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examples of follies as public art projects

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  1. 1. shSkycycle Japan
  2. 2. turtle and bear, City of Duisburg,
  3. 3. The democratic socialisation of the creative lorry
  4. 4. unflat pavilion
  5. 5. drop house
  6. 6. snake house
  7. 7. AWP + HHF: pavilions and follies for parc des bords de seine parc paysage r et récréati f des bords de seine by AWP + HHF, ca rrière- sous - poissy, paris, fr ance all images © AWP + HHF, sb da french practice AWP and swiss practice HHF have collabor ated to generat e parc paysage r et récréati f des bords de seine, t he winning proposa l to create all infrastr ucture building s for the parc des bords de seine in carrière -sous- poissy, paris, fr ance. a series of pavilion s and follies of diverse function s will become integrat ed into the 113 hectare public green space along the seine river near the final station of the RER line a and the villa savoye by le sub su corbusie r. this future destinat ion for local fac t resident s and citizens of paris will contain a mit bsc e visitors center, observa tory, re stauran t and a 22,570 R eb wi dozen smaller structur es construc ted with a a rib m modular wood framing system. reminisc ent of articles SS oo tt prescho ol wooden block toys, th e use of repetiti proj e ail ve wooden element s in limited lengths k er and angles encoura ges a wide variety of ect via unusual construc tions with opportu nities for future adaptio ns with low building costs. ye mo observa tory the sites dual persona lity thi thi all provide s visitors with experie nces involvin in in st st g both land and water, position ed view tod s s ti betwee n city and sprawl with a mixture of brie fu er po untame d wildern ess and domesti cated articles ay we mo m nature. the establis hed presenc e of continu f ll da pul ous docks, mooring spaces for barges, ek nth e pontoon s, looko uts, can tilevere d terraces have y ar turned this location into an active strip of land. the masterp lans concept derives from this observa tion and is a hybridiz ation of the floating barge and archety pical suburba n home, c reating a networ k to guide visitors through the large reserve and frame strategi c vantage points of the vegetat ion and surroun dings through out the length of the park.AWP + HHF: pavilions and follies for parc des bords de seine
  8. 8. anren town, dayi county, sichuan province
  9. 9. the movements of one individual effect the balance of the piece so greatly thatthe other person must move to balance the sculpture
  10. 10. Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer Tree of Life 2008.
  11. 11. For its first UK project, Belgian architect Robbrecht & Daem has given cyclists, walkers, rowers and birdwatchers a pair of towers inLincolnshire linked by a riverside path