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  1. 1. Planning <br />By Hannah Baker and Harriet Hearn<br />
  2. 2. Ideas for a 5 minute short film <br />Two World Difference<br />Two people, two very different worlds apart, the only similarity being the same name. <br />Film focuses on a reflection of society.<br />The film starts featuring a very rich, spoilt girl from Manhattan, New York out shopping, dressed in all in her designer wardrobe taking everything for granted and getting everything she wants.<br />The next scene of the film we focus on the other girl (with the same name) living a very different life. She lives in a war zone in Afghanistan and spends her days out begging on the street, with no family to help her in any way.<br />Location: First scene of the girl is in a shopping mall where she is shopping, also features her driving home and entering her luxurious house.<br />Second scene: Out on the roads watching the little girl live in poverty.<br />Blast Off<br /> <br />A children’s animated movie.<br /> <br />A little boy loves nothing more than playing with his team of toy huskies and building homes for them with his troops of Lego men.<br />One night when the little boy falls to sleep the two teams decide to come alive and they are going to have a race to the moon. <br />So will these two teams make it back before the little boy wakes up, or will he wake and find all his best friends gone?<br />Location: Amongst the little boy’s room with his solar system wall paper where they make their way to the moon.<br /> <br />
  3. 3. Poppy’s Baby <br />A heart-breaking film about a dog and its beloved puppy<br />A story of a beautiful Labrador who has their puppy taken away from her and given to another family.<br />The film features on the journey across fields in order to get her baby back.<br />The dogs can speak like in homeward bound. <br />The film ends with the family keeping the mother too, so they can all live together.<br />Lost Love<br />A heartbreaking short film about lost life<br />A women’s husband is in the army and is horrifically killed in a helicopter crash, but they can’t find the body in the jungle.<br />To get over her tragic loss, the young women starts spending a lot of time with the family of her lost love.<br />After a year she finds that she is falling in love with the brother and they start a relationship and they decide to get married.<br />However, a year later her husband returns.<br />Location – First scene: The jungle where the crash happens.<br />Second scene: The village where the women and the man live including their home. <br />
  4. 4. Concept – Two world difference<br /> Two incredibly different people, both have exactly the same name – Sophia Marcovych coping with extremely diverse lifestyles. Two countries fighting – one democratic society and one war torn country, causing each girl to live in completely different ways. <br /> Sophia Marcovych was born on 12th February 1993 in Manhattan, New York. She was born to an extremely wealthy family, and has a very privileged life ever since. From mulberry handbags to Jimmy choo shoes at the age of twelve, Sophia has always had everything she wants. Driving around with her personal chauffer, Sophia has a completely materialistic existence. She wants for nothing and gets everything she demands.<br /> Sophia Marcovych was born on 12th February 1993 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Having lost her parents at the age of three, Sophia has been a street child. She spends her days rummaging through dustbins in hope of anything to eat and sleeps on the street corners at night, holding her only two possessions – a raggy, wool blanket from her mother and her tatty, soft toy dog that has been with her throughout- Amira. She needs for everything but asks for nothing.<br /> In Two World Difference – a five minute film we will show you; Two very different lifestyles. Two very different worlds. The only similarity being the name.<br /> But who is truly happy?<br />
  5. 5. Synopsis<br /> Seventeen year old Sophia Marcovych has always had the dream life. She was born and brought up in a very prestigious, wealthy and glamorous suburb of New York called Manhattan. Receiving nothing but designer goods and clothing since birth, and her Mercedes at the age of just 15 Sophia has become noting other than a little spoilt princess – a real ‘daddy’s little girl’. She demands and she always gets. This short film starts off with Sophia Marcovych, out on a day shopping with her personal shopper on an unlimited shopping budget funded by her father. When Sophia falls in love with a beautiful Mulberry handbag there is no stopping her. One look at the price tag and she decides she has to have it. She looks at her personal shopper, a big smile creeping all over her face and shrieks delightfully as, of course, she gets out her credit card. <br /> On the other side of the globe, a world away lives seventeen year old Sophia Marcovych. - A teenage girl with the same name, but an extremely opposite lifestyle. Sophia horrifically witnessed the death of both her parents in war torn Kabul, at just the age of three. The only thing that kept her going was the blanket her mother gave her to keep her warm at night and her best friend – her stuffed dog called Amira that her father gave to her at birth. Sophia spends most of her days begging on the streets and rummaging through dustbins in hope of any food she can find.<br /> These two lives are poles apart. Do we realise just how diverse our world is? Both these two girls are extreme victims of their environment, but are either truly happy?<br />
