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Taskrabbit complaints-censored

  1. 1. Stacey | logout HOME SUPPORT CENTER SUBMIT A REQUEST CHECK YOUR EXISTING REQUESTS Welcome back, Stacey Roberts-Ohr subscribe Support Center/Tasker Resources/Tasker Community Forum Answered Will we still be able to use the online version as normal? Tamara Altman asked this on Jun 17 09:07 AM I am quite happy with things as they are. I REALLY don't like the idea of setting a set hourly rate, as my rate varies greatly depending on the complexity and requirements of the task (e.g., I charge less for data entry than I do for writing website content) AS WELL AS how desperate I am for work and/or a particular project. Help!! Also...bidding is one of my favorite parts of the process!!!!! :( :( :( 43 people would like this to be answered. Comments Kathy Ketman Taskers I agree, the task categories are too broad to set a fixed rate for each of them. Some tasks in a given category are much more demanding than others and deserve higher rates. Also some task posters are in a position to offer more generous rates than others. June 17, 2014 09:23 AM Ki Pemberton Taskers Too many assume that EVERYONE wants changes, that everything needs fixing. Maybe I'm just an old lady, but by the time I have finally figured out your changes....bam another one comes along. I'm all for user friendly for the techie people, but keep it user friendly for the rest of us too, the ones who simply rely on their computers (at home). By the way, I as well do not like the idea of setting hourly rates in advance. June 17, 2014 09:33 AM Jenna W Hi Tamara! Thank you very much for your feedback! With the new TaskRabbit you will actually be able to set your hourly rate for over 39 different skills. We understand that the complexity of tasks will definitely require different hourly rates which is why the new TaskRabbit gives you so many options! This will allow you to continue charging different rates for items such as data entry and website writing. I have attached a screenshot to further demonstrate this new process. You can also view this informative video for more detailed instructions of how to get started with the new TaskRabbit Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 9.50.52 AM.png (quick view) June 17, 2014 10:09 AM Aaron Holland Taskers Hi Jenna please answer Tamara's question about will we still be able to use the website as normal? or is the whole system going to switch to the tasker? June 17, 2014 11:00 AM • • • • • •
  2. 2. William Lowenthal Taskers Jenna, 39 different skills is nothing. Each of those skills has dozens if not hundreds of sub-skills that require different abilities, effort, and labor. I don't really feel like your management team has put much thought into how rabbits use the site; only to how you want them to use it. As somebody who almost exclusively does virtual tasks of varying complexity, this new design pretty much breaks TR as a platform for me. June 17, 2014 11:54 AM Mari Kearney Taskers I agree with all the above comments. Tasks are too complex and varied to just charge one hourly rate per category. Also, lots of jobs don't fit into an hourly time slot; there are tasks that can take a long or short period of time depending on how fast the rabbit works. This is just an incentive to slow down. I don't like it! June 17, 2014 12:00 PM Aaron Holland Taskers Answer I found out through support that unfortunately the whole system is going to this new tasker format very soon. June 17, 2014 12:03 PM Pete Sakelarios Taskers Jenna, Please answer Tamara's title question in this forum. Also am I correct in that with the new system I will possibly loose an accepted job if I do not contact the post within 30 minutes of being assigned the task? If I read the new system rules correctly, this would be the case. If so, I will probably be one of the first rabbits to "bite the dust". I do not stay connected 24/7, just as you don't respond within 30 minutes of requests. June 17, 2014 02:30 PM Rachel Fealk Taskers I completely agree. I am very upset about these changes and worried. I want to be able to fit things in at my convenience. Also, yes, there are so many subcategories. For example, I do lots of research tasks. Researching record stores on the west coast is a lot easier than researching public schools on the east coast, so I charge a different rate. Why can't they just stop offering flat rate and move to hourly for everything. Bidding is what makes this system work. I am so upset! June 17, 2014 03:21 PM Erin Mansfield Taskers Yes, please answer question about website. Not all of us can fit into taskrabbit algorithms. Not all of us have smartphones. Not all of us stay in the same physical location. Sometimes I'm in South Bay, sometimes, out near Walnut Creek. I don't understand how this new system benefits us rabbits. Seriously, what percentage of rabbits complained about the way things are now? What percentage didn't??? June 17, 2014 04:01 PM Steven Deyo Taskers I agree. Without being able to bid on a case by case basis, Taskrabbit will not be useful to me. I have found that bidding per job is always a better scenario than having an hourly rate. June 18, 2014 07:01 AM
