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  • 1. Signs of Autumn By Jan Edmunds
  • 2. There’s a chill feeling to the morning air…
  • 3. The shadows longer grow…
  • 4. The ripened fruits hang on the tree, they make the branches low…
  • 5. Speckled sunlight shivers through ever-thinning leaves, its rays dispersed and scattered by the silver shimmering trees….
  • 6. The tubs and hanging baskets, which were once fresh and bright, look tired brown and lanky a wistful withering sight…
  • 7. Excited birdsong signals change. Some gather for their flight. They know that autumns on the way, for longer grows the night…
  • 8. The leaves will shortly start to fall when once their glory’s over…
  • 9. The hay is safely gathered in, in barn and shed and store…
  • 10. The hedgehog eats it’s winter fill before it hides away…
  • 11. All creatures wear their winter coats to keep the cold at bay…
  • 12. We thank god for the harvest and all the food that’s grown. For farmers taking special care of every seed they’ve sown…
  • 13. These signs and more are very clear in the message they convey. That summertime is almost past and autumn’s on its way…
  • 14. Reflection Autumn is a beautiful time of year when the leaves change to orange, yellow and red. Scarlet berries appear in the hedgerows. Shiny brown chesnuts drop from the horse chestnut trees. Farmers are busy gathering in the harvest in orchard and field. What signs of autumn will you see today, and will you make a special effort to enjoy the season?