chatter to find the information that is relevant to you Caterpillar Kevin Espinosa Channel Development ensure your company’s social media deployment isGlaxoSmithKline Joe Francis Social Media Manager productive rather than profligatePortfolio Service Manager Ansell Healthcare Dina C. Tate Global Online • Decide which social model works best for you – the pros3M Gregory T. Gerik Social Media Leader Communications Manager and cons of the hub and spoke, centres of excellence Aramark Tom Carusona Senior Director, and empowered employees across the board Digital Social • Efficiently assign your time and resources in yourThe responsive corporation: Use data organization’s daily social media activities to makegenerated through social interaction sure you don’t waste an hour Case Studies: One corporate speaker, Wells Fargo Nathan Bricklin Senior Vice Presidentfor better corporate decision-making one topic, 15 fact-filled minutes – Head of Social Business StrategyAnalyzing social media data correctly is critical to Dell Richard Binhammer Social Media Directorthe future success of your brands decisions. By #Gamification: Use gamification in a B2Bunderstanding the data that social media delivers you context to boost customer interactions, train staff andwill be able t0 1) spot emerging market trends, 2) make improve stakeholder engagementinformed business critical decisions and 3) stay one stepahead of your competitors. Siemens Oliver Fleischhut Director, Online CommunicationsMore importantly for you, by analyzing social data fullyyou can crowd source decision-making that will directlyaffect the future of your business. #CustomerService: Is social media customer service relevant for B2Bs? If so, how do you create aBut social generates huge amounts of data. In this more robust and responsive customer service functionsession, we’ll help you to manage it, manipulate it, and capable of turning critics into brand ambassadors?turn it into useful insights that will help future-proof yourbusiness: Citi Frank Eliason Senior Vice President of Social Media• Use the right tools and techniques to analyze the data you collect accurately – and ensure you don’t miss a thing #Legislation: Prosper in a regulated industry:• Internal set-up: Create free flowing information Learn how to thrive in even the toughest social channels so the right information reaches the right environment person in your company Citibank Lara Ruth Vice President - Social Media• Internal innovation: use social data to help improve your product development – and match it better to consumer needsHP Enterprise Services Michael ProcopioSocial Media StrategistSiemens Stefan Heeke Director - Online Marketing @usefulsocial
  5. 5. NETWORKINGIs social media becoming ever more importantto your company and its future success?If so, the B2B Corporate Social Media Summitis definitely the place to be this year!Six reasons why you must attend: What your peers have said: Only the best corporate speakers: You will hear only from those that are walking the walk instead of just talking the talk. So you learn only from the best. Great content, Perfectly great speakers. targeted at the An industry leading event: The B2B Corporate Social I will be able social marketer Media Summit is the product of months of primary research with your peers to use what I with corporations have learnt here - Great examples Your community in one place: This is ‘the’ meeting place for B2B corporate practitioners – and a great way to meet immediately back of thought your peers. in the office leadership Key takeaways – completely relevant to you: You’ll acquire Lori DeFurio Jennifer Wendt premium market intelligence. As the sessions knit together Social Media Strategist, Adobe Social Media Director, you’ll be able to benchmark from social media leaders in the Schneider Electric B2B space. This event Answers to your questions: This year’s even more interactive format carves out extra time for you to ask had the three Invaluable important questions that will shape your future strategy elements of a connections and great conference content. I can Secure the buy-in you need: Get the tools you need to define and measure the effectiveness of your social media – Great content, take the ideas policy – and make the C-suite smile. interesting peo- and strategies ple and great food learned andThe response to last year’s B2B CorporateSocial Media Summit was excellent implement Michael Brenner Marketing Senior Director, SAP immediately! 92% 97% Eric Clemens Great event briefing Manager, Enterprise Marketing, Verizon Wireless 86% Would recommend learned something practitioners from leading companies Relevant, new that together of last to someone they could actionable years in their take back Rajiv Narang attendees position Director, Social Media information to the office were with them Marketing Optimization, Dell from well-known corporations straight companies working in away A great use of actively using big brands time and resources and growing their for our company. social business Shahira Hoffman Jaclyn Deter Marketing Communications Marketing Communications Manager, Riggs Industries Manager, Sealed Air
  6. 6. NETWORKING Last year’s B2B Corporate Social The demographics Media Summit had the below of 2011’s audience companies in attendance: 11% JournalistsAlcatel-Lucent Intuit and NewsATT Micro StrategiesBASF Microsoft CorporationBoeing PREITCalvert Investments ProtivitiCapco RenegadeCareerBuilder RenewData 3% ServiceCaterpillar Riggs Industries ProvidersCenturyLink SageCisco Systems SAPCitiGroup Schneider Electric Sealed Air - Cryovac 86% CorporateDanfoss SiemensDell SteelcaseDenver Investments Swiss Re America HoldingGopogoHeartland Payment Telerx The seniority ofSystems Trend Micro 2011’s audience 10% VP /Hewlett-Packard Union Pacific Senior VPHitachi Data Systems Vanguard Direct / SeniorIBM Verizon Wireless Directorand many more… 5% CEO’s 16% Senior Managers A few facts about our previous summits: 53% of our from over attendees were 250 different Senior Manager/ companies Director level throughout the executives or US and Europe more senior 86% of past We’ve had senior attendees 47% Manager directors speak are from big from Siemens, corporate’s 22% Director HP, Dell, Cisco and many more 97% of previous attendees said We have had over they learned 600 delegates something new at the summit @usefulsocial
