MIG's Guide to SMS Marketing


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A guide to SMS covering the benefits of using SMS marketing, the statistics and ideas for campaigns

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MIG's Guide to SMS Marketing

  1. 1. Why SMS Marketing?A guide by Mobile Interactive Group Integrated mobile and digital communications
  2. 2. Why SMS Marketing?With a large percentage of brands and organisations now investing in a mobile website, how doyou channel customers to your site, engage with them on a personal level and drive additionalrevenue?Our experience has proven that consumers respond best to relevant, timely and personalisedmarketing. Companies that treat the customer as a unique individual and not just a target areachieving exceptional results.This is where the humble SMS adds significant value to your marketing strategy and reallydominates the market in terms of response rates. The adoption of SMS marketing continues togrow across the globe as consumer spending slows and marketing departments are forced tobecome more creative and cost effective.Read on to discover the benefits of using SMS marketing, the statistics and ideas for campaigns. www.migcan.com mobile@migcan.com
  3. 3. SMS Marketing Stats 77% of the world’s 98% of SMS messages 83% of SMS messages population own are opened are opened within a mobile 3 minutesJust 6% of marketing emails are responded to SMS clients have seen up to 45% campaign response ratesSMS has a higher direct response rate than telemarketing, email and direct mail Put simply, there is no other technology or delivery method that is more personal, timely and immediate – making SMS a no brainer for delivering marketing campaigns. www.migcan.com mobile@migcan.com
  4. 4. 5 Reasons Why SMS MarketingDelivers Results 45% 45%1. Delivery 2. VersatilitySMS delivery is virtually There is almost no limit to the type of marketing messagesinstant. SMS messages that can be sent or received. The flexibility of SMS meanscan be sent and received messages can be used to deliver text alerts, subscriptions,within a few seconds, broadcast advertising, customer loyalty campaigns,regardless of where in the competitions, customer profiling, reminders, cross-sellingworld the recipient is. and more. 45% 45% 45%3. Response 4. Personalisation 5. CostResponse rates can be SMS messages can also The cost benefits of usingas high as 45% via SMS be tailored to be relevant SMS are clear. With SMScampaigns, mainly due to to the customer’s age sex, messages costing as littlethe fact that replying to preferences, location and at 2.5p each, nothing elseSMS messages is quick needs. matches up and delivers aand convenient. more compelling ROI. www.migcan.com mobile@migcan.com
  5. 5. SMS Mobile Marketing IdeasCRM and Customer Geo-fencing Offers Integrate Social Location-based mobileProfiling marketing is new, simple and MediaData is key to any marketing Around 50% of social very powerful. Imagine whenstrategy. If you already own networking comes via your customers walk past ayour own customer data, mobile so utilise this to your store or place of relevance,why not start with a simple advantage – integrate social they automatically get sentprofiling campaign to improve media updates into your a discount via SMS if theyits effectiveness and increase delivery mechanic and start purchase that day. MIG canthe amount of data you hold offering your customers real immediately enable you toon your customers. Send out choice. Don’t have a mobile reach over one million opted-an interactive competition site? Why not send mobile in consumers on their mobileand ask for key information users to your Facebook mobile phones when they are in ain return such as contact page (now an automatic mind-set to make a purchase.information or personal redirect).preferences. Good incentivescould range from free concerttickets, ipad giveaways, mealvouchers or ‘clothes for ayear’.Promos & Discount Reverse Auctions SMS Receipts Give away something valuable For every purchase yourCoupons via SMS reverse auction. customers make, sendDemonstrate your generosity Thanks to the auction them a receipt via SMS.to your customers by offering mechanic, customers are These receipts can thenpromotional coupons asked to make a lowest unique contain details for enteringand discounts via mobile bid for the item. Unsuccessful competitions, cross sellmarketing. Drive peripheral entries are prompted to bid promotions and surveys.sales by offering discounts again, resulting in numerousbased on previous purchases entries per person.and drive them online orinstore. www.migcan.com mobile@migcan.com
