BidGate eSourcing service for companies


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BidGate eSourcing service for companies. Read how we do it! Saving you, your time and your money!

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BidGate eSourcing service for companies

  1. 1. Carry out your companys data, voice and insurance procurement with BidGate and save your time and your company’s money! BidGate eSourcing service for companies Harri Malkamäki, CEO BidGate ”Many companies believe they have the time and knowledge to take care of the telecom or insurance procurement projects on their own. Quality procurement requires persistent grip on the process during the whole procurement cycle. Often ”home made” procurement leads to decision making based on assumptions or other vaque costly factors.” BidGate eSourcing service eliminates the obstacles companies face in complex procurement projects. With BidGate’s automated workflow management and dynamic tendering process we quarantee an easy, quick and effortless procurement from start to finish. With the help of BidGate you can make your decisions based on precise facts rather than assumptions! Complete procurement cycle includes many different phases from mapping and analyzing the current setup, finding out the current need, creating the RFQ’s and sending out the invitations to tender. In addition searching the potential vendors and comparing their complex and dissimilar offers can often even be the show stopper for carrying out a quality procurement project. BidGate-service is the solution to tackle all these challenges. The whole procurement process is carried out electronically from start to finish efficiently and quickly. BidGate – fastest way to cost savings Automated tendering processes provide companies savings on time and costs. All the steps from creating the RFQ’s to the BID comparison are done electronically in customized BidGateportal. At the end you have all the needed information to make the right decisions with minimum effort and time. BidGate saves you, your time and your money! Copyright © 2011 BidGate® Visit: Call: +358408421499 Copyright © 2011 Linkedin Follow: Twitter BidGate®
  2. 2. Benefits and Features BidGate – Benefits Lotta Vänskä, Fondia Ltd Fondia used BidGate for the procurement of their voice solution. Lotta Vänskä was the project lead in behalf of Fondia and she was very satisfied with the service and the end results. - The whole procurement process was professional, fluent and clear. The communication during the process was done efficiently by online meetings. Thanks to BidGate the meetings with the service providers were cut down dramatically and the contract meetings could be held only with the potential vendors. We saved a lot of time and money using BidGate-service compared to a traditional procurement cycle. - Bid comparison tool in our own BidGate-portal was very easy to use. The cost and the features of the offered solutions were instantly comparable.  BidGate saves your time and money  automated processes reduce the manual work load  simplified procurement management  dynamic RFQ and BID forms speed up the whole process  automated bid delivery to the service providers  automated bid comparison and scoring of the bids  guaranteed quality procurement process with lower cost  skilled telecom professionals at your use  high quality and customer-specific RFQ’s  comparable offers guarantee easy to do bid comparison BidGate – Features  customized customer portal  cost analysis, solution mapping and consulting  RFQ planning and creation to dynamic RFQ forms  automated bid delivery to service providers  Q/A management  real-time bid comparison tool  procurement and contract archive  billing analysis tool  vendor management BidGate saves you, your time and your money! Copyright © 2011 BidGate® Visit: Call: +358408421499 Follow: Twitter Linkedin