Charles lyell & jean baptiste lamarck
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  • 1. Charles Lyell &Jean-Baptiste Lamarck Hannah James, Andrew Darimont, Harriet Yan
  • 2. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck • Born August 1, 1744 in Bazentin-le-Petit, France • Early evolutionist • Opposed Darwin’s theory of evolution • Lamarckism: theory of evolution - species evolve by inheriting characteristics acquired by use and disuse of body parts.
  • 3. Lamarckism• Simple life forms evolving into complex species o Improving towards perfection• First Rule: Use and Disuse• Second Rule: All changes in the body were inheritable• Species would adapt to the environment 1. Change in behavior 2. Modification of organs 3. Offspring inherits improved characteristics
  • 4. Use and Disuse • Environment requires excessive use of an organ  organ becomes bigger (eg. Giraffe necks) • Environment does not require use of an organ  organs shrinks and disappears (eg. Penguin wings)
  • 5. Lamarckism vs. Darwinism• Lamarckism: characteristics are gained/lost/modified to suit environment• Darwinism: natural selection
  • 6. Pokémon
  • 7. Charles Lyell• Born on November 14th 1797 in Scotland• Geologist• Friend of Darwin’s• “The present is the key to the past”
  • 8. Lyell’s Theories• Advocated “Uniformitarianism” o theory that states that the earth changes slowly over time • The Earth has always changed in the same way• “It makes sense to assume that geological processes acting in the past were much the same as those we see today – forces such as sedimentation in rivers, erosion by wind, or deposition of ash and lava by volcanic eruptions.” - Charles Lyell
  • 9. Uniformitarianism vs. Catastrophism • His opinions differed from the “Catastrophism” theory • Catastrophism: the belief that any changes that happened to the earth were abrupt. • Catastrophism – Noah’s FloodGeological Cross-section of the Sidlaw Hills, Strathmore, and theGrampains by Charles Lyell
  • 10. Lamarck vs. Lyell• In a way, Lyell’s theories (though geological as opposed to biological) were the opposite of Lamarck’s theories. Lamarck Lyell • Species evolve in • Agreed with Darwin one that species would lifetime/generation evolve over time and pass that new through natural features on to its selection offspring
  • 11. Thanks forwatching!