  3. 3. Jenna W Answer Once we change over to the New TaskRabbit, you will need a smartphone in order to access and accept tasks. If you need to purchase an Android or iPhone, we have secured a partnership with AnyPerk that gives you access to hundreds of discounts, including a $25 discount at T-mobile. All Taskers who have closed at least one task have access to AnyPerk and can find the T-Mobile discount here: https://anyperk.com/taskrabbits.com/perks/1123. June 18, 2014 03:00 PM JoLynn Doerr Taskers $25 discount? You're joking, right? And that would mean switching to T-Mobile. Thanks a bunch. June 20, 2014 02:04 PM Henry Rubey Taskers I must say, in my opinion,this new platform almost ruins task rabbit. I hope TR listens to us and does not force us to make the switch. I like how the app works now, I like that I can pick and choose which tasks interest me. A set hourly rate makes sense if your doing a task ongoing for several hours a day, 5 days a week, 40+ weeks a year. When you equate the job to an hourly rate most people will view how much you're making as much higher then you are. They often don't realize you have to pay taxes, tr fees, and not to mention are often working undesirable hours on said task. Every ikea desk is different some take 1 hour of easy work some take 1 hour and the work is back breaking. Helping someone move into an apt can be simple and painless or leave you hurting for days. This is all negotiated in the bidding process. The app works great now, every rabbit seems to be worried about this switch. Please listen to us!!!! Our opinions should matter!!! June 20, 2014 02:06 PM LK Karenin Taskers Why is this app limited to Androids and Iphones only? I've spent a lot of money on my Windows phone which is a smartphone and I cannot afford to be buying a new phone. This limitation is grossly unfair and it makes me think it is a way for TaskRabbit to get rid of as many TaskRabbits as possible? My question to TaskRabbit is this when will your app be available for all smartphones? I'm not able to just go buy some new flashy phone so until this app is available to all smartphones I recommend that TaskRabbit not go operational on this new scheme. June 20, 2014 02:06 PM FRED LICHAA Taskers My hourly rate varies tremendously based on if I want to help a mother in need or just doing a delivery for a company. So, my hourly rate went from 12 dol. to 37 dollars in the last 3 months. Hourly rate also varies based on distance and time of day. I bid differently if a job is 10 miles rt than 20 miles rt from my home. June 20, 2014 03:20 PM Patrick Mallon Taskers Iam also upset at this change I do not see any sense to it also when I went to my orientation i believe they told us that it would be compatible with windows phones I am in contract and have a windows so do i have to quit taskrabbit and why can,t it be made available on windows thjanks Patrick June 20, 2014 03:48 PM Adora * Taskers I see I'm not alone in feeling upset about this new system .. I enjoy the bidding process .. I do a lot of cleaning jobs and my rate can vary depending on what they want done .. how far I have to drive .. And if there's a toll involved .. I like being able to look at all the possibilities and choose what I might like to do & the locations .. I don't like the idea of being assigned without even first viewing the Task .. I like having options .. This new system sounds awful .. June 20, 2014 06:37 PM
  4. 4. Sarah H. Rossell Taskers I'm a level 23 Task Rabbit who has never had a smartphone. I cannot afford one. This is not a good idea at all! Frankly, it's the worst case scenario. Please, please don't take the website away!! June 20, 2014 06:43 PM Shane windstorm Taskers They will be holding a town hall style meeting in all of the big cities soon so that hopefully they can address some of our issues. I really really look forward to a healthy dialogue about this new platform. June 20, 2014 08:11 PM Kersten Stanley-Jones I am definitely angry about these new changes, for all the reasons that my fellow Taskers have so eloquently described above. Mainly, it takes away the Tasker's agency in choosing to bid on Tasks. I can't take every task, even in categories where I'm highly skilled, and I often don't want to (such as when the Poster's request makes it clear that they're going to be demanding or disrespectful of my time - that's something that no app will be able to screen for, and something that I look for before bidding on a task.) It's not fair to take away the online system and require that Taskers buy a smartphone, or to take away the bidding system. Even Instagram, which relies on pictures taken on smartphones, has an accessible desktop version! Count me among the Taskers who wants the full desktop bidding capability to stay online! June 21, 2014 10:00 PM Cliff Schaefer Taskers I just finished watching your video.Here is my response .. You have destroyed free enterprise. Example: I am at a dance and now I cant ask anyone to dance I have to sit and wait till someone picks me. !!!!!!!!!! (Hence The New Taskrabbit....) June 21, 2014 11:20 PM Cliff Schaefer Taskers I pick and choose my customers selectively then solicit an individual price as per location and complexity..I have