Effective group work
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Effective group work



ORTESOL 2012 Presentation

ORTESOL 2012 Presentation



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    Effective group work Effective group work Presentation Transcript

    • Erica HarrisLewis & Clark CollegeORTESOL 2012 Presentation
    • In smallgroups…Share an examplefrom your learningor teachingexperience of:1. an effective group project – why was it effective?2. an ineffective (nightmare?) group project – why was it ineffective? http://www.flickr.com/photos/myheimu/7995643041/
    •  Seminar: Conflict Resolution course What makes a team effective? Team projects – a process for your courses Grading for team projects Q&A
    •  Advanced level content-based course Textbook: Training in Interpersonal Skills: TIPS for Managing People at Work, 5th ed. (Robbins & Hunsaker, 2009) 5-part course: 1. Self-awareness 2. Communicating 3. Leading 4. Teaming 5. Problem Solving
    •  Need for interpersonal skills training Need for self-awareness first Each chapter:  Self-assessment exercise  Skill concepts  Concept quiz  Group exercises (interactive, role play)  Application & action plan
    •  Characteristics of High-Performing Teams (pp. 268-269): 1. Small size ( <10 members) 2. Complementary skills 3. Common purpose 4. Specific goals 5. Common approach 6. Mutual accountability
    •  Obstacles to Effective Teamwork (pp. 270-271): 1. Weak sense of direction 2. Infighting 3. Shirking of responsibilities 4. Lack of trust 5. Critical skills gaps 6. Lack of external support
    •  Overcoming Obstacles to Effective Teamwork (pp. 271-272): 1. Create clear goals 2. Encourage teams to go for small wins 3. Build mutual trust 4. Appraise group and individual performances 5. Provide the necessary external support 6. Offer team-building training 7. Change the team’s membership
    • Students need to be taught how to work inteams.  Doesn’t come automatically  Many students have little / no experience, or negative experiences  Students need to understand the value of group work  Teachers need to know how to implement effective teams – quickly!
    • 1. Team decides: 3. Evaluation:  Communication  Team evaluation  Roles  Self-evaluation  Conflict resolution process  Personal reflective paper  Timeline with deadlines for  Peer-evaluation each step2. Final project & presentation:  Present final project  Present about team’s processes
    • in your courses…
    •  You choose group members (usually) based on your personal criteria Students may indicate preferences, or you may assign randomly In class, discuss:  why teamwork is important  benefits of peer learning Make team process part of your grading criteria
    • 1. Team plan for:  communication  working together  resolving possible conflict2. Team timeline of major deadlines and goals3. Final project and/or presentation4. Team evaluation (completed together)5. Self evaluation (individual & confidential)6. Peer evaluation (individual & confidential)Intermediate class: Team Project Assignment
    •  Personality profiles (self-awareness) In-class work time Conflict resolution options & escalation Your plan for team members who:  have poor attendance  don’t do their share of the work  receive poor peer evaluations  cannot resolve conflict with teammates
    • Questions?Team project documents:http://www.slideshare.net/harrise/Contact Erica:harrise@lclark.edu http://www.flickr.com/photos/bourguiboeuf/8154926246/
    • Robbins, S. P., & Hunsaker, P. L. (2009). Training in interpersonal skills: TIPS for managing people at work (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.