Interim Budget 009


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Interim Budget 009

  1. 1. INTERIM BUDGET 09 small budget high hopes
  2. 2. 16 Feb, 2009 Mr.Pranab Mukherjee presented UPA’S Interim Budget in the parliament India gets 12th Interim Budget This is the first Budget in the face of global meltdown
  3. 3. FACT BITE….. • All efforts made to deliver on commitments Farmers to get loan upto 3 lakhs at 7%. Food, fertiliser, petroluem subsidies to go up. Rs 8,300 cr for mid-day meal scheme. Infrastructure spending to be 9% of GDP
  4. 4. Economy grew at 9% for straight 3rd year. • Custom duties rates steadily reduced. • Six new IIMs to be operational by 2010. • 2 more IITs in MP, HP to start in '10 GDP growth of 7.1% makes India second fastest growing economy.
  5. 5. No tax changes in the Interim Budget. Defense spending up by 31%. Have allocated Rs 1,41,703 cr in defense sector. • Railway Budget presented by Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav
  6. 6. No tax Changes in Interim Budget
  7. 7. Defence Spending Is up by 31% With invt. of Rs.1,41,703 Cr
  8. 8. Railway Budget Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav presented his 6th Railway Budget, with statement “I have done my bit in the past five budgets to benefit the people. It doesn’t happen in one day. It is a continuous process.”
  9. 9. Railway Budget Fast Facts…
  10. 10. FAST FACTS… • To start 43 new trains in next financial year. • Railway cash surplus at Rs. 90000 crores in last 5 years • Fares of ordinary passenger trains reduced by rupee 1 for fares costing upto rupees 50 for journey above 10 kilometers.
  11. 11. FAST FACTS… • 2% cut in fares of Trains exceeding 50 kms. • Agartala, the capital of Tripura, has been connected by railways in the current year, and it is the first rail connection to another north eastern state since independence.
  12. 12. Rajdhani Facts… • New Delhi-Ahmedabad Rajdhani becomes daily from 6 days a week • Bhubaneshwar-New Delhi Rajdhani becomes four days a week • Nizamuddin-Bangalore Rajdhani tri-weekly
  13. 13. Emerging Bullets… • Feasability studies on for running Bullets b/w Ahmedabad-Pune, Delhi-Amritsar, Chennai-Bangalore, Kolkata-Haldia Ernakulam-Howrah. Delhi-Patna , Hyderbada-Vijaywada- Chennai,
  14. 14. IRCTC Planning to change the whole catering system as lot of complaints are there against food served in trains. This time, more emphasis will be laid on the hygiene and quality of food in kitchen cell system
  15. 15. The Budget was below the expectations of General Public, but lets not forget, ”It’s the Mother, who gives bitter pills to her child for his/her welfare”