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Lesson 10
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Lesson 10


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  • 1. AQA GCSE Media Studies Unit 1 Investigating the Media Exam Topic: Promotion and Marketing of Video Games Photocopiable/digital resources may only be copied by the purchasing institution on a single site and for their own use © ZigZag Education, 2013 1
  • 2. Starter Watch this Dragons’ Den pitch by Rachel Lowe. Make a note of any good or bad points in her pitch. 2
  • 3. Pitching your Ideas The ‘Dragons’ did not like Rachel’s pitch, although they thought her idea was good. Why do you think this was? In fact, Rachel did get to promote her game at Hamleys and, as a result, it sold more than Monopoly that year. She became a very successful businesswoman with the game and even made a Hogwarts version. In 2009, however, her business went into liquidation. 3
  • 4. Pitching your Ideas – How NOT to Do It! Watch this guy! 4
  • 5. Pitching your Ideas People will get bored within 10–15 seconds of listening to your pitch. It is therefore important that you are direct and to the point when presenting. In the USA there is a special gaming exhibition where people get to pitch their game ideas in 45 seconds to a panel of judges from the gaming industry. Watch them! 5
  • 6. Your Pitch! You are going to put together a 45-second pitch. You can use post-it notes or cards with prompts. You will have time to practise it! Use these bullet points to put together your pitch. State: – Who you are – The game genre and why you have chosen it – The target audience – A brief overview of the storyline – The game’s main characters – The gameplay (how to play) 6
  • 7. Presenting your 45-Second Pitch! Your turn now! Six volunteers to pitch their ideas Six volunteers to judge The rest of you can make sure all the criteria are covered by the pitchers! 7
  • 8. Write Up a Formal Pitch There is likely to be a question in the exam which asks you to pitch your idea for a new video game. It is therefore important that you learn how to write in role and make sure you cover everything you need to in the pitch. You will need to pay careful attention to the requirements in the exam question (if it does come up!). 8
  • 9. Write Up a Formal Pitch Using the same criteria as the verbal presentation, but with more explanation and depth, write up your pitch. Remember to write in role! 9
  • 10. Plenary What is the difference between a ‘casual’ and a ‘serious’ gamer? 10
  • 11. Homework Create a profile for a ‘casual’ and a ‘serious’ gamer. 11