been doing this stuff for 3 decades and it task me 1/4 the time to complete a task compared to a less competent rabbit. I do not do hourly because then i am a city employee waiting to punch a time card .. losing any Incentive to work competently in a timely manner. . June 21, 2014 11:52 PM Lania Clark Taskers I'm willing to give this new platform a try. However, my gut tells me this is NOT going to make for a better user experience on either side. If we move forward with this as a community, please please listen to Tasker & Poster feedback during the process. Though I'm relatively new to TaskRabbit, the old framework was working for me. I was making $ and finding tasks that were a good fit. I completely agree with all of the comments and issues pointed out by Taskers above. June 23, 2014 05:44 AM john earle Taskers Why is this not compatible with windows Phone? June 23, 2014 06:11 AM Matthew Staniecki Taskers I work overnight, and sleep during the day (but not all day) so very often I am selected for Tasks (you're hired!) during the DAY, when most people are awake. Very often I have woken up after about 3 or 4 hours of being selected, and the first thing I do is send them a message acknowledging that I am on the job. With this new system, this will NO LONGER BE AN OPTION FOR ME AND I AM VERY UPSET ABOUT THIS!! Just because I was sleeping
  5. 5. on the job. With this new system, this will NO LONGER BE AN OPTION FOR ME AND I AM VERY UPSET ABOUT THIS!! Just because I was sleeping I will be penalized and the job will be passed on to somebody else? Are you kidding me? I also think that setting my hourly rate in advance is quite silly, I base my hourly rates off of several factors that couldn't possibly be screened by an app. Also, fact of the matter is some people just simply pay better than others, I am generally happy working for 18 dollars an hour, but every once in a while we get those golden egg jobs where the task poster offers 30 an hour, or perhaps those lovely flat rate jobs (once I did $185 in 40 minutes) that will cease to exist under this new system. Plus every other complaint listed above, I also second. I am just tired of typing. WHY FIX WHAT WAS NOT BROKEN, THIS NEW PLATFORM WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE!!! Don't even get me started about how I will have to buy a new phone just to use TR. I can't. I simply can't. June 24, 2014 06:37 AM PEGGY PRICCO Taskers TOTALLY AGREE WITH ALMOST EVERY COMMENT!!! Josh told me that the new system would keep me in the field more, not on the computer searching. But the current system is working for me! Since I started in August with I thought one skill set, I have seen tasks that I can do and have greatly expanded my skill set. For the last month, I have one, maybe two days off, then I am working 7 days in a row! And these are not 1 or 2 hour tasks, but 6 to 8 hours! I do not need to be in the field more. I get up and look for tasks. I leave for scheduled tasks. I come home and look for tasks. I like my schedule. I don't mind doing homework to find tasks. I, too, charge different rates for different areas. Walnut Creek is not going to pay SF rates! I'm scared to death of the 30 minute rule! I've had posters request me at 6am. I'm not up yet, and I turn off my phone at night! What if I'm on a task when I get the post. What do I tell the current poster? Sorry, I have to take this phone call! What kind of customer service is that?!!! What if I'm making a delivery from SF to PA and under a tight timeline? Do I take the next exit and be late for the current task? And, if I am requested for a task at a ridiculous rate, I turn it down. From the comments I've seen, other Rabbits do too. How is the poster going to feel when they get 3+ rejections in a row! What kind of customer service is that?!!! The uniqueness of TR has been the variety and often peculiarity of the tasks. But someone might always do them. Please, let us have some self respect and don't make us cookie cutter clones. Let us be the INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS that you say we are. Otherwise, you might as well just call us employees as that is how you are now treating us!! BTW, is there going to be a strike against us if we turn down too many tasks? BTW, I'm trying to set up the new account, but got stuck on the Map Feature. I requested help by phone/text over 24 hours ago. No help so far, except to tell me to go to forum. But forum does not have this topic and since I am not fully enrolled in new system, I can't download app to see if help is there. I can see where this new system MIGHT work for beginning Rabbits, but please have respect for those of us who have stuck it out and are high level Rabbits. June 24, 2014 09:11 AM Cliff Schaefer Taskers Thank you Peggy, I completely agree... June 24, 2014 10:04 AM Darya Gorlova Taskers I agree with everyone here. Absolutely agree. Where's the petition? Where's the voting booth? June 25, 2014 06:24 PM Laura Tudor Taskers Dear TaskRabbit, If TR much switch to an hourly rate system (see below for considerations), please keep the platform open so that Taskers can choose and apply for the tasks that match our schedules and availability. Unless the TR algorithm