  7. 7. We promise REGISTER NOW you will Two day business conference, October 9–10, 2012 get The Warwick Radisson, Philadelphia Choose Your Pass 1 Insight from the very best in the B2B Standard Book by August 3rd $1400 SAVE $400 social media arena • ccess to all super-panels, workshops A and case studies Book by August 31st 2 • etworking lunch and coffee breaks N $1650 SAVE $150 • vening drinks reception E Full price A corporate event with + ccess to presentation slides post-conference A $1800 a corporate audience, no sales pitch or ‘blue sky’ thinking Premium Book by August 3rd $1600 SAVE $400 • A ccess to all super-panels, workshops and case studies 3 • N etworking lunch and coffee breaks Book by August 31st Experience and • E vening drinks reception $1850 SAVE $150 learning that you can + A ccess to presentation slides post-conference Full price + M P3s of every session at the conference $2000 take back to the office and apply instantly Platinum 4 Book by August 3rd The key learnings • A ccess to all super-panels, workshops and case studies $2495 SAVE $400 • N etworking lunch and coffee breaks Book by August 31st your social media • E vening drinks reception $2745 SAVE $150 strategy needs to take + A ccess to presentation slides post-conference Full price + M P3s of every session at the conference $2895 it to the next level INCLUDES NEW 66-PAGE BUSINESS REPORT Register for a Diamond Pass and receive a copy of our brand new report. 5 Measuring your The report will enable you to truly understand how to measure the ROI To meet the very Social Media of your social media initiatives and make better business decisions. Impact and ROI An invaluable guide to finding and optimising your elusive social media ROI best in the B2B • eep rooted insights from brands from FMCG, retail, entertainment, D PLUS sophisticated analysis of cross-industry measurement strategies, must-have scorecard metrics and mistakes to avoid finance and automotive business world, saving • etailed b2b and b2c case studies D • est practice benchmarking on measurement B OPEN NOW for your selected findings new ground breaking from this report you weeks of meetings www.usefulsocia ct • istakes made by major brands – and what they learnt from them M and countless days The B2B Corporate Social Register your place Media Summit represents a worthwhile and CALL US: EMAIL US: necessary investment +1 800 814 34 59 in the future of your social media strategy. TWEET US: VISIT OUR WEBSITE: Social is no longer @usefulsocial experimental. It is fundamental TERMS CONDITIONS Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations after August 7th 2012 incur an administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after September 10th 2012 we will be obliged to charge the full fee. Please note – you must notify Useful Social Media in writing of a cancellation, or we will be obliged to charge the full fee. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the programme without notice. All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated, but VAT will be charged, where applicable, at the prevailing rate on the invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice. NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT
  8. 8. The 2nd Annual B2B Corporate Social Media Summit Everything your B2B business needs to know when setting up a social business and marketing strategy - learn from your corporate peersHarness the power of social media toachieve stronger audience engagement,drive leads down the sales funnel and geta better reputation with key #CSMB2BTwo day business conference, October 9 - 10, 2012The Warwick Radisson, Philadelphia Why you should attend: Hear from 20+ corporate social media leaders: Hear from the very best leading B2B social media Todd Blecher Annie Cull Jonathan Mast corporate experts Boeing Calvert Investments Black Veatch Corporation Social Media Director Senior Manager - Sustainability Senior Manager Emerging Media From Cree through to Dell, Marketing Global Marketing Communications Steve Field Dina C. Tate Lara Ruth our speakers have got the BAE Systems Ansell Healthcare Citibank knowledge to help you and your Director of Digital Media Global Online Communications Vice President - Social Media Manager company. Greg Tirico Lori DeFurio Joe Francis Sage North America Adobe GlaxoSmithKline Big B2B brands talking Senior Social Media Manager Social Media Strategist Social Media Portfolio Service Manager about the big issues Kevin G. Espinosa Tim McMahan Chelsea Marti that affect you Caterpillar Union Pacific ADP eBusiness Platform Manager Senior Manager, Media Technology Social Media Director Theory is never as good as practice. The biggest global Trish Nettleship Michael Procopio Stefan Heeke brands in the world attend our ATT HP Enterprise Services Siemens Social Media Lead Social Media Strategist Director - Online Marketing conferences to share and learn. You should too. Nathan Bricklin Michelle Wickum Gerry Moran Wells Fargo SteelMaster SAP Senior Vice President - Head Director - Marketing Director, NA Social Media Marketing Social media is no of Social Business Strategy Christine Briody Richard Binhammer Debbie Curtis-Magley longer experimental, Automatic Data Processing Dell Ariba it’s fundamental Senior Director Global Consulting Director, Social Media and Online Community Manager Community You can no longer afford to play Tanya Donnelly Matt Anchin Gregory T. Gerik catch up. 2012 is the year to get Schneider Electric Nielsen 3M Global Social Media Director Senior Vice President, Global Social Media Leader your social media strategy right Marketing Communications the first time. Don’t miss out.Join the conversation! You can follow us at: @usefulsocial