  6. 6. 4 Easy Steps to SuccessTo deliver an effective mobile marketing campaign via SMS, you need to get somebasics right first.Here are 4 simple steps to help you on your way to a killer campaign…. 1 Create and manage a contact listIf you don’t already have a database, the good news is that there are a million ways to acquireone. Ask new customers to register for alerts online, complete surveys, or run a competition thatrequires customer details in return. MIG has a market first and unique integration with Experian,enabling the profiling of our powerful consumer opt-in database to segment and engage yourideal customer profile match.It’s also important to give your current customers a reason to join your distribution list. Discounts,access to premium content and special offers are all good ways to persuade them to part withtheir information. Convince customers they are joining an exclusive ‘text club’ rather than justanother mailing list.Best practice permission: On any online form, always make sure there is a checkbox present thatenables customers to ‘opt-out’ from receiving promotional messages.Be personal: Segment your data and create different distribution lists that are categorised by age,gender, purchase history, personal preferences, financial profile etc. This is really worth doing andwill ensure your campaign gets a higher response rate and is relevant. There is nothing worsethan receiving an irrelevant SMS message from your favourite brand. 2 Create campaign copyYou’re limited to 160 characters per message so make them count. Don’t try and be clever, justget the message or promotion across clearly. The main benefit of SMS is its simplicity not itstechnical superiority. Don’t forget to include an unsubscibe.CTA: Include a clear call to action within your 160characters. What do you want your recipient to do next?Is it to phone in, visit a store or click a link? Make sure Storeyour CTA is clear and if possible, add a timeframe - so Fashionthere is a sense of urgency. A good, basic example is day with all order 20% off r your 3o s urself to ://bit.ly/rtc1U STOPsomething like: “Treat yourself today with 20% off all Treat yo Visit http 0! over £5 ore. To unsub scribe tx t st nearestorders over £50! Visit http://bit.ly/rtc1U3 or your nearest to 8888 8store. To unsubscribe txt STOP to 88888” www.migcan.com mobile@migcan.com
  7. 7. 4 Easy Steps to SuccessCont’d’... 3 Deliver campaign via intelligent tools We are experts in the build and delivery of inbound and outbound mobile marketing campaigns. Our mVoy Communicate platform is a flexible, web based platform that allows you to build and manage campaigns yourself or we can deliver it for you as part of a managed service.Whether it’s a one off promotion or a series of complex, multistep campaigns, mVoyCommunicate allows you to produce quick and simple SMS, email or social media campaigns. 4 Measure success and learnTracking and reporting on the results of your campaign is key if you want to measure successand improve on the next one. Before you send your campaign, ensure you are clear on whatmetrics are important to you and monitor them throughout the delivery of the campaign.Typical metrics to monitor include how many recipients received your campaign and howmany responded? If you are using a multistep delivery (dynamic messages driven by customerresponses), monitor at what point people are dropping off and tweak or tailor the messageaccordingly.Image: Screenshot of campaign set up www.migcan.com mobile@migcan.com
  8. 8. Case StudyASOS / The Princes TrustOverviewMIG worked with ASOS and The Princes Trustto maximise the auction of Cheryl Cole’s dresscollection.StrategyMIG put in place a dedicated shortcode thatallowed ASOS customers to make a lowest uniquebid for the dress of their choice. The reverseauction mechanics meant that users could beknocked off the winning slot and were prompted tobid again.ResultsThe auction was available for 10 days and attractedover 70,000 unique bids during this time. Presscoverage was excellent - driving further revenue forThe Princes Trust. www.migcan.com mobile@migcan.com
  9. 9. Case StudyNew Look Mobile MarketingOverviewMIG work with New Look across the entire mobilemarketing mix.StrategyMIG has delivered an award winningmCommerce site, a transactional iPhoneapp and supporting SMS mobile marketingcampaigns.ResultsIn the first 3 months the mCommerce sitedelivered:An increase in mobile sales of over 500%An increase in orders of over 60%An increase in revenue of over 45%Want to learn more?To learn more about mobile marketing or to speak to one of our friendly experts, please emailmobile@migcan.com or call +44 (0)207 921 5599 www.migcan.com mobile@migcan.com