accounts for and knows the Taskers' schedules and free availability times, it's wasting the Task Posters' time making the Poster wait for TR to send notifications to Taskers who may not be available during that time, giving each 30 mins to respond, which could turn into very long wait times until a task happens to be sent to someone who is indeed available in the window of time that the task needs to be completed. That's the brilliance of the current platform, which is not accounted in the New TaskRabbit. Please consider this for the sake of TaskRabbit? As for the setting of standard hourly rates, in the world of work, fees for services usually vary depending on the specific, individual task description because no two tasks are alike. And even among tasks that are very similar,factors such as turnaround time should and need to affect the hourly rate, in order to create a fair market. Just as you would pay more $$ for priority mail or overnight mail, or going to the emergency room versus a scheduled surgery, the same goes for most industries as far as I am aware. Perhaps TR could fairly add a +25% "rush" premium onto our hourly rates for tasks need to be completed within 24 hours, or 48 hours)?? On the topic of efficiency, how long do we expect it will take in the New TaskRabbit model, for a TaskPoster to successfully find a Tasker? The New TaskRabbit allows 30 mins to each Tasker who receives the Task notification via their smartphone, to accept or relinquish the task to others. Let's take an example scenario: TaskPoster posts a specific task at 11am (prime posting time seems to be between 11am and 2pm, with another small rush after work hours, around 5pm - 8pm). The task is due in 24 hours (many tasks are) and is estimated to take 5 hours to complete. The task is sent out successively to 22 Taskers who each receive the notification 30 mins after the previous Tasker, as the task was not accepted by anyone who previously received the notification -- either they did not accept the task because they would not feel qualified or comfortable due to specific task requirements or because their schedule does to allow for successful completion of the task by the task due date. Then there are also those who could not accept the task within 30 mins because they were already engaged in a task and could not check their smartphone within that 30 min window in which time that task was open to them. Let's do some simple math: 22 Taskers received access (one after the other) x 30 min windows to accept the task = 11 hours. • • •
  6. 6. 22 Taskers received access (one after the other) x 30 min windows to accept the task = 11 hours. 11am + 11 hours = 10pm. The time is now 10pm. Will anyone be able to complete the task, which takes 5 hours to complete, by 11am (the deadline) the following morning? Chances are...slim to none. The task will then not be completed, and another TaskPoster will be disillusioned with the system. Please let me know if I have misunderstood something about the New TaskRabbit, but it seems like this is a plausible situation based on common Task parameters and posting times. Please tell us Taskers the data behind the reasoning that makes it seem to TaskRabbit that removing access by Taskers to all the tasks is going to make the task assigning more efficient. Right now as it stands, TaskPosters can still choose a Tasker and post the task specifically for one Tasker. So all TR would need to do is to set a 30 min window after which the task becomes open to everyone. Am I missing something? If you must remove the bidding capability to make it easier for the TaskPosters to compare apples to apples, then that's one thing. But that doesn't mean removing access by the Taskers to all the tasks. You can still have an open platform for people to say "I'm available and interested" and "apply" for the task using their published hourly rates instead of "bidding". This allows Posters the flexibility to choose who comes into their home and office, and choose based on hourly rate, skills, and reviews. All of our livelihoods are on the line here -- both in house at TR and all of us Taskers -- and it has been a week since we've seen any response from TaskRabbit on these issues. Yes, it takes time to answer our questions on the forum, but I think at least a 2-minute response from TaskRabbit company saying "We are extremely busy and understaffed at the moment as we implement the New TaskRabbit. We know these issues are important to you (and therefore to us) and we promise to answer your questions as soon as is humanly possible," would be a nice touch here. Also, not to add to your workload, but...another issue I would like to raise is that 99% off the tasks that have been automatically "recommended" for me by the TaskRabbit computer system/special algorithm have been tasks that I am not even capable of doing nor would I ever accept because of the inability to complete them. The system consistently "recommends" tasks that involve IT/computer engineering skills simply because those tasks contain the word "data". I in turn have no IT background, cannot program databases, etc. However, the system recommends these tasks (I'm guessing) for me because the words in the task