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Professional learning resource created by Lezlie Harris for K-12 teachers learning how to use UDL Book Builder. It was created using Google Docs. Here is the public link. ...

Professional learning resource created by Lezlie Harris for K-12 teachers learning how to use UDL Book Builder. It was created using Google Docs. Here is the public link. https://docs.google.com/present/view?id=df9n34bf_1334fvg942md



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Udl book builder_for_teachers Udl book builder_for_teachers Presentation Transcript

  • UDL Book Builder for Teachers Presentation by: Lezlie Harris Image sources: Cast UDL
  • Begin by creating an account athttp://bookbuilder.cast.org/
  • Be sure to use your school email sothat you can click the verificationemail they send.
  • After clicking the verification linksent in the email, you are readyto log on.
  • Click on the "Create and Edit My Books" link to begin.
  • Click on the"Start a New Book" link.
  • This information will help others find your book in a search ifyou decide to publish it to the library.Note: I usually choose landscape format because it iseasier to view on the active board.
  • Choose up to 3 coaches to askthe reader questions abouteach page.
  • Dont forget to save.
  • Start by choosing this pageslayout. Well begin with the titlepage.
  • Click to add text for the title.
  • Type your words in theWYSIWYG editor. Dont forget to save.
  • A picture is wortha thousand words! Look for the camera icon.
  • Upload pictures by browsing through the files on your computer. Doubleclick to choose a file. Then click the upload button.
  • Upload sound files of you reading the wordsby clicking here. Look for the speaker icon.
  • Been there ... done that. Browse and upload mp3 sound files of you reading each page.
  • I use Audacity and the lame encoder to record mysound files. Technology can help you load this freeapplication on your computer.
  • Guide reading using up to 3 coaches.
  • Type more pages by adding pages before or after.Hint: If you add a Table of Contents Layout to the secondpage, the words will come from the pages where youchoose to add words in the Table of Contents editor box.
  • When youarefinished,just clickpublish atthe bottomof thescreen.
  • Of course,they willsecond-guess yourdecision. Ifyou want toedit thebook later,you can.
  • There are two ways to create aglossary.1. While typing text on each page,highlight a word and then click the bookicon.
  • The default is "Add word to glossary list to be defined later.Choose that and save.
  • Click this tab at the top of the page toadd definitions to the words you havehighlighted and included in theglossary.
  • Now just click edit to add a definition.The second way to create a glossary is to make it first. Dothis by clicking the "Add New Glossary Term" icon.
  • Definitions can include linksto websites.
  • After saving each book, choose to share or publish.
  • Share by email.
  • Publish to the world.
  • Download to keep forever.