The art of the interview


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student project for Yearbook Class. Students will interview each other.

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The art of the interview

  1. 1. The Art of the InterviewTalking to people and writing it up…
  2. 2. Preparation • Decide if you are going to interview face-to- face or by phone. You need a “live” interview, not a Facebook chat or a fill-in-the-blank. • Decide how you are going to capture the interviewee‟s words. Will you record? How? Will you take notes? Will you type as they talk? • Have a set of questions ready to ask.
  3. 3. Preparation • What do you know about this senior? If he/she is a friend, you probably know a lot. If not, try to find out a few things…what activities or sports? Any honors or awards? Cool hobbies? Do they drive something awesome? What is different or SPECIAL about this person? Ask somebody who does know them. • Knowing something in advance will help you ask good questions!
  4. 4. Contact Your Seniors • Find your senior and ask for a time when you can ask him/her a few questions. • Lunchtime? • Advisory? • Before/After school? • Phonecall? • It‟s up to you whether you interview all 5 in a short period of time, or once a month…you choose. Keep due dates in mind and don‟t wait until the last minute because seniors are busy people!
  5. 5. What to Say(if you don‟t know what to say…)Hi, My name is Finn Hudson. I‟ve been asked to interview you for the “Senior Spotlight” in theHeyworth Buzz. Would you have a few minutes during Advisory today?Don‟t worry, the seniors know you‟re coming.I told them.
  6. 6. The Actual Interview…some tipsBe nice…or even enthusiastic. People like people who likethem. They are also conditioned to think of an „interview‟ as apotentially awkward situation and be on their guard.Consequently, you should be upbeat and positive. Do thisgenuinely if you can. Otherwise, engage your sincerity simulator. I think you‟re a great person!
  7. 7. The Actual Interview…some tipsAsk your Questions, but also listen hard. Sometimes you canpick up a word or a phrase in an answer which you can use toget something much more interesting. Interviews aren‟t justscripted Q&As, they are actual conversations and you need topay attention so that you can ask something BEYOND thequestions on the paper.
  8. 8. The Actual Interview…some tipsBasic Info: be sure to have the interviewee check the basic info(name, parent‟s names, spelling, etc.) that you‟ve WRITTENDOWN so that we get it right. People get VERY IRATE when youget things wrong in the newspaper. My parents are Mark Jones and Joy Jones. Not Jody Jones. And they‟re divorced, so it should NOT be “Mark and Joy Jones” because then somebody‟s going to be mad at dinner and I don‟t need that. Seriously.
  9. 9. Biggest Tip of All…Askthis Question:
  10. 10. And lastly, say…