description contain the word "data", which the sophisticated algorithm associates with the language in the "data entry" tasks that I have completed successfully in the past. As you probably know, data entry requires no IT knowledge; it is straight entering of text into fields in an Excel file, typically. I have never felt qualified to bid on the tasks that TaskRabbit recommends for me. They are 99% of the time not tasks that I would accept simply because I cannot complete them successfully given my background and skills. This is why I believe that we Taskers need to have access to all the incoming tasks and to decide ourselves which ones we are qualified for. You could still get rid of the bidding, but still allow us access to the tasks, based on our published hourly rates. You may want to relay the algorithm feedback part of this message (creating an IT database versus data entry tasks) to the TR programmers -- it may be useful feedback for them. Thanks for reading! :-) June 27, 2014 07:20 AM Tamara Altman Taskers Laura Tudor is my new hero. Ditto to everything she said. June 27, 2014 08:01 AM Laura Tudor Taskers Thanks, Tamara. :-) Also, kudos to Peggy -- Peggy's post and the issues it brings up illuminate the situation brilliantly! June 27, 2014 08:43 AM john earle Taskers Its sounds like on the video , They kind of expect you not to turn down task when asked.Are we going to get rated negatively on this when we pass on a task? June 27, 2014 11:03 AM Jenna W Hi Laura! I'm going to answer your questions in bullet points below. Please feel free to reach out if you need more clarification. In the new TaskRabbit you will have complete control over your schedule and will not be invited to tasks when you are unavailable. Within the app you can set your general availability and specific availability. Your general availability is when you "generally" can complete tasks. Personally, since I work during the week, my general availability is only on Saturday and Sunday. Within each day, there are three time blocks (8-12, 12-4, and 4-8) you can toggle on or off depending on when you want to accept invitations. Since I like to sleep in, I am only going to toggle on my general availability on for 12-4 and 4-8. This means i will never be invited to a task in the morning (8-12) because I have marked myself unavailable during this time frame. To expand on my example, in a few weeks I am going out of town for the weekend and will be unavailable to accept any invitations. To control my schedule I will open the calendar function on the app and select only the specific dates of the weekend I am out of town. I will turn off all three time blocks and will therefore not be invited to any tasks on those dates, yet I am not changing my general weekend availiblity for other weekends. We appreciate your feedback on adjusted hourly rates for same day services. we are currently working on this item with our product and platform team. In regards to your forfeiture example, the example you provided in your post above is not how the system works. If you are invited to a task you cannot complete, you would message the client explaining why and forfeit the task. Once you do this, the task enters "rescue mode" and the invitation gets simultaneously sent out to at least 14 other tasters. We have been using the New TaskRabbit in London for the last 6 months, and we find that most rescue tasks are picked up within minutes. • • • • •
  7. 7. months, and we find that most rescue tasks are picked up within minutes. If you are on a task you have two options. 1. You can turn off your "available to hire" toggle. Whenever this is turned off, you will not have any invitations pushed to you. 2. If you are on a task where it is appropriate to have your phone nearby any message to the client associated with the new invitation will essentially "stop the clock." If I was in the middle of a cleaning task and received a new invitation, I would simply message the client within the chat function and say "Hi there, I am currently on a task but will contact you as soon as I am finished." This ensures you will not lose any invitations because you are working. In regards to the forum, we have intentionally been absent from responding to several threads. If you reference the "Community Forum Guidelines" the intention behind this forum was to create a positive environment where Taskers can get and give advice from the best source-fellow Taskers. The recommended to you platform in our current system is a completely different platform than the New TaskRabbit and its algorithm. In The New TaskRabbit you will never see or be recommended tasks in categories you do not have hourly rates set for. For example, I take the bus to work every day so delivery tasks are difficult to complete. Because of this I have not set an hourly rate for delivery tasks, and as a result I will never be invited to a delivery task. I hope this addresses your concerns. As always, please reach out to our Member Services team if you need additional questions answered. We are happy to help. and will respond within 48 hours. https://taskrabbit.zendesk.com/anonymous_requests/new June 27, 2014 12:37 PM Darya Gorlova Taskers Really? In regards to the forum, we