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  • Horizonal & vertical participation and integration
  • Fromfostering public information dissemination and information collection to changing the way discussions,debates, local input and interactions take place, the ability to deploy, manage and integrate web‐basedtechnologies is critical to the success of any agency.GIS – not going to address the subject
  • Value-added information that consultants cannot find anywhere else. Examples: existing industry site visit findings, recruiting CEOs to area, labor pull/loss, average number of applicants, young professional retention, resources
  • Google Docs is a free, Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, slide show, form, and data storage service offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users. Google Docs combines the features of Writely and Spreadsheets with a presentation program incorporating technology designed by Tonic Systems. Data storage of any files up to 1 GB each in size was introduced on January 13, 2010.* Managed private and shared To Do Lists and Projects. * Works with clients, co-workers and partners...anyone with an email address! * Upload documents and add them to tasks and projects. * Integrate with Google Docs and Google Calendar. * Twitter-like feature to let people know what you are working on. * Automatically convert emails into tasks.
  • developing an email database of subscribers for newsletter and blogallowing guests to check availabilitygathering data from attendees (food allergies, health concerns)managing contact info of guestsgetting feedback on improving our tourism experiences from guests.The reasons I recommend using Google’s Forms tool is:it couldn’t be simpler to create a form, no programming is necessary, it’s WYSIWYG.  My first form took less than two minutessend invitations to complete the form by email or embed it into a Web pageresults can be private or public or shared within a teamform creators can choose to be notified by email whenever the form is filled outform results can be analyzed in a spreadsheet, complete with calculationsform results are online and can be accessed from anywhere that you can put your fingers on a keyboard
  • A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera telephones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded may be text, URL, or other data.
  • SlideShare is an online slide hosting service. Users can upload files in the following file formats: PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenOffice presentations. Launched on October 4, 2006, the website is considered to be similar to YouTube, but for slideshows.[2]
  • Jlc medc pp

    1. 1. MEDC SUMMER 2011 Getting Up to Speed with New & Improved Website & Communication Tools
    2. 2. “In the 1980s the barrier to economic development was access to capital. Today, it’s access to information.” Denise Fairchild President/CEO Community Development Technologies Center
    3. 3. What does this mean for us?
    4. 4. ASK YOURSELF:• How is the internet and technology changing the way my organization works and the expectations of our customers?• How can the internet and technology help us and our organization?
    5. 5. Communication Collaboration & On Info Sharing Demand WorkerInnovation Security Mobility
    6. 6. WHICH IS YOUR EDO?Dated, general information Value-added information
    7. 7. TOOLS
    8. 8. WHO?Companies that have gone Google…
    10. 10. • Live documents – Multiple users can edit, discuss and contribute to document at once• Collaboration – See revisions, user history of edits• Acts as “small scale” server – Share with unlimited users – Accessible anywhere by log in
    11. 11. GOOGLE FORMS What is it? Uses • Receive feedback from• Create form for survey, community/existing industries registration, newsletter request, more information, etc. • Request more information• Send invitations to complete the • Registration/RSVP for events form by email or embed it into a • Manage contact information for Web page communication• Results can be private or public or shared within a team• Notified by email whenever the form is filled out• Form results can be analyzed in a spreadsheet, complete with calculations
    12. 12. • Uses – Create interactive, virtual tours of local businesses/industries – Showcase clusters – Use for promoting development districts – Example:
    13. 13. • Share specific event or program calendars with collaborators• Flexibility to email certain users for specific events
    14. 14. OVERVIEW Dropbox • Collaborative • Lets users store project folders digital files -- photos, personal • Easily invite users documents, music - • Steady - in an electronic communication locker with members & • Owner can access stakeholders or share on nearly without hassle of any Net-connected multiple emails device.OVERVIEW TOURISM & GAMING BUSINESS & TRANSPORTATION & INVESTMENTS QUALITY OF LIFE CONTACTS INDUSTRY LOGISTICS
    15. 15. QR CODES How can EDOs use them?• Abbreviated from Quick • Product details Response code • Contact details• The information encoded • Offer details may be text, URL, or other • Event details data. • Online brochure • More information on subjects • Real estate/business details • Twitter, Facebook, YouTube IDs
    16. 16. • Users can upload files in • Upload past event the following file slides formats: • Online tool for storing – PowerPoint specific Power – PDF – Keynote • Slideshare.netOVERVIEW TOURISM & GAMING BUSINESS & TRANSPORTATION & INVESTMENTS QUALITY OF LIFE CONTACTS INDUSTRY LOGISTICS
    17. 17. – All URLs and click analytics are public and can be shared by anyone – Also create QR code – Track traffic, number of clicks ExampleOVERVIEW TOURISM & GAMING BUSINESS & TRANSPORTATION & INVESTMENTS QUALITY OF LIFE CONTACTS INDUSTRY LOGISTICS
    18. 18.– Send large files for free, simply need to create account– Files can be emailed, accessed by link & stored for 9 days
    19. 19. ESRI iPhone App – Get detailed demographic & community information – Compare two sites or community with US – FREE!
    20. 20. Questions & Comments Janel L. Cohen Business Development Harrison County Development Commission 228 896 5020