Brittany Harris
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  • 1. Brittany Harris
    And the women of Uganda
  • 2. A little about Me!
    I am a sophomore here at MSUM
    My major is Biology with an emphasis in Health and Medical Sciences
    I work in the Admissions Office
    I have an older sister, she goes to Morris and she is a senior this year graduating with a degree in psycology
    I love my MOM
  • 3. In my spare time…
    I love hanging out with my roomies, and friends
    I can always find time to shop
  • 4. Some fun facts
    I love the beach!
    I love Mexico
    I am really good at scrabble 
    I could play board games all night and be happy
    I love naps!
    I HATE Call of Duty
    I listen to a lot of country music…Carrie Underwood is my hero
  • 5. Quick Facts of Uganda
    Uganda's current leader is President YoweraMuseveni
    For over 20 years northern Uganda has been the center of violent conflict between the Lord's Resistance Army and the Ugandan Government
    + 12.9 million Ugandans lack access to clean water
  • 6. Women in Uganda(some quick facts)
    Many men claim that Ugandan women have the same traditional rights as those of women in Western societies.
    Until the late 1980s, women in rural areas of Uganda were expected to kneel when speaking to a man…They have come a long way since then.
    Women in Uganda are primarily responsible for childcare, and basically being a stay at home mom
    They are starting to make more contributions to cash-crop agriculture
  • 7. Organizations
    Women of Uganda Network was set up in 2000 to share and address information using communication technologies
    The Uganda Association of Women Lawyers was founded in 1976 to defend women and things such as property loss, damage, divorce, Education, and establishing legal grounds.
  • 8. Sources
    Uganda. Women in Society. The library of Congress. 7 May 2009. 23 January 2010.
    Food for the Hungry. 2008. 23 January 2010.
    Women of Uganda Network. Wougnet. 2009. 23 January 2010.