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  • 2. Same shot types throughout Both use mise-en scene appropriate to setting and time Both use credits at the end USE
  • 3. - I have taken influences from quite a few social realism trailers, however the main one being that of This Is England directed by Shane Meadows. - Both the Warning trailer and This Is England begin with the production and credits of film, there are no introduction of either of the casts names and their actors/actresses, personally myself and Lucy did this because we thought it was typical for a small budget, independent film to use an unknown cast in their films - cast credits would not attract an audience because they were unknown and wouldn't have an existing audience to appeal too. - Both trailers use voice-overs, much of our speech is a non diegetic voice-over. This helps guide the audience through the plot and tell them where it may be heading. - Both trailers use high-key lighting to represent the realism surrounding them and help it to stay as believable as possible.
  • 4. - 'Warning' and 'This Is England' both use the technique of montages in their trailers. Shane Meadows is known for this style of technique and we found it useful on the montage we used to set the area of a council estate - typical in social realism films. - Both use many different shot types throughout to help build the tension is realistic ways rather than dramatic ways. - Both films incorporate typical themes into them, ours with drugs and the threat of violence and 'This Is England' with violence and racism. These are features of social realism, as they are problems faced by society everyday.
  • 5. Both use dramatic over the shoulder shot types however ours more personal Uses a montage to show themes of films, mine is of weapons DEVELOP
  • 6. - The music we have used in our trailer differs from what is normally perceived to be in social realism, for example 'This Is England' uses what is generally considered to be 'indie' or 'rock' music - however, myself and Lucy have added a more dance, tension building soundtrack as our way of making the audience feel apprehensive. - Our group used subtitles in the trailer to help guide through the plot, whereas 'This Is England' lets the characters actions represent that - we have more of a non-diegetic soundtrack as opposed to voices in the scenes.
  • 7. A l l c h a r a c t e Ours is consistently darker CHALLENGE
  • 8. Because I used the example trailer so much for developing and using I did not find it challenged its genre very much. However I did find the following differences. - Due to the difference in certificates between the trailer - ours being a 15 and 'This Is England' being an 18, we implied the threat of violence to emphasise the theme of drugs and did this by showing shots of weapons,. 'This Is England' uses the idea of character's conversations and actions to represent it. - In 'This Is England', the female characters are shown to be more 'clean-cut' and innocent than the male characters, however in 'Warning', they are the main drug dealers and drug takers - challenging the idea of gender stereotypes. - Our soundtrack consists of a fast paced tension building score, as opposed to 'This Is England' which uses mellow, lighthearted music and then slow dramatic music.