  6. 6. Key<br /><ul><li>What is happening on the certain day
  7. 7. Characters involved
  8. 8. Props needed to film
  9. 9. Character clothing and props</li></li></ul><li>
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Costume List<br />Teenage ‘spoilt’ girl<br />Juicy couture tracksuit <br />Juicy couture handbag<br />Ugg boots <br />I phone<br />Hooped earrings<br />We have decided to dress our teenage girl in a ‘Juicy Couture’ tracksuit as this is what the teenagers in ‘My Super Sweet 16’ always wear when they are out shopping. It is also very stereotypically ‘Jordan’ and makes her appear to be very spoilt and superficial. She has a matching handbag and is holding an iphone which is a very expensive phone. <br />
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Personal Shopper<br />Long, black pencil skirt<br />Shirt<br />Blazer<br />Black tights<br />Black high heels<br />We have dressed our personal shopper in a black suit and a shirt to make her appear sophisticated, smart and business like. <br />
  14. 14. Sound Track Ideas<br />Tramp Scene<br />The Scientist – Coldplay<br />Little House - Amanda Seyfried<br />The Moon - The Swell Season<br />What if – Coldplay<br />Set the fire to the third bar - snow patrol<br /><ul><li>‘Posh Girl’ Scene
  15. 15. Money, Money, Money – Abba
  16. 16. Material Girls – Madonna
  17. 17. Billionaire – Travis McCoy</li></ul>In most of the short films that we watched, there was music playing over the top and very little dialogue. Therefore, we have decided to use no dialogue in our short film and have emotive music playing over the top to intensify the diversity of the two worlds and the drama. <br />
  18. 18. One of our locations is the oracle shopping centre in reading. Which includes filming in the oracle and inside some shops? For example; House of Fraser, Debenhams, Topshop, New Look etc. <br />
  19. 19. Our other location is part of the savers centre, which is a rundown area with deserted shops and graffiti everywhere.<br />
  20. 20.
  21. 21.
  22. 22. 2 WORLDS APART<br />Screenplay By: HARRIET HEARN AND HANNAH BAKER<br />09TH November 2010<br />2010<br />SCENE 1. SHOT 1. PROLOUGE<br />A montage of shop fronts with credits fading in and out on the bottom of the screen. The photos of the shop fronts are not aligned this gives more of a causal fun effect. The lighting is fairly bright on all off the photos. The music “money, money, money” by Abba is being played in the background.<br />#Money, money, moneyMust be funnyIn the rich man's worldMoney, money, moneyAlways sunnyIn the rich man's worldAha-ahaaaAll the things I could doIf I had a little moneyIt's a rich man's world#<br />SCENCE 2. SHOT 1.<br />Fades into the next scene. <br />GROUP OF GIRLS SINGING HAPPY BIRTHDAY<br />Fades into a girl’s body sitting down in front of a table who’s wearing a birthday badge reading “17” pinned up upon her Abercrombie jumper. Her logo on her hoody is lit by the birthday candles which are placed on a cake in front of her where she is sitting. She blows out the candles all at once at the end of happy birthday. <br />SCENCE 3. SHOT 1<br />EXT. SHOPPING CENTRE MID MORNING. <br />Jump cut into Sophia walking around with her personal shopper who is several carrying bags. They stop outside a shop and appear to look in but don’t enter. The lighting is bright as it’s in a shopping centre. <br />(SOUND BRIDGE -MUSIC- AS BEFORE)<br />
  23. 23. SCENCE 4. SHOT 1. <br />A montage of shots of Sophie in different outfits.<br />SCENCE 5. SHOT 1. EXT. DEPARTMENT STORE.<br />Cut into Sophia and her personal shopper walking towards some bags, Sophia is playing on her blackberry and then catches glance of a bright red bag, she turns to her personal shopper and beams with delight, her personal shopper gives her a smile and they walk off towards the till. <br />(SOUND BRIDGE - MUSIC- AS BEFORE)<br />SCENCE 6. SHOT 1. EXT. CHANGING ROOMS.<br />A montage of pictures of Sophia in different outfits coming out in different poses. <br />SCENCE 7. SHOT 1. EXT. MAKE UP COUNTER IN DEPARTMENT STORE.<br />Jump cut into Sophia looking at the make-up counter pointing to certain products and looking at her personal shopper for reassurance that she’s picking the right product. <br />(SOUND BRIDGE –MUSIC – AS BEFORE)<br />SCENCE 8. SHOT 1. EXT. PERFUME STORE. <br />Fade into Sophia looking at the variety of perfumes whilst her personal shopper is picking them up and smelling them then turning to Sophia. The personal shopper then appears to spray Sophia – and she gives a look of happiness and takes the perfume and walks off to the till. <br />(SOUND BRIDGE –MUSIC – AS BEFORE)<br />SCENCE 9. SHOT 1. EXT. SHOE DEPARTMENT. <br />Cut onto Sophia’s lounging on a red cushioned seat with a background of shoes, whilst she’s playing on her blackberry. Personal shopper walks over to her and kneels down, putting some shoes on Sophia that she chose earlier. Tracking her walking over to a gold plated mirror and admiring her reflection. <br />