Audience Research


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Audience Research

  1. 1. Audience Research<br />By Harriet Hearn and Hannah Baker <br />
  2. 2. Social Economic Groups<br />A- Higher managerial, administrative and professional jobs, for example, Chief executive, lawyer or surgeon.<br />B - Intermediate managerial, professional and administrative, for example, a bank manager or a teacher.<br />C1- Supervisory and junior managerial, for example, shop floor supervisor, bank clerk or sales person.<br />C2 - Skilled manual workers, for example an electrician or carpenter.<br />D- Semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers, for example, assembly line worker or messenger.<br />E - Casual labourers, pensioners and unemployed people, for example, pensioners without private pensions and anyone living on basic benefits, as well as students. <br />Our film is going to be targeted at the social economic group E – students. This is going to be highlighted by having a teenage girl as the main character, so that teenagers are able to empathise with her. She will be wearing very fashionable clothing, that would appeal to most teenage girls and the storyline will signify the girls’ extreme lifestyles. <br />
  3. 3. socio-economic groups<br />The society is grouped into 6 categories; this helps the media and government help identify a member of our society by what socio-economic group they fall into. Its not just a form of identity but stands for more, the government cleverly use these socially economic groups to recognise the norms values and culture that the specific person believes in. Our socio-economic groups, is recognised by our occupation and social status of that specific member of our society. Market researchers use social economic groups to aid them into targeting there audience. In the case of our product we aim to attract the socio-economic group E, which includes the majority of teenagers as they are students. We’ve aimed it at students as we aim are film to go into depth about the culture change within our society, and include a teenager within our film to shock them in to the reality of society. <br />The society can also be classed geographically – depending on your location, whether you live in a town, city, village, on the suburbs. North or south.  The government can also class you by your demographic criterion: a characteristic used to classify people for statistical purposes, such as age, race, or gender. Psychographic grouping is also used – this group is determined by your personality, so your values, attitudes, interest and lifestyle choices.<br />
  4. 4. Marketing Techniques<br />No country for old men<br />No county for old men uses a lot of marketing techniques in order to advertise their film.<br />Like The Dark Knight No Country For Old men uses viral marketing – its online website as well as internet reviews in order to directly appeal to the audience.<br />The Trailers also help to market the film as they are constantly repeated on television, giving the audience a feel for the narrative, so they can decided if they would like to see the film. <br />Another marketing technique for ‘No country for old men’ is their posters. By placing movie posters in public places, for example, bus stops the film is directly marketed to everyone. It also manages to portray key elements and themes of the narrative and advertise the film. Character posters were also brought out a few months after the release of the film. <br />A Facebook application about the film was also formed. This is direct marketing as facebook is becoming increasingly popular to all ages as technology is improving dramatically. <br />
  5. 5. The Dark Knight <br />Marketing Techniques<br />The Dark Knight engages the audience within their marketing in many ways which are listed below:<br />viral marketing – since technology has dramatically improved, internet sites featuring reviews on the Dark Knight have been a great impact for marketing the film. Teenagers and students (group E of the social economic group) are also known to browse the internet a lot and are interested in new technologies so this form of marketing is directly targeted towards them. <br />The Dark Knight gets people involved. People can review their thoughts and opinions, as well as ask questions about the film online for people to answer. <br />The Dark Knight also marketed their film in many magazines and even newspapers, for example, ‘Time’. This is also strongly directed towards students, as students stereotypically enjoy reading magazines. By publishing reviews in magazines, it is also directed towards an older generation as well as students. <br />On May 15, 2008, two large theme parks in America - Six Flags Great America and Six Flags Great Adventure opened up The Dark Knight roller coaster. This depicts the idea of being stalked by the joker and cost $7.5 million to develop . One again, this is directly targeted at students, as most students and people of all ages like theme parks. <br />The toy company Mattel, who originally brought out Barbie, brought out a range of Dark Knight toys. This consisted of Dark Knight action figures, board games and puzzles, dress up costumes and even a special-edition Uno card game. Although this may be seen to target a lower age group, in actual fact boys stereotypically never grow out of their toys. <br />All these marketing techniques highlight how demanding we are as a society. Therefore, movie makers are having to think just as much about their marketing techniques as well as the actual film in order to get people to watch it. <br />
  6. 6. Questionnaire<br /> Age: <br />16-26 – 9 <br />27-37 – 3 * We interviewed mostly ages 16-26 as are<br />38-48 – 2 main audience is students ,however we did<br />49-59 – 0 interview other ages as we wanted<br />60-70 – 1 to gather a broader perspective.<br />70+ - 0 <br />Gender:<br /> Male – 6 * We interviewed mostly females as this is<br /> Female  - 9 who are film will be targeted at, however we also interviewed males. <br />What types of genre do you usually watch:<br /> Horror/thriller - 3 <br /> Comedy - 3 * These results show that chick flicks and romantic films are the most common, no one<br /> Romantic -4 we interviewed favored crime or sci -fi films <br /> Sci-fi -0 <br /> Chick flick - 5<br /> Crime – 0 <br />Would you choose what film you watched based on the actors/actresses in it:<br /> Yes - 10 * As the results suggest the majority of people we interviewed would consider choosing a film based on the actors and actresses in it, <br /> No – 5 this could suggest that are audience have favorable actors/actresses which they look out for. <br />How often do you watch films: <br /> Every day – 1 * Most of our interviewees frequently watch films, this shows us that they have a wide range of knowledge about films. <br /> Once a week - 6<br /> 2-3 times a week - 3<br /> 4-5 times a week - 1 <br /> Few times a month – 4 <br /> <br />
  7. 7. Where do you watch movies:<br /> Cinema - 5 * As our results suggest most of our interviewees watch films at home or at a friends houses this means that <br /> At home – 6 they might use technology to gather films <br /> At a friend’s house - 4<br /> Other – 0 <br />What usually attracts you to wanting to watch a film <br />Actresses/actors – 3 * From our results we found that most people were attracted to watching a film if the advertising <br />Advertising/marketing – 6 and marketing campaigns were good and exciting. <br />Friend recommendation - 3 <br />Reviews – 3 <br />Evaluation <br />From our results we have decided to focus our film predominantly at females as they dominated our questionnaire results. We are going to have experienced actors, as we want our film to be of the best quality, and from our results we found that most people decided to watch a film depending on the quality of the actors within it. Our results show that most peoples favourite genre is ‘chick flick’ therefore we will include females actresses as the main characters, so that females can empathise with them. Our results also show that most people we interviewed watch films at home rather than at the cinema, this gives us an idea of where we shall air our film – on internet sites such as ‘youtube’, which are mainly targeted at young people, which allows access to a variety of socially produced media text, including mainstream television programmes and music. <br />
  8. 8. FIND YOUR TRIBE QUIZ – TARGET AUDIENCE RESULTS <br />You are a Trackie! Your fashion choices are limited: stick to the track suit trousers and casual mainstream clothing – it’s classic. As for work, you like a money-making scheme or two, as long as they don’t require too much brain power, bruv.<br />