have intentionally been absent from responding to several threads. If you reference the "Community Forum Guidelines" the intention behind this forum was to create a positive environment where Taskers can get and give advice from the best source-fellow Taskers. How are fellow Taskers supposed to answer all the questions and concerns we have about the brand new, totally different, never before seen platform you are transferring us to? Does that even make sense to you? So you have intentionally been creating an absence to further your Tasker's apprehension, and purposely been avoiding responding to our concerns? What? I think you guys are a really fantastic company/brand. You do sooo many things right. This aspect, however, not so much. June 28, 2014 04:21 PM Tamara Altman Taskers When is the final deadline for setting up new profiles? And what will happen if we don't update by that deadline? June 28, 2014 09:40 PM Heidi Vanderlee Taskers In summary: WE HATE THIS AND IT IS GOING TO HURT OUR INCOME. PLEASE LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR YOU AND USE YOUR SYSTEM. June 29, 2014 08:57 PM Cliff Schaefer Taskers I went to their meeting in Manhattan on the 26th. Their main concern is the amount of Tasks being posted without anyone biding on them ..Their is allot of good ideas with communicating with taskeposters and scheduling .They keep saying this new format will help us spend less time biding and more time working...STOP..... The time I spend biding lets me WORK SMARTER .Im not looking to be in the field more ..Task rabbit needs more RABBITS.. June 29, 2014 10:01 PM Darya Gorlova Taskers Wow. Are they aware that a lot of the tasks are really badly worded and not thought through? Maybe that's the real problem. Or maybe they are tasks that nobody wants to do. Or are too difficult for this community. Maybe there is a damn good reason nobody is bidding on them! Agree with you Cliff. June 30, 2014 05:51 PM Anesa Burkic Taskers This is really upsetting. Bidding is the fundamental of this platform. TR may see competition in the future. June 30, 2014 07:21 PM • • • •
  8. 8. June 30, 2014 07:21 PM john earle Taskers Sorry to say this seems to be a done deal. So don't be foolish and try to fight this. It is gonna happen. But just one other thing , the New York Stock Exchange went from an auction market to a algo driven electronic market. After nine years They are now in the early stages of going back in to an auction type electronic market. It seems that by going to an electronic algo driven market that 40 different exchanges opened and their business dropped from 80 percent to 20 percent. . So just saying don't let history be a mystery. Good luck to all. June 30, 2014 07:37 PM Rachel Ciprotti I'm still baffled at how the new system will work. It seems to be designed to handle people that have tasks they need done right now. If I want something researched by next Friday or I need my backyard cleaned in the next 4 days...why are the Taskers available to me limited to those who are listed as "available for hire" at the current moment? Someone being at work at 2pm on a Wednesday has no bearing on their ability to complete a task by the following weekend. Can someone explain this to me? July 01, 2014 07:28 PM Marina Cheney Taskers Not only is tr demanding you use their new app and will do away with their website but you also have to have the latest phone. Personally I access my tasks and everything else through my computer the tr app which runs on my iPod touch 4th gen crashes often enough plus it takes me forever to type to make it not terribly useful to me. With the change over I am screwed like so many others because my 4th gen iPod touch can't run iOS 7 (it runs iOS 6) - it never will run V7 apple just won't make it so. So when this change is forced through I will not even be able to access tr anymore!! If they insist on this lunacy which it looks like they are I suspect they will lose half their trs and clients cause many of their clients will be in the same boat as us!!! July 10, 2014 07:36 AM Andreea Sauciuc Taskers This new version is dumb!! you will loose a lot of taskers over this, perhaps myself included. for one, i'd love not to get notifications on a 9-5 basis, so that my phone does not ring while i'm at work. second, i price my tasks based on difficulty of completion, location and other factors, so i don't have a set hourly task for all cleaning tasks ...and that option is gone for good it seems...the other, is i cannot communicate with the taskposter prior to getting assigned... this sucks big time!!! what were you guys thinking??? the best thing about taskrabbit was that we could choose when we wanted /could work and now... it' s all so unnecessary complicated. July 10, 2014 07:39 AM Charles Constant Taskers I really feel like TaskRabbit has screwed over the people who help make it what it is. They totally ruined a very good system. go course everyone is going to offer work to the person with the lowest hourly rate. I think TR should be prepared for a lot of complaints about work done by under qualified people. I am so disappointed that TR. Why did you not bother to find out the aspect of TR that makes it so appealing to the people who do the work: flexibility! July 10, 2014 08:18 AM Sarah H. Rossell Taskers When I went to the Town Hall meeting last week, they mentioned the launch would be in three weeks. But, today the website is gone and I still don't have a smartphone... This is a crisis! I am so worried as I need TR to make money to get a phone but I can't use it!!! What the heck? July 10, 2014 08:53 AM Rod Smear Taskers Well, it seems that we are all out of luck. I'm one of those "old fashioned", non-techy types, without a cell phone or app or whatever those nonsense attention-span drainers are called, and now, because of this change, I am out of a resource for work that has been very helpful to me in the past. I am
  9. 9. attention-span drainers are called, and now, because of this change, I am out of a resource for work that has been very helpful to me in the past. I am just so angry and upset and sad about this. It seems that not a day goes by where I am experiencing change for change sake only, resulting in human displacement and unhappiness. Does anyone else out there feel helpless and somewhat worthless, living in this new age of technology? Sorry to be so negative, but I feel used, cheated and abused by Taskrabbit. July 10, 2014 08:56 AM Linda J Taskers Another Rabbit here who dislikes the new system. I'm usually not available at a moment's notice and like being able to choose which tasks I want to do. The new system is very disappointing! July 10, 2014 09:07 AM Andreea Sauciuc Taskers I won't be able to work through this site any longer. and i believe TR will loose major cities because of the changes they made. First off, i'm providing experienced , qualified help at a certain level. I provide TR with recurring higher paid jobs rather than small cheap ones, and i can only use it if i can somewhat plan ahead (1-2 days ahead) my TR Work days. That's out the window now... i can't plan ahead, i can't talk to task posters, and won't bother wasting my days gazing at the phone so that maybe... maybe something comes my way. also, bidding was the glue holding everything together. i hope for my sake and theirs they bring the old version back!! Also, they increased their rates tremendously for small tasks, they are not worth posting to taskposters. two thumbs down. July 10, 2014 09:11 AM Andreea Sauciuc Taskers To Rod, I am a very techy person, in my 30's and an executive assistant, and it's my job to be on top of everything new out there... and i still feel cheated and used and worthless. i'm so with everyone in your comments. I just pledged for columbia university, it's going to cost me a fortune and the site is the one thing that i was relying on... not anymore i guess. i'm really lost here. they don't value what we were bringing to their enterprise. :( To Marina, you bring a great point!! they have a hefty fee, and always advocate that we should not take the cash and so forth, ... the people that can't work now have contacts, and they'll most likely contact these people and work off books, it'll be non taxable and cheaper for the people needing the tasks done , since there's no overhead... so that may take work away from the site...if the old version does not come back... or even if it does, a lot will be lost for TR. i really hope people rally up here!!! please keep posting your thoughts!!! July 10, 2014 09:12 AM Jerry DeCapua Taskers Dear TaskRabbit, When you decided to do away with the flat fee, did you consult any TaskPosters or TaskRabbits? Potential clients are complaining (via the comment function and also in person) there are certain jobs they want to post as flat fees because it protects them from runaway costs. Also, some people also told me they can't get anyone to come out (especially people who live in some of the farther regions) to do certain high-skill / low-time jobs, especially plumbing and electrical-type work because it's not worth it. In my opinion, the flat fee must remain an option because most TaskRabbits work in that realm already and are familiar with bidding that way. We can't charge so much because some other TaskRabbit will come in lower yet we can rely on a fair wage. TaskPosters can make apples-to-apples comparisons also. In other words, one man's 20 bucks an hour is not the same as another because the skilled person will do it faster. That will be reflected plainly in his or her flat fee bid because there's a concrete end to the fee. The per-hour fee has no logical endpoint, making it harder for the TaskPoster to judge between similar hourly bids. Which bidder is the skilled one? Will some pictures or a video tell the story? Really? Some video whiz posts nice photos of "his" work and makes a mess of a subsequent job. How does that reflect on TaskRabbit? An example: tomorrow I am assembling 11 pieces of IKEA furniture. Ten pieces on one job and one piece on another. The ten-piece job I accepted an hourly bid. The other one I turned into a flat fee because I wouldn't do it for an hourly bid. If I bid 20 dollars an hour and finish in an hour, I barely cover my transportation costs. The smaller job also has a pick-up and delivery component. That aspect is not worth as much as the assembly but may take more time. Do I have TWO different rates for the hours I work? How do I explain that to the TaskPoster? It's so much easier to give a TaskPoster a package cost with a flat fee. The TaskPoster was very happy with the price. Another example: Yesterday, I snaked a bathtub drain. Though the job posted with an hourly wage, I wangled a flat fee of $39 to me. It took me over an hour in traffic to get there, 20 minutes to snake the drain and wash the tub, and an hour to get back home (it did not help that TaskRabbit went off line while I was out in West LA and trying to pick up another job while I was there. I ended up making only the $39 yesterday). I'm using a professional drain snaking tool that cost about $400. If that job bid hourly, I would receive the equivalent of 20 minutes work. I wouldn't take the job and the poor TaskPoster would either still have a clogged drain or called RotoRooter and get charged more than my rate. At any rate, TaskRabbit loses the income. You may argue it's possible to give a flat fee by sticking it in the hourly wage box and explaining it's a flat fee. Unfortunately, many people don't read the explanations. They see the big number in the per-hour box and laugh. Unfortunately for them, they may laugh their way right out of a high-quality job at a more reasonable cost than a less-skilled hourly worker. TaskRabbit has worked well for me so far. I seem to be good at it and the TaskPosters seem to like my work (I was an Elite but lost it because my income dropped too low. The drop in my TaskRabbit income coincides with the universal adaptation of the hourly wage). There are many equally good TaskRabbits out there who are capable of the same. I wonder what will happen to TaskRabbit if the most highly-skilled people start making less money than they did with a flat fee and whether the TaskPosters feel they can control costs or create a firm budget. Looks like my craigslist ad will be doing the heavy lifting now. Sorry guys. This was a really good thing for me. Jerry DeCapua July 10, 2014 09:13 AM
  10. 10. Nancy Voong Taskers I agree with all the other task rabbits. I will finish the tasks I currently have and be done with this. July 10, 2014 09:14 AM Marina Cheney Taskers Sadly tr is thinking like a big corporate America entity - what is good for them. His can we (task rabbit the company) get the most money with least amount of effort. Hey, let's automate everything from how tasks get assigned, the amount our employees have to work for, and how long they have to get it done. Who cares if its not accurate. Who cares if they get screwed over. And if they have to get a hold of us? They can talk to voicemail which we of course never answer. Will we consider the fact that the reason we had any success in a poor global economy (some may argue a depression) is because we catered to both our employees and clients alike to let them bud on and work for a decent wage? No. That would be silly. Because now with our success we think we're too big to fail and that any decision we make is golden even with objections of the very people who work for us. I've worked in the computer field 20+ years and I see this behavior in a lot of startups. It's a bug reason most aren't in business. Arrogance and not listening to your employees is not the recipe for success. They need to have two months or so of little to no growth in capital to see their mistake. If they ever see it and reverse things. I know I was doing tasks several times a week. Now that number is zero. And these weren't minimum wage ones either. They are hard, long and technical ones... Guess they are si successful they don't need me working for them after all! July 10, 2014 09:36 AM Nick Velasquez Taskers Wow I have tasks that are due today and now I can't access any of those pages, or even be sure that Ill be paid. Go back to the old TR format please. July 10, 2014 09:48 AM Linda J Taskers I was also discussing a task with a client and now can't access it! July 10, 2014 10:47 AM Nick Velasquez Taskers How do I make myself available for hire on android app. Nothing works July 10, 2014 11:02 AM Cesar Jurado Taskers Wao TR Team has their work cut out for them. All this comments seem like it is a big FLOP! Change is good and takes time to adapt but why take the bidding off? I have a virtual task that required 3d modeling and was discussing it with the client via messages. Can not find it anymore. Where has the open tasks gone? Am I no longer able to view open tasks? July 10, 2014 11:22 AM
  11. 11. Alexander Yambao Taskers If you have tasks that you signed up forbyesterday nut now cant find out how to contact them. Check your email for the notifications. I was able to find the taskposters contact email and phone number there. Still waiting for some work from the new taskrabbit. Is this a common experience for you guys too. July 10, 2014 11:25 AM gretchen rodriguez Taskers OMG, this is very frustrating! I lost 2 tasks I was working on yesterday and I can't see task on transitions. I don't understand this change, totally agree with comments. Waiting for solutions... July 10, 2014 11:29 AM john earle Taskers Twitter? July 10, 2014 11:36 AM Add a comment Attach file » Client Resources Tasker Resources Search Support Ticket System